Michael St.Clair International Consulting Services

Michael St.Clair is not a 'traditional' Astrologer. He believes in direct action and that his clients find practical solutions in a 'world under siege'. If you are new to St.Clair's work, read his daring 'new mythology' - Light-Seeds: Futures of Planet Earth, outlining the next decades ahead.

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St.Clair is an Alchemist, who uses Astrology as a practical tool and not as an end in itself. His primary work is to Professionally advise International clients. Often these clients will ask for an Astrological consultation. Many people wish to know how they will 'progress'. In reality these are simply questions of 'navigation' and knowing what your abililties are. Based on Alchemical and geometrical aspects (that are described in terms of mundane astrology) you build your own unique inner foundation. That is how you 'progress'.
St.Clair's RZ Network
    The RZ*Network Client Services .. offers a unique service! At the RZ Network St.Clair publishes for subscribers exclusive Network only up-to-date information, advice and astrological timing reports .. goods for exchange purposes, goods and services that sustain local communities, why local networks are the economies of the future and St.Clair's current analysis of future trends.
Following the course of one of St.Clair's earliest predictions, gold is now reaching an all time high and will continue to increase in real value. Silver is also moving to break new records and become a real value alternative to paper money for those concerned about the coming collapse.

International Consulting
St.Clair advises special clients' and people with a special interest in his Crystal Resonator Art. Personal consultations include: Advice in relocating, planning life changes, preparing new life-direction solutions, as well as how to stay calm in stressful and challenging times.

St.Clair serves as a guide. He advises artists, executives, entrepreneurs and even investment bankers on how to adapt to the ongoing changes, where his advisory activities cover practical, applied, realistic advancements (not esoteric) - as his in-depth knowledge of banking and finance offers a unique opportunity for extensive professional advice from 'one who knows'.

His professional advisory work includes and is not limited to: Birth chart analysis, compatibility (synastry charts) for partners and business associates, relocation charts, astro-cartography and Horary Astrology, or the nature of asking questions timely, elective astrology, or when to start a venture; and generally the use of many other different tools - drawing on his 25 years consulting experience.


Larger scale projects, and consulting work such as for ongoing personal coaching & consulting -- are done via monthly retainers, depending on the nature of the intense work involved. With more complex consultations a special fee is agreed upon for short or long term assignments.

Most clients are Subscribers of his solution-orientated RZ*Network, where St.Clair posts his current new advisories, mundane astrology and economy updates.

NOTE: As a seer / astrologer, St.Clair uses both "sidereal" and "tropical" astrology, as well as appling his extensive knowledge of ancient traditional astrology practiced by ancestors in China, Tibet, India as well as having indepth knowledge of techniques practiced during the Middle Ages, in Europe of the 12th to 17th Century. As readers have commented, St.Clair's books reveal his expertise in covering this vast field of study.

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St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown
St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown
.. weaves together many neccessary aspects of human existence with actual material survival suggestions for a world in chaos. Light-Seeds travels on the fringes of what society finds 'acceptable' - and now the "St.Clair Brief" goes further in challenging the 'old paradigm' thinking and behaviour of human's on planet Earth. St.Clair's message is that 'practical solutions' are fired from the 'furnaces' of the Creator ... and like some ancient Viking Saga the furnace is called imagination.

Unique Understanding of Astrology

A birth chart is like a magnetic geometric structure of alignments inside which the incarnated individual is the 'potential pilot' of that living structure. The chart's growth is like a tree - and this is why the ancients called it: The Tree of Life. It is moving, changing, developing, it's structure is alive.

Inside the human geometry is Spirit, and in relationship to these inner skills and aspects each individual has to learn how to navigate through life. Each individual has to learn what are their strengths and what are their weaknesses. A chart also reveals the individuals unique abilites and factors which may be causing tension and struggle. Each individual on this planet has their own foundation, their own skills, their own power. The chart of one's life is really a living ocean, through which one has to navigate.

Many people ask, "Okay, how do I fly this thing?" (meaning their own life). The real question is: Who are you? What are your unique skills and abilities? What are your strengths and your weaknesses? What are you good at and what are you not good at? What inner conflicts may block progress? Most important is the 'timing'. The inner navigator can take those "Chart Readings", and decide how to navigate and bring together the various characters who form one's own unique incarnation in this life.

Essentially, you are the Tree of Life and the answers lie within. The power to navigate is somewhere within the geometry of alignments that make up your earthly character.