Nordic Rune Knives

      The handles of these custom knives have been carefully sanded down and treated with natural organic olive oil over a number of days before the Eldar Futhark Runes or petroglyphs are burned into the wood. The handles are then treated with olive oil to seal in the burning.

    'Artur' - Opinel Rune [Inox Size 09]
    Opinel Rune 09 Opinel Inox 09

    Handle 11.5cm - Blade 9cm - Knife 20.5cm
    Left: Kenaz, Gebo, Hagalaz. Right: Ansuz, Jera.
    Center: Algiz @ the base opposing Tiwaz (left and right)
    111 Euro

    'Feodor' Opinel Rune [Inox Size 08]
    Opinel Rune 08 Opinel Inox Rune

    Handle 11cm - Blade 8cm - Knife 19cm
    Left: Jera, Tiwaz, Ansuz. Right: Algiz, Sowilo.
    Center: base Kenaz
    111 Euro

    'Canopus' Opinel Rune [Inox Size 10]
    Opinel Rune 10 Opinel Inox Rune

    Handle 13cm - Blade 10cm - Knife 23cm
    Left: Algiz. Right: Tiwaz glyph.
    133 Euro

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