St.Clair 2013 - Year of The Water Snake

In astrology the years 2013-2015 of the Uranus-Pluto square alignment lend themselves well to pondering potential disruptive possibilities. Things will change out of recognition - as life on this planet will adapt. Earth changes (sea level rises and quakes) and solar flares are a certainty which force humans into an aware stance of preparedness. Human activity is something else. Saturn in Scorpio from 2012 to 2015 signals a redemption of debt, at best, or a return to things real in joint resources.

Resources on this planet (water and land) are joined by definition, such as water, land and air. We are leaving the old Nineteen Nineties time line finally to venture into a land of far far away which no one has tested out yet - except a few - and as the Central Banks have decided to flood the planet with liquid debt forever - "QE to Infinity" as Jim Sinclair calls it - the aware ones ask what is of value. Gold will trade at about $4500 or 3300 euro respectively per ounce, and so we know what to do in order to be safe. Land and a farms have more value.

Even more of value is what you can do to create a micro economy of your own -- by initiating your own radiant zone of personal independence from the systems, which are bound to crash and burn. Gold will trade around 5,000 US dollars or 4,000 euro per ounce, by 2017. Quantitative easing on a global and infinite scale (currency debasement) will drive currency wars towards a trade war of international proportions. During which time the future orientated societies will learn to be self sustained and competitive by being locally and regionally productive.

Global affairs are driven by a thrust of the Western Anglo world seeking to gain a foot hold first in the Middle East and then in EurAsia to attack Russia in the long run -- and the Eastern sages, as lectured by Prof. Andrej Fursov, prepare for a larger scale war type behavior of the 21st Century. We do not like to prognosticate these trends. But we see them as reality. The Arab Spring of 2010 is like the buffer zones strategy of the Roman Empire at a time when Rome is about to fall. Yo sow chaos and reap your downfall.

After decades of longer studies we see Doris Lessing (Shikasta and "Sirian Experiments") as the leader in futurist knowing. Earth changes, the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf and the gulf stream problem, the Fukushima problem -- as well as the melting ice caps, all together with sun flares - together act up to create a new landscape globally in which Russia will be seen as the last bastion of the world's bread basket. Russia and China are preparing for the 22nd Century. We have less than one hundred years to get ready for a new world - to be our own designers of humanity.

Saturn joins Neptune in the 2020s to create a new form of time travel, unknown to the ancients who came here to terra-form this planet. By 2050 Uranus will have opposed Pluto, from Virgo to Pisces. The world, planet Earth, still rotate pleasantly. Will you be there to take a constructive part in the history of mankind? Technology is all good and well, but it will not propel Earth in a new direction unless we humans within ourselves are the "higher spiritual technology" of the new time ahead.

Earth Changes - 2013 Water Snake Alchemy

FORESEEN - Beyond Time

Star Codex From The Future: The Future belongs to him who knows how to wait. In "Foreseen - Beyond Time" St.Clair picks up where Kubrick’s 2001 - A Space Odyssey left off. Disclosure reveals human governments are not in control of planet earth.

A new reality lies ahead of us: In the sequel to Zen of Stars, St.Clair continues his timeless journey with The Master of Light. Future space travel is accomplished through interdimensional time travel. The soul activates the NewMind Technology, guiding us beyond time-space and back to our true origins. St.Clair gives essential astrological information connecting the mysteries of Atlantis with the extra-terrestrial origins of mankind, and predicts that it is our destiny to return to Cosmos. His precision-guided prophecy reveals how timing of world events is written in the stars. 2020 is the Capricorn planet alignment changing the earth. By 2070, with Pluto in Aries, the human species will be a unified teacher group and part of a new civilization. This spell-binding book by the seer, designed with light-encoded words, alters your reality and allows you to engineer your own future. It answers the most fundamental issues facing mankind now.

Orgone Dream Codex

The soul is a time traveller.

Our ancestors saw physical existence as shadows cast by the world of spirit, creating the universe. For the ancestors, spirit was enduring while the material world was transient.

We perceive Spirit World as a dream experience and the material world as reality, when the opposite is true. We are born from the world of spirit to inhabit physical reality.

The material world is a persistent dream that follows a growth and decay process, while the Spirit World is the ground of reality.

The human mind is 3D application of 'dream technology'. In other future(s) humans use the mind to heal the Earth. Conscious, applied dream-time interactions are not only a sign of highly advanced technological civilizations. "Orgone Mind technologies" can be created anywhere, in anytime-zone. What signals to the spirit world that we are different is how we use our mind.
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