Gold In Year of Chinese Water Snake

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Gold*s Ultimate Decade - by St.Clair

First some reflections on the level of information we have so far. It is not gold that has "gone" - it is the Western control of gold that is gone. Big difference. We are now in Snake year 2013. Saturn in Scorpio digging up the reality of debt redemption.

This is a time you must expect the unexpected. Surprises are in store on all fronts. Weather goes wild, ice balls from outer space hit icy lakes, Things happen. Uranus Pluto Jupiter and Mars are about to square off into a grand cross in Cardinal signs in late April 2014, when we enter a phase of a denouement lasting into 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn pass Pluto at the end of Capricorn and a new economic world deal starts.

At least this is what my astrological studies have shown me. We enter a new phase soon.

Many inner planets move from Pisces to Aries now in mid and late March 2013 to switch from Neptune to Uranus. 27 March 2013 is Full moon (in Libra) and also the birthday of Mr Gold Jim Sinclair. More of him later below.

While the last decade was a time of pondering and speculation as to gold affairs and the alchemical metal in its secret bull run, we reach now a decade into 2020/2012 where things break out into the open. We studied how the disinformers tried to paint the picture. We have seen things and we know things.

We have studied the many really great gold experts for many years and we see that the official gold numbers are not clear - Neptunian of course, hidden, faked, diffuse. We feel that the World Gold Council is an arm of the London syndicate and has to be seen as such, so we discard this as not valid as a source for the purpose of understanding gold and its "official" numbers. There are no official things about gold. There just is gold.

Jim Sinclair agrees that WGC is part of the MOPE syndicate. (MOPE means Management of Perspective Economics whereby the syndicates and cartels manage the Western economy by smoke and mirrors.)

We have studied FOFOA (excellent work there) and we followed GATA for many years and we know that a great deal of gratitude is due to what GATA has found out and is doing. We have also followed the work by James Turk who is without a doubt very knowledgeable and applies what he knows. He understands for instance exactly the situation of the German gold. It is not a good situation. At least Germany is beginning to address this situation.

We have studied the work by Jim Rickards who knows things, such as that the winner of a currency war is the one who takes no part in it, and we see that after 60 plus years of fiat currency devaluations a thing of reality has to hit the world when Pluto reaches Aquarius in a decade, but we question the figures he quotes without question in his presentations and in his book "Currency Wars", and although he means the right thing, his sources are maybe not giving the correct data to him.

We feel the transfer of real actual physical gold wealth from West to East has already happened and is in its fullest process in 2013 and in 2014, and we would assume that China, Russia, India, and Asia in short, have a lot more gold in their hands than they actually quote to the Western media. One wonders where really the Western gold is supposed to be? Not in West Point for sure.

Late April 2014 to mid August 2014 is the moment we feel when the balance sheets of the Western world come up for revision, for disclosure, and in the midst of the transit of Saturn in Scorpio, and in the midst of the Pluto Uranus square, which is when the public loses trust in its system, institutions, governments, banks, and all that is centralized. This process takes many years and culminates in 2020-2021 when a new picture will start to emerge.

We feel comfortable in stating gold will indeed move towards $4,500 an ounce by 2017 as pronounced in my short presentation documentary "FORESEEN" and we think that gold has more way to go by 2020.

This is a sort of golden Karmic cycle we see happening since at least 1954 when the London gold market reopened, but most probably from way longer before when gold was looted by the Atlanticist powers during WWII. What is of essence to understand is that in the coming few years, 2014 and on, the Western balance sheets which are made only of debt will meet their reality zone, and this is why gold will become a real currency. This is also see clearly in all astrological studies we matched over our gold research studies.

In the year of the snake in water element not only the weather could be wild, but we imagine that 60 years plus (two Saturn in Scorpio cycles of government conspiracies) will be brought out in the open, and then we will see that China and Russia, and maybe Germany will be ready and prepared to take things to the next level,

Here is a birthday message for "Mr Gold" -- Jim Sinclair -- who acts as a sort of "economy teacher" to the world.

- Michael St.Clair, March 27, 2013