"QRC 2137"

    The Phenomenon

    The best you can do is to read John Keel's book "Operation Trojan Horse" to understand the nature of the phenomenon that seems to guide sensitives and psychics, but whose advice is often bizarre and unrelated to actual physical events.

    The advice and plan of the future given to individuals range from ascended masters, to ET contacts, spirits, devas etc etc. For some reason the phenomenon creates bizarre impressions of future events that rarely play out the way they describe.

    Then comes the next wave of bizarre predictions, and the next, and so on... This has been going on for thousands of years. It is what I term THE PHENOMENON. These apparitions are not real. The information they give to people is not accurate. The bizarre nature of the advice does not apply to real time existence on this planet. In fact this is the time line distortion that I explain in detail in FORESEEN - Beyond Time.

    Our ancestors knew the difference between the tricky entities and the real-time teachers. Because the real-time teachers advise the student to find out for themselves, and to follow their heart. This premise comes from the law of nature where an individual cannot make use of second hand information, no matter how powerful it might be. It is also related to the law of interference.

    When more advanced beings interfere in the evolution of a race, those advanced beings get the consequences of their interference - even if it was meant in a helpful manner. Which is why the Nordic ETs do not interfer, they just make suggestions that we can figure things out on our own.

    The more intelligent races realized that the various species they were observing have to self ignite from within, and that their role is not even to guide and advise - but to observe and understand. Observation is its own action.

    2012 will come and go... and the detailed scenarios described by these ascended masters will not have manifested in the ways described. After 2012 will come another "guided explanation" to explain why things changed and how it will be in the new future... and so it will continue. Each reality event contradiction showing the advice to be innaccurate will simply trigger a new explanation, and so on... Read FORESEEN and you will see this issue is addressed in great detail.

    "We changed the future..." This is how THE PHENOMENON expresses itself.

    So, maybe it is like Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek, and a highly advanced living computer (Atlantis) powering off the earth's grid is giving out holographic advisors, guided ascended masters, divine illuminated beings [set on automatic pilot as the creators of this technology have long left the planet]. As there is no one to maintain this machinery, no one is aware that the program may have a ghost in the machine, now operation on its own, off track - and how can a living species be guided by a super-computer?

    "The egocentric ideal of a future reserved for those who have managed to attain egoistically the extremity of ' everyone for himself ' is false and against nature. No element could move and grow except with and by all the others with itself.

    "Also false and against nature is the racial ideal of one branch draining off for itself alone all the sap of the tree and rising over the death of other branches."
    - Teilhard de Chardin - The Phenomenon of Man

    Perhaps some malignant ET group sabotaged the guidance system. Added a virus program, or added an own agenda program into the system. Therefore, for thousands of years humans have followed a system that was designed to interface with their brain frequency, and as Krishnamurti pointed out - it is up to us to find the light within. To be a light unto oneself. To understand that truth is a pathless land."

By ZenSu

Light-Seeds - Futures of Planet Earth

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