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Saturn Scorpio / Capricorn
Seven Years: May - 2014 / 2020
by Michael St.Clair

Saturn Capricorn Scorpio 2014-2020
These are notions of "The Deep Game"

This world is like a Chinese GO game now in 2014.

Ever played GO -- no? It is an Eastern game but not like chess. It is not about wiping out your opponent binary style - black white - it is more about space time planning and the fluidity in strategy and all.

More multi-dimensional - more possibilities - more imagination. Eastern Taoist.

Ancient masters of the Orient were misunderstood. Their teachings were not applied...

Taoist masters of the ancient world always put their students to work. Not to pray or meditate or receive any other mind control exercises. They asked of - or suggested to - their students to use imagination - and they simply gave their students supra-natural and if need be para-normal tasks to perform. Until the student could teach it to himself and then to others... but not by showing a system or a structure or sequences.

The ancient Taoist teachings involved merely imagination. Neptune in Pisces until 2026 when Saturn comes there to visit in a time travel reality check point - we can imagine invent very many things. New forms of energy, not necessarily for free, but renewable. New Medicine, new technology. New space discovery -- lots of things -- anti-gravity applied.

Many cartels or factions are vying now for some pre-eminent power in the game to dominate planet Earth - world control - and these cartels do not actually work together as deeply as one might have imagined. They used to compete fiercely and have now agreed to cooperate more closely.

This is the astrology at hand...
Here I list a few and do not worry about them, do instead imagine untried ways and some new structure.

From a report by, "Aldebaran Envoy XW11"

The 2020 Saturn Jupiter Pluto Board Meeting

The Energy, Chemical and Medical cartels. DuPont Monsanto Bayer Hoechst Novartis... BP Exxon Shell Aramco ENI - ELF - Gazprom - IG Farben ... Oil. Gas. Drugs. ALL Neptune in Pisces Global .. Siemens .. Nuclear.

Military Intelligence Communications Mind Control Media Complex - Uranus in Aries with Capricorn PLUTO being undermined - antagonistic - NSA -- See Eye Aye -- Microsoft -- Apple -- Google -- FaceBook ... Linux.

Prepare for invasion.
OK you get the picture! "we are all in this together!" - the meme?
Yes we are all now supposed to be in this "new age" together - really ???

How can some of us imagine to create self-sufficient different intelligent / compassionate communities from this trend??

Media Cartel for mind control. MKUltra is a future no-go for mankind!

Medical cartel for global genetic engineering!
Nazi science - depopulation of the undesired!
1982 Blade Runner. The final scene. Unresolved.

Chemical GMO Cartel for reducing global pop and energy cartel to feed the game. Military cartel to assist the Energy cartel. Invade a country. Have at it. rebuild it... IMF the financial pirate cartel of "Free Trade" -- or the BIS... the Nazi bank of all world banks!

Some of all the above work against each other... and some work with each other. There is no Top Gremium Consulate meeting where 3 guys / girls say what goes. Actually, this planet is not there quite yet. But the intention is to move it to Android !!

In comes a Phalanx of anti-globalists, anti.Orcs -- The Elvens... Okay! A non-global front with Putin, China and Iran?
They say we can do multi-polar world and local regional solutions!
They create BRICS and SCO.. Shanghai Cooperation dot Org ...

They trade really freely and abolish the mighty dollar - who cares about currency? The CURRENT !!

Oil for Gold? Why not? Gold for Land? sure! And as to the gold price in all this?

A Joke. Seven Thousand Dollars an Ounce by 2017 - Ten Thousand by 2020.

The World is being redistributed! It is a new game show!
And the Aliens are laughing ... as the Astrologer answers questions.

It is like the ancient Chinese GO Game - how you deal with energy Aikido style!

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