Orgone Radiation & DOR [Deadly Orgone Radiation]

Reich's 'Oranur' Radiation Experiment

Wilhelm Reich's Oranur Experiment in 1951 caused him to directly observe and begin to understand the deadly effect man-made nuclear radiation has on the surrounding living sea of energy in which we all live.

Reich knew, observing the effects of putting a milligram of radium inside an Orgone Energy Accumulator, that there existed an antagonistic relationship between the energy of life (Prana, Chi) and man-made nuclear energy. To understand this more fully read: Reich's Contact With Space

Man made nuclear radiation, atomic weapons, depleted uranium, nuclear radiation plants as well as forms of medical radiation are all incompatible with life on this planet. The powers that control the world moved very quickly to discredit Reich, stop his research and destroy his extensive archive of notes and writings on his research and findings.

There are two factors involved in this understanding of Orgone and the state Reich called, Deadly Orgone Radiation. The first factor is understanding the nature and state of man-made radiation in all its deadly forms. The second factor is that Wilhelm Reich discovered a way to neutralise radiation and reverse its sickening effects on the environment.

The reasons for destroying his research and his working models of Orgone generators did not lie with Reich alone. He was one man and he was probably the only man who understood the implications of what he had found. Should that understanding have spread it would mean that humans on Earth today would have a 'counter measure' against deadly man-made nuclear radiation.

For the power elite who had invested in the military might of this dangerous energy, the fact that a child could possibly understand the simple mechanism of neutralising their 'power' created fear in them. Personalities who are attracted to out of control, destructive, primordeal release of fire-death as a weapon of governance and control are themselves in a disturbed state of melt-down.

It is the out-of-control aspect of this technology that attracts weak-personalities to this kind of destructive power. The levels you go to mega-destroy your opponents to gain control reflects the state of imbalance of your own mind. The individuals who resort to brute force do so because they have no other skills... This is their primary state of mind.

Why does it have to be out-of-control? That is the only way it is going to control masses of people. Atomic-nuclear energy is the ultimate fear-weapon: Fire, death and destruction .. released in melt-down form .. it is out of control, in free fall and is intended to terrify the human populations.

Can Orgone Combat Nuclear Radiation?
Wilhelm Reich believed that life giving orgone energy could be used to combat nuclear radiation, detox the environment and reverse radioactive contamination. As part of Reich's Oranur Experiment 1 mg. of radium in a lead container was repeatedly placed in a 20-fold accumulator in a metal-lined room. The results of the experiment were a disaster and the laboratory had to be evacuated.

He later described 'deadly orgone radiation' [DOR] as a toxic, black, lusterless substance which is attracted to water and oxygen and carries a high charge. But why is DOR attracted to water and oxygen? As the Fukushima nuclear plant radiation disaster unfolds, we see the spreading radioactive contamination being drawn into water and plant leaves hundreds of kilometers from the plant.

Water and oxygen magnetize (attract) radiation [deadly orgone radiation] and so does the human body. You see, they have built this technology; but they do not understand it... Reich attempted to understand it and they killed him.

The underlying reasons to fear a simple and natural way to neutralise man-made nuclear radiation is as primitive as it is insane. Should it be discovered that there are natural ways to neutralise radioactive substances and decontaminate radioactive contamination of the environment, it means nuclear weapons can also be neutralized and made impotent.

The overall 'fear factor' is take away from a free-fall nuclear melt-down or the threat of the atomic bomb, when a society knows how to neutralise this magnetic radiation. In that sense, the 'devil' and all that people fear becomes powerless as the shadow cast fades away from the face of the Earth.

It was not really the issue that Wilhelm Reich could cure cancer using an Orgone Accumulator that created the shadow-government's fear; but it was the issue that Reich's discovery would free mankind from the fire and shadow of the nuclear threat that made them react. Any society with an 'answer' to man-made nuclear contamination is a free society. Once they understand the principle they are free of the fear.

More advanced extra-terrestrial races have the technology to clean up radioactive contamination and reverse damage done to the environment. On Earth this would end the dark rule of a planetary 'dictator', probably of the 4th dimension - but played out by willing humans whose first desire is power.

In 2011, we observe the expansion of who gets to use the 'nuclear option'; because the fear is spreading and is being spread. In an intelligent world everyone would dissolve this power, realise the danger and disassemble the plants. To counter this danger, Reich was working on a means to neutralise man-made radioactive contamination of the environment as well as contamination of the human body.

Why has a 'cure for cancer' not been found? Because a cure for cancer works on the same principle as neutralising atomic radiation. It is all connected, it is all related. The higher levels of cancer, still growing and still expanding out of control, has followed the nuclear trail since the detonation of the first atomic bomb.

It was not only the Japanese who suffered the after-effects of nuclear detonations at Hiroshima and Nagasaki - the whole world felt its effects as a silent killer. The same applies to a reactor melt-down at nuclear plants and the release of radioactive elements from the fuel rods stored at nuclear power plants.

Wilhelm Reich was not a threat because he was healing cancer [reversing orgone depletion in the cells of the body], he was a threat because he had 'found the solution'. Here is the 'fear' that always resides within the heart of those who use terror and death as a means of 'control'... The power of life is greater.

to be continued...

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