Astro Comment by Michael St.Clair

    Sarah Palin February 11, 1964

    Sarah Palin was born February 11 1964, in Sandpoint, Idaho with many birth planets in Aquarius (new moon, Sun, Mars, Saturn), and many transit planets (Neptune Chiron Node etc.) passing important positions of her birth chart now. Most importantly in my opinion she was born with Venus in the 1st Aries degree which always denotes a person who likes to start new things ambitiously and will win them.

    Senator McCain, true to his Maverick reputation, shocked the establishment of the elite on his 72nd birthday by presenting the new U.S. political rival. There will be a power struggle inside the USA. The economy will have vanished and the Federal Reserve would be ended, in the upcoming 2013 alignments.

    An advantage to her and consistent with Venus in Aries, and the many Aquarian planet positions is that this is not someone who takes orders, Palin has a mind of her own. This is a chart which inhabits the "kali-esque archetype" of dark matter, trance-formational, and given the chance could trigger the deep purge needed to transform U.S. society.

    The disadvantage, for Palin, is that these heavy handed, tightly grouped astrological aspects of transformational upheaval and overthrow of the old establilshed order have little counterbalance in her chart. The potential to achieve her ambitious goal of being the first woman President of the United States is also sabotaged by the same archetypal forces she represents.

    Since arriving on the 'world stage' Sarah Palin has made a number of overblown mistakes, ruled by impetuous and fiercely independent Aries & Aquarius birth positions. This kind of wild swing energy seeking to get 'attention' wont go away - it is endemic to her character. Sarah Palin's single-minded ambition is driven by the same destructive force. The often bizarre comments and over-reactions she provokes is all part of Palin's Astro-package! It is almost as though her chart represents a self-sabotage of her brilliant skills and leadership potential. Therefore, I can only assume that here is a karmic lesson of the highest degree, an individual who can lead - but cannot...

    Studying the chart in more depth, it would seem that her energy is expansive and impressive, and then it suddenly falls off the cliff and loses its momentum. The largest weakness in the chart is the say-and-do anything to get power. The drive and ambition is out of control. The killer instinct is overblown. With little counter-balance to these energies, it seems that Palin is subject to the same destructive force she represents.

    Kali - Dark Mother and fearful warrior, was never meant to run the everyday world of humankind. In Indian mythology Kali is represented with the fiercest features. She has four arms, wielding a sword in one hand and the head of a demon in another. The other two hands bless her worshippers, commanding: "fear not"!

St.Clair has no political affiliations. He is a "cosmologist" who understands astrology and timing, who observes the free-flow of events signalled by cosmos and reflected on the Earth; but rarely understood by current social, cultural and political paradigms. One of St.Clair's favorite quotes is by Jiddu Krishnamurti: "In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself." St.Clair maintains that all mankind is part of a complete consciousness, and that in the years ahead the feminine aspects will emerge as a leading light for men and women of planet earth. We are currently in the birth process of this transformation, which includes a radical change in the way human beings observe time