St.Clair's Artifacts - Stargates & Skulls

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OMega StarGates

The Omega and the pentagram are both signatures of geometry with quantum (sub atomic particle) meaning. These symbols are not in any way related to the meaning the church and secret societies gave them. When you arrive here on Earth with awareness of other existances and you look around for your 'tools' ... you soon discover that the tools given to mankind have been 'demonised' in the most ugly and base ways.

Man is not only at odds with nature and the planet he lives on, but he is also at odds with the geometry and beauty his spirit inhabits as he journeys across the surface of the Earth. Man has come to fear his own shadow as he runs away from the genius of his own mind. I placed the pentagram stargate inside the omega to return balance (sanity), and dispel 'fear'.

Omega symbols most probably originate from the Egyptian Ankh, as the meaning and applications are + infinity... The beauty of the symbol is that each person interacting with the geometry sees and understands, as they connect and discover what they need to know in their own unique way.

I doubt there is 'one fixed meaning' ... a doorway is something you pass through and make use of ... you do not get stuck in the door asking the meaning of the doorway, therefore making its function and design meaningless. You immediately understand and move through the passageway to discover that which you are to discover. The process is different for everyone - as the StarGate frequencies interact with the spirit consciousness - each on their own level until ones vibrational level changes through the 'stargate' interactions and teachings.

In its simplest form the omega is related to the upper cranium of the human skull. Therefore, the St.Clair Marque of authenticity and the gold omega are placed on the few skulls available.

The unique design of the gold pentagram inside the gold omega, at its simplest level, conveys illumination of the third-eye the seeing power and vision of the eye of the spirit. In ancient times the pentagram and the omega were used to protect, to dispel negative and demonic forces as well as being used as a charm to enhance seeing power and spirit energy.

The pentagram was originally a protective knot symbolising the proportions of man. These symbolic forms, demonised by the Roman Catholic and Christian churches technically opened the door to deny our ancestors 'protection', or what they understood to be 'protection'. The church demonised the tools of man, perhaps because it was not in their interests that humans are strong, capable, healthy, sane individuals.

There is no 'demonic' message or evil connection to the omega and the pentagram ... the 'evil' comes from the institution of the church ... not from the energetic sacred tools of mankind. That is also what I am here to correct.

    The Magical Pentagram

    A pentagram is a Regular Star Polygon. Originally, ancient scholars understood and applied sacred geometry and mathematics until religion began to somewhat idiotically turn mathematics into the 'work of the devil'. The 'golden ratio' shows up everywhere in a pentagram (1).

    "The pentagram, also called the five-point star pentacle, pentalpha, or pentangle, is the star polygon. It is a pagan religious symbol that is one of the oldest symbols on Earth and is known to have been used as early as 4000 years B.C. It represents the "sacred feminine" or "divine goddess" (Brown 2003, pp. 35-37)" (2).

    "Chinese Taoism conceived of a five element system which governed the natural world which they called the Wu Xing. Unlike the Greek system of four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water - the Chinese system involves the five elements of: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. The chinese five element system was normally depicted as a pentagram ringed by a circle."

    "In Chinese Taoism the circle was used to describe natural generative cycles where wood feeds fire, fire creates earth (ash), earth bears metal, metal carries water, and water nourishes wood. The pentagram describes the destructive or overcoming system where Wood parts Earth, Earth absorbs Water, Water quenches Fire, Fire melts Metal, Metal chops Wood, or the alternative destructive system: Wood absorbs Water, Water rusts Metal, Metal breaks up Earth, Earth smothers Fire, Fire burns Wood." - Wiki-Pentagram

    The pentagram has line segment ratios which all equal phi ... our ancestors considered the pentagram a mystical and magical symbol of divine proportions. The pentagram is related to the proportions of the human skull as well as to the proportions of the human body, these symbols signify LIFE.

    I have worked with my own crystal skulls, I have studied them, I have listened to them and I have researched them. It may seem odd, but it soon became clear to me that the skull represents 'life'. There is no human being, no human form without the human skull. There is no human face without the structure of the skull behind that face. Therefore, the skull (hidden) is the ultimate 'esoteric' symbol for the mystery of life. Every human being on this planet has a skull. You walk around and it is your companion for life. How then can the skull come to sybolize fear?

    In designing these 'Artifacts' I have set out to rebalance the mystery and our relationship with the symbols and geometry of life. Without the skull there is no human stargate, there is no Pent-a-gram signature. We humans understand this because of the proportions of the human skull. The brain inhabits the skull, but the skull is the real mystery!
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