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Mysteries of Time Travel

Next Two Hundred Years: 2010 - 2210
The subject of 'Time Travel' is a complex one. It did not begin with Roswell. In modern times it began with Montauk and the experiment with the Eldridge. However, 'Time Travel' is much older than that. From our own research, natural Time Travel portals are situated all over the planet. In our world today, this is like Copernicus saying that the Earth orbits the Sun. What is going to have to happen, is that humans on Earth will discover the reality of this over the next 200 years.

If it is not a living part of your life, if you do not have hands on experience with this phenomenon, it is not going to make any sense to you. Those who deny Time Travel - that's great, let them deny it - because that is their experience, and it is valid to them. Leave them with their reality, because it is true for them.

There is a lot of 'dis-information' flying around this subject in order to disqualify it and hide the evidence under a pile of '-) 'disclosure'. Probably, most of what is disclosed is as far away from the truth as anyone can get. That's fine, because that is their reality. Whatever you are saying to people [even if it is lies] is your reality, even if you know you are lying - you are also deceiving yourself.

Philip Corso Jr. - The Roswell Crash, explains that we do not understand 'Time Travel', because our idea of time is not even close to what time actually is. Therefore, people today find it very hard to understand dimensions, inter-dimensions and time portals; where they cross our reality and how.

What I have discovered for myself is that time as we understand it does not exist, and that is why Time Travel can take place, and does take place. Human migrations on this planet in times of planetary disaster were between dimensions, across time, through energy portals and into other time zones. Humans are not the only species to do this.

As we will discover over the next 100 to 200 years, the universe is more mysterious than we can imagine.

Humans cannot think of something if it does not exist. The concept comes into our minds, because we receive data from our senses that something exists. We touch it with our senses (whether we want to or not), and our minds put together an understanding of that perception. Through our minds we are a walking 'mythology' of our own perceptions.

Time Travel is being hidden from humans to keep mankind on the planet. Earth humans are seen as walking disasters by other Interplanetary Species who are carefully observing us. We are violent, destructive, self-serving, arrogant and greedy. Earth humans are also high on the list for abuse from other predatory races.

Our Guardians are not only keeping us on the planet because of the way we thoughtlessly destroy everything around us... They are also keeping us on the planet because we are too dumb, and too stupid to survive out there. People on Earth are dense material with little or no awareness of the energy (Reishi) that makes up eighty percent of body and mind.

Think of it this way: Time streams are like rivers, and humans travelling in those time streams are like salmon swimming in that river. When moving in the time stream the body becomes pure energy with little density, and to some life forms out there that little energy-fish is as attractive as Salmon is to a fisherman.

Should this stop you wanting to know about Time Travel? No, not really. Salmon know the dangers of swimming upstream, but they go for it. Swimming upstream is part of their instinct, as moving through time streams is part of our instinct. This is how we migrated to Earth, and is it how we will eventually leave this planet.

Unlike Salmon, Earth humans have lost their natural knowing and their natural instinct. So, the information and the knowing has to come back to us before we go swimming around in time streams. For this reason, you are going to see a lot of filtering and denial of Space Time Travel and Earth Time Travel, because most people are not ready to know this.

Earth humans are too interested in fighting each other and less interested in co-operation. Wars are like a black disease consuming our planet. The other problem is that women are an important factor in how a species travels through time. The human species male/female are at war on this planet. There is a big power struggle and an even bigger imbalance. As long as men and women are at war, there will be no open Time Travel on Earth.

The male Salmon does not swim upstream alone.

It will take two hundred years just to start to solve these two main problems. The human species will not come out of their dark mind-caves faster than the next one hundred to two hundred years. Only then will the eyes of mankind begin to adjust to the new light outside of the dark mind-cave, and that is when most people will begin to understand who they are, why they are here and review the mistakes they have made over the last 26,000 years (minimum estimate).

We discuss this again in 200 years...
See you then ... '-)