Project Camelot Disclosures

We Are Being Used ...

"We are being used in some fashion, and UFO intelligences don't want us to discover how they are using us... Perhaps if we could find out what they are doing to us, we could stop them." - John A Keel

Kerry Cassidy: Project Camelot Disclosures


Light-Seeds - Futures of Planet Earth

Light-Seeds - Futures of Planet Earth has about it the scent of surpassing wisdom: A new ET-based spiritual revelation narrated as a soul-expanding adventure in two parts, Zen of Stars & ForeSeen, reveals the discoveries awaiting humanity.

It considers our true cosmic history and destiny: it answers to the most fundamental issues. Core message: By 2020 we see merging hyper-dimensions challenging us into direct action to end thought. Our today is a disconnect from our true past. Via the new mind, this knowing is designed for you to engineer the paths of your incarnation from your own future. St.Clair his Master of The Light, and his vision changes your life, as he frees mankind, one soul at a time. Once a decade perhaps, a special book of profound impact appears: Light-Seeds is hailed by a sub-culture to be "it."