St.Clair's Light-Seeds: Futures of Planet Earth

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St.Clair Talks 2016
St.Clair Ahead Talks Donald Trump 2016
St.Clair Ahead: Future News - St.Clair explains we are living in a big historic moment that is part of a long term change ruled by the Planets. Neptune in Pisces is like a king figure on a chessboard pointing us to a shared prosperity with a complete change in the rules of human interaction across the board in the next four years.

FORESIGHT 2020 St.Clair - Catalonia Meeting
Foresight 2020 - Planetary Federation
Astrology & Markets Experts Meet With St.Clair - In May 2015, a dozen of world renown experts in macro economics, gold, world affairs, former intelligence service professionals, technology entrepreneurs, and experts in financial astrology, met with St.Clair's Radiant Zones Network team in Catalonia, to discuss the present and future situations of our planet ahead.

A complex series of videos will be published on St.Clair's video Channels over coming weeks: StClairCrystals and St.Clair Light-Seeds. Including discussions with Financial Astrologer Ray Merriman and gold expert Egon von Greyerz.

February 2014: MEMES & THEMES: Karmic Reset 2020
Michael St.Clair - The Big Picture
St.Clair - Welcome To My World
St.Clair gives advanced & applied astrological outlook for the world ahead, way beyond 2020 into 2045, pinpointing Singapore as a safe gold storage haven, as well as future center for world gold trading... As well as explaining world affairs into 2020 - the coming years of the Great Re-Set.. Read: Human Mind Beyond "Disaster Syndrome"

October 2013: The Deep 2020 Game - Saturn Scorpio Capricorn 2014
St.Clair Foreseen 2014 - A Convesation With Michael Chaplin
Michael Chaplin & Michael St.Clair (Playlist)
Michael Chaplin - eldest son of Charlie Chaplin - talks openly to St.Clair about his new mystical novel "A Fallen God" - a historical thriller set in the 12th Century in the Cathar lands - published at Amazon Kindle.

St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown
    St.Clair Brief: Navigation is the key! Powerful Earth changing events play out before us .. as world economic melt-down leads the way to a 'future' physical gold (resource) economy. St.Clair outlines, in this easy to understand briefing, the options we have through 2011 (ahead of the 2012 star alignment) until 2020 to create and essentially manifest - "radiant zones".

    The St.Clair Brief summarizes the most pressing issues facing us today, giving a unique perspective on future trends and adds that the state of the human mind is the most important aspect and the key to success. Take this easy to access handbook with you wherever you go. St.Clair raises awareness to totally unique levels with this compact and hard-hitting summary as he urges people to: Think outside of the cave! St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown.

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Gold In Year of Chinese Water Snake

This is a time you must expect the unexpected. Surprises are in store on all fronts. Weather goes wild, ice balls from outer space hit icy lakes, Things happen. Uranus Pluto Jupiter and Mars are about to square off into a grand cross in Cardinal signs in late April 2014, when we enter a phase of a denouement lasting into 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn pass Pluto at the end of Capricorn and a new economic world deal starts... Gold's Ultimate Decade

St.Clair*s April 2013 Convergence Meeting

An Exclusive Meeting! Focus on .. Astrology 2013-2020, Macro Economy & Gold, Future Outlook 2020-2050, World Affairs, Inner Healing, Earth Energies, Ley Lines, Rune Language, Magical Techniques... Atlantis, the City of Secrets .. star gate portals, the Phoenicians, the Cathars, Knights Templars and their true hidden history. This Exclusive Meeting for up to 8 people will take place from April 4-8 2013 .. The 2013 Convergence

Towards The 2013 Vernal Equinox & 2020

February 10, 2013 is the Chinese new year, water snake, defined simply by Aquarius new moon and inaugurates a new way of doing things due mainly to what the inner planets of our solar system are doing. St.Clair's 2013 Outlook

St.Clair 2013 Year of the Water Snake

In astrology the years 2013-2015 of the Uranus-Pluto square alignment lend themselves well to pondering potential disruptive possibilities. Things will change out of recognition - as life on this planet will adapt. Earth changes (sea level rises and quakes) and solar flares are a certainty which force humans into an aware stance of preparedness. Human activity is something else. Saturn in Scorpio from 2012 to 2015 signals a redemption of debt, at best, or a return to things real in joint resources. Year of The Water Snake

St.Clair's Astro Foresight: 2012 - 2013

The human and earth climate entered a radical shift, or turning point, as predicted, in heralding deep and fundamental changes in early Summer 2012, with magnificent solar flares and "heat" waves across planet Earth, known also as "radiation" while the outer planets of transformation, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, began their tension producing alignments which last until March 2015. Astro-Foresight

Light-Seeds Almanac 2011/2013

Read Light-Seeds Almanac^2011/2013 updates ..
*May 20 2012 - True value of Gold ...

How Roswell Changed Our Lives ..

July 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico .. a disk crashed in the desert and the technology from that crash (back-engineered) send us into the Hi-Tech age of computers, micro-chips, nano-particles and fiber-optic cables much faster than we would have if the crash had not take place ..

The Roswell crash also changed my life in an indirect way. Or maybe it was not indirect, maybe it was meant to be .. The Roswell Crash

Sovereign Europe Versus Brussels - Who Will Win?

Reading the economic tea leaves has become a new sport since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008! In 2011 the situation got to a point where many now pay attention. The EU has in effect toppled two legally elected governments and replaced them by appointing EU / IMF technocrats to Athens and to Rome. The Art of Economy War

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St.Clair On Coast To Coast With George Noory

Cosmologist and astrologer Michael St. Clair discussed with George Noory, his visions of the future. Time travel, John Titor, gold as currency, Earth and climate changes and what merging hyper-dimensions will bring to mankind. Monday 5th January 3 hour show can be heard at: Coast To Coast AM

St.Clair and Clif High

Listen to the latest mp3 Talk with Clif High and St.Clair: The Nibelungen Talks Visit Clif High & friends at the ALTA META ART Half Past Human space port - the two hour conversation with Clif High, St.Clair at spring equinox of 22 March 2009. Outstanding discussion, prophetic statements by the time monk about pole shift, safe places, future economy and inner preparations.

Light-Seeds: Futures of Planet Earth

Until 2024-25 we will live through "The Winter of The 21st Century, which will mirror chaotic societal changes to which we have to adapt from within with clarity and purpose.

Imagine that during the years until 2020 we will have to undo all that we have done collectively over the past 13,000 years. Imagine also an absolute power beyond so-called Divine redemption, a force larger than life and death itself, is to be part of our approaching collective experience.

Imagine there is something more important than to be alive or to survive here on this planet: That is the planet Earth itself.

By 2011 there will be many moments of highest intensity on this planet. The world economy will have collapsed, and… There is only a short time to be mentally transformed, spiritually coherent and physically ready for this unprecedented hyper-dimensional shift in our realities.

The years 2012 to 2016 promise to get even more furious, however...

A new mind is being birthed now, even if only palpable in small sub-culture pockets of radiant zones among the many energy depletion zones. By 2013 these new minds will emerge to intelligently cooperate to become a successful interplanetary society.

Humanity will again come up out of the darkness, destructiveness and death, and will redeem the best of what the years up to 2022 have manifested, but only after we go through this period of the Winter of the 21st century. This challenging period begins by the end of 2008 and will last well into 2017.

It will be remembered as the decade of the greater irrationality.

There is hope for the time thereafter, when a few visionaries prepare for a new and more advanced form of mankind that has integrated by then a new mind and a new genetic form, to remember who we really are:

Emissaries of an ancient High Culture,
or advanced races of time travellers.

Stay on your spiritual path and its practices, whatever that is, while being able to open your mind to the allies of humanity, and with time you can sense the vaster compassion that allows all sentient high beings of Cosmos to redeem the promise of their own Cosmic nature, which is who we really are.

We all are cosmic and we are all in this together, made in the image of creation, here to create. And who created the Creator?

FORESEEN - Beyond Time

Star Codex From The Future: The Future belongs to him who knows how to wait. In the newly published "Foreseen - Beyond Time" St.Clair picks up where Kubrick’s 2001 - A Space Odyssey left off. Disclosure reveals human governments are not in control of planet earth. **Order Here

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