Time Travel Resonators

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Magnetic Crystals Found In Humans:

Geobiologist Dr. Joseph Kirschvink, a professor at the California Institute of Technology, has suggested that human brain cells possess crystals of a highly magnetic mineral known as magnetite. He suggested that magnetite crystals enabled animals from bees to whales to navigate by using the earth's magnetic field.

The quartz crystals used in radio technology are the fundamental constituents of transmitting, receiving and transforming invisible energy into sound. In the same way, the crystalline structure of gemstones attract and condense planetary energies that rain from sky to earth and transform them for use by the human physiology.

By keeping the proper gemstones in touch with the body, profound and significant changes can take place overtime. This divine science provides a natural, effective method of transforming our lives radically. The ancient crystal science has stood the test of time for over 5000 years, and cannot be easily dismissed. Crystal energy fields can help ground emotions, abolish negative thoughts through focused actions, protect from negative forces and aid in the understanding and achievement of life purpose. Time Travel Resonators

Reflections From A Far Horizon

Why are you here on this planet? Why do you have the ability to look far and wonder what lies beyond the horizon?

You look out into space or out across the ocean, and your mind will (on its own) wonder about that far horizon out there...

Perhaps, on the other side of that distant horizon, is you - looking back and wondering what it must have felt like to live on the Earth in the time that you lived. Perhaps on the farthest shore you find yourself...

Crystal Navigation is all in the mind. That is where your crystals are. There are crystal particles inside the brain, and they communicate with crystal particles all over the body.

How can the intelligence of the body react faster than thought in an emergency? Because it uses "crystal navigation". It is not the nerves that transmit information to the brain. The nervous system is like the arteries carrying the physical blood throughout the body. The nerves carry energy in the same way the arteries carry blood.

You are a network of crystals science has not yet found. Your body, your blood, your bones, your glands all rely on the subtle frequency these crystals emanate. It connects you to a greater grid. The Earth is one big crystal resonator, and the power emanating from those frequencies imbues all living forms with life. Time Travel Resonators

Star crystal Resonators are consciousness tools. In the distant past, before mankind became enslaved to thought, great civilisations worked with crystals large and small, to effect unimaginable feats of awareness. Atlantis is one other world reality, whose destruction was to fall into the physical worlds and lose their crystal radiant signature. Some humans are remnants of this fall. They have the capacity to restructure reality in a way that would return the earth's planetary consciousness to one of balance and love.