*SOLD: St.Clair's Crystal Art Resonators

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Zensu earthlight photography - power-of-nature solutions
Twin Silver Runes
Brilliant clear twin crystals, with individual pure Mexican silver runes designed by St.Clair.

*SOLD Silver Mannaz: 1,550 Euro
*SOLD Silver Fehu 1,550 Euro
Aragorn Crystal Indigo Flame
*SOLD - 2,000 Euro

Turquoise Gold Amethyst
*Sold - 1,560 Euro
A unique five pointed single crystal Amethyst matrix, with 5 grams of pure gold grain, turquoise, calcite, quartz and granat.
Lemurian Seed Laser (left)
*SOLD - 1,000 Euro

Full Moon Easter Crystals
Silver Shell Crystal
*SOLD - 570 Euro
Healer Light Wand
*SOLD - 880 Euro

Hand Held Torches
Crystal Seed Cone
*SOLD - 880 Euro (left)

Citrine Crystal (middle)
*SOLD - 550 Euro

Light Crystal with Amethyst

[21cm - Crystal 10cm x 6cm]
*SOLD 1,880 Euro
Oceanite Crystal [16cm]
*SOLD 1,300 Euro

Ansuz Dowsing Crystal (rune)
*SOLD - 880 Euro
Amethyst Quartz Ehwaz
[Lying bottom right]
*SOLD - 770 Euro

Amethyst Antenna
*SOLD 1,000

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