The Roswell Crash - 1947

July 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico .. a disk crashed in the desert and the technology from that crash (back-engineered) send us into the hi-tech age of computers, micro-chips, nano-particles and fiber-optic cables much faster than we would have if the crash had not take place ..

The Roswell crash also changed my life in an indirect way. Or maybe it was not indirect, maybe it was meant to be .

You would never imagine a bookshop in Scotland would be the center of events that could affect people around the globe, or that it would be a place where supernatural events would unfold to change the lives of the author .. but that is exactly what happened.

I was seventeen and the bookshop was my first job. I loved books and so for me it was the perfect place to be. Unpacking a new arrival of books and fitting them on the shelves of the recently created UFOs & Mysteries section, I got curious.

There were books about crashed disks, the Bermuda Triangle, the return of the gods, pyramids, ETs, contact and the Roswell Crash. An abundance of information was thrown at me, and it made perfect sense to me because my ancestors had interacted with the same force.

This was not the most exiting thing to happen during that time. The bookshop itself became the focus of a strangeness no ordinary person would believe. This kind of strangeness in the middle of our modern towns & cities frightens people - they just don't want to know ..
Altering Space-Time

The lights in the sky, the UFOs and the other-world contacts have been part of the human experience for as long as we have been here. Neolithic and Paleolithic humans experienced exactly what we are experiencing today. They interacted with and were also connected to this phenomenon. Earth humans have a relationship with the force, the presence, that is simply part of being on this planet.

Whoever they are, they can appear in Celtic or Egyptian garb .. they can appear in a suit or dressed like the occupants of a disk .. they can appear as a Native American or dressed as ancient Chinese/Japanese .. whatever they want to appear as, in whatever time-zone they choose to appear, they can do so.

This 'other world' can be, as John Keel warned people in his book, Operation Trojan Horse .. a dangerous not to be played around with phenomenon. It could be that these interactions have become 'dangerous', because humans have lost their sense of balance and their sense of order.

If you don't know who you are and where you have come from (your roots), then the world can be a dangerous place. If your species has enemies, then your amnesia can make you a victim in a long forgotten lost world .. where one's psychic internal connections are loose.

Even for our Paleolithic ancestors it was normal to see, be aware of and have a contact to this other world of strange lights, strange beings, strange interactions and cultural exchange. Yet, today incidents like the 1947 Roswell Crash are beyond belief to most people.

If you travel out into the wilderness, far outside of civilization, you can expect to have a few strange experiences. There are far more missing-time occurances and so-called sightings than are documented. It's out there and it is real, and contact is much more common than many people realise or admit.

By the time I was seventeen, I ventured out into the world to discover that the impossible is out there too, happening inside our culture, inside our society .. it is just forbidden to discuss it or point it out to someone when it happens >)

At age seventeen, my first: "Hi there! How's it going?" [outside in the real world], happened in the middle of a busy city full of people; at a time I was feeling that we humans have absolutely no 'future'. Suddenly, there they were .. everything stopped .. time was frozen .. nothing moved [or people's movements had slowed down and my movements increased].

The two men, dressed in fine city suits and looking like Celtic ancestors from the future, could move around as normal with the whole background reality frozen in time .. and I knew then that mankind still has a future, although not necessarily the kind of future we imagine as we live out our lives.

The approaching rediscovery of our psychic navigation is not related to the anti-gravity disks and the fiber-optics, the micro-chips and the cellular advances in technology, which will eventually be non-metalic technologies .. the techno-revolution is not the only key component that we inherit from situations like Roswell. The adaptation required of us is an inner-revolution. That is the next step before we learn to fly or move around in and through interdimensional space. >) Zensu ..

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