St.Clair's 2013 Outlook

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Towards The 2013 Vernal Equinox & 2020

February 10, 2013 is the Chinese new year, water snake, defined simply by Aquarius new moon and inaugurates a new way of doing things due mainly to what the inner planets of our solar system are doing.

Mars (Feb 4), Mercury (Feb 6), the Sun (Feb 21) and Venus (Feb 28) are successively and at high pace passing in line of Neptune during all of February, with Neptune becoming in the way shower, focal point -- making February 2013 definitely the moment which shifts the decade ahead since Neptune stays in Pisces until 2026 when Saturn will pass it.

All this happens while Jupiter turns direct in line of the fixed star of the seers Aldebaran; this produces a distinct shift in the mental atmosphere and in weather patterns, as well as the macro economy climate. It is to be expected that things will gradually shift out of recognition during the coming months and then years. In a bizarre manner, February and March 2013 become the focal mirror of the decade ahead. In a decade we will remember still these moments now as the time when we left from one time line to another, first subtly, and then all of a sudden swiftly.

Mercury in Pisces moves retrograde on the 23rd February, two days after the Sun passes in line of Neptune, and it stays in Pisces much longer than usual each year, because it turns direct only on March 17 to retrace its steps from early February. This creates an almost distorted field of vision, perhaps a sensation of time zoom, towards timelessness. All this is for instance very well indicated for high art, film, oceanography, and things to do with envisioning or the dream landscape of life; however hugely counter-indicated for driving and other more mechanical day to day tasks of high precision.

Saturn turns retrograde in Scorpio in mid February, and moves back to align with Neptune via the most beneficial 120 degrees aspect. By the time it does this, Jupiter will have reached Cancer, doing the same, thus forming a perfect equilateral triangle in the water signs in July 2013. There is a possibility of cooperation indicated by this alignment, at least the potential is there for a moment, where things come together without enormous effort.

The Summer 3013 then moves from triangular to square to kite type formation angles, almost simultaneously, bringing about an almost kaleidoscopic field of possibilities to this year of the Water Snake, which generally means water related events, issues at sea, oil leaks, spills, poisonings, floods, and more. It is a time to be well prepared for anything.

The vernal equinox with Sun entering Aries is often regarded as the Celtic New Year. An astrological chart drawn for the moment of Sun at Aries One usually shows the moments ahead better than others. It shows we are in the midst of the Pluto-Uranus upheaval that lasts, as discussed many times, until mid 2015, same time it takes Saturn to pass through all of Scorpio.

So the themes remain mainly the same issues: Devolution of debt, debasement of fiat currencies, destruction of the economic reality, disintegration of larger centralized structures into 2025, such as big governments, huge banking empires, centralized energy distribution systems etc. while at the same time a movement towards new forms of energies and advanced technologies is to be seen at the same time as some aware ones create their self sustained economies and life styles.

In all this, in macro economic terms, China is announcing to create its gold-backed world reserve currency. Russia keeps purchasing gold under Putin's guidance, while cementing relations with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the non aligned nations, and new treaties will come about, eventually isolating the Atlanticists and the Western world. Africa is being developed by China. Cooperation between Iran, Irak, China and those seeking to work together peacefully is augmented, on the rise.

The Middle East however remains a powder keg in the sense that the Atlanticists attempt to create maximum disorder while withdrawing tactically from the zone to prepare further trouble in EurAsia - as per the plan by the likes of Brzezinski. However, as Prof. Andrej Fursov stated, Russia is well aware of the impending climate and earth changes, aware also of the nature of these changes and the geo engineers driving them, and it prepares to defend its twelve time zones comprising territory and its global interests in the case of unwanted incursions by the Atlanticists.

People and peoples, nations, are starting to question things and will pay more attention to possible local community solutions we had outlined in our work since 2002.

We are headed now for very interesting times!