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February 2010 Full Moon Hurricane: Xynthia

Steven Greer Camelot Interview

In a strange and bizarre way the Camelot Steven Greer argument over 'friendly' or 'unfriendly' ETs is related to the February 27 Chile Earthquake and the devastating February 28 'Full Moon' Hurricane that formed close to Madeira and flew across France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Holland and Denmark.

The European weather agencies named the weather system Xynthia, which is the German spelling of the Greek Cynthia 'Moon Goddess' [Artemis] .. The Great Wave: Spring Equinox 2010

What does any of this have to do with Steven Greer and the Camelot Interview?

If you watch the Interview carefully, Steven Greer misuses his debating techniques to set off Kerry Cassidy and disrupt the interview by putting her off balance and creating a tension that looked like two opposing 'opinions' arguing with each other. This manipulated tension eclipsed the 'key question' and the 'key issue' about ETs being friendly or not friendly, and are humans behind the 'unfriendly' part as Steven Greer claims. The clever leverage tactic used by Steven Greer (and he used it very well), put Kerry offguard and got her so upset that she could not make her point in a calm and dignified way. Steven Greer then twisted the move to his advantage, and made the interview sort of looked like an attack on Greer's principles.

The question was [and is]: are ETs friendly or not? Can we trust them or not? That is the question that also relates to the February 2010 Chile Earthquake and February 28 Full Moon European Hurricane. Unfortunately, Steven Greer prefers to Nuke out all debate on this question by saying that all unfriendly ET contact originate from secret underground military bases run by humans .. however, this claim is not 100 percent true ..

The underground secret military bases are Earth-human/Alien cooperation zones. Similar to the EU, only it takes place across 'frequency-dimensions'. The technology, the techniques, the rebuilding and extension of the underground bases as well as the operations emerging from those bases are ET/Human co-operation projects. This information can be researched all over the web. Not all those researching these areas are 'dis-information' agents as Steven Greer claims. Many good people have independently looked into these areas all their lives, and have carried out excellent research ..

Light-Seeds .. Futures of Planet Earth .. takes another view on the so-called ET/Alien phenomenon. That is the result of personal and team Remote Viewing, as well as being born with an inner knowledge Guidance System. This is why the book Light-Seeds suggests that you develop your own inner guidance system, and do not follow the outer influences and global-manipulation currents which may or may not be true.

Our own blend of NewMind Tech Remote Viewing is not anything like the Remote Viewing sold to you on the Internet. When the information is shared with the public, it is done so carefully - and not as a U-must-believe-this programming. Be aware that Jiddu Krishnamurti was a living embodiment of what people today call 'Remote Viewing', and this was how it was in Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, Vedic Indus and latterly Egypt before their fall.

The Remote Viewing mind was a total state of consciousness, which later became an intellectual 'religious experience' - after the fall of civilization and the cultural nosedive into the Kali Yuga [the age of darkness].

NewMind Tech 'Remote Viewers' were in contact, from an early age, with the strange phenomenon more popularly called UFOs. The mass mind are being monkey-trained to see this mostly paranormal phenomenon in a certain light .. perhaps because people are not capable of seeing these interactions from a balanced, grounded perspective. Jiddu Krishnamurti correctely pointed out to questioners that it is not the 'outer' phenomenon, but the 'inner phenomenon' that has to be understood.

The first problem we have in discussing this issue is that it is not right that human being is attacking human being in the process of discovering just what we are dealing with, and meeting with .. and it is a complete deception for someone to lead you to believe that your fellow humans are the 'bad guys' and so-called ETs are the 'good guys'. The first point is that the strange lights and phenomenon are not physical in the sense we understand material existence, and the second point is that most of them are not extra-terrestrial. They are not travelling here from other star systems and from other planets .. to visit inhabitants here on Earth. Interplanetary civilizations do exist, but most of them are not communicating with Earth humans at this period in Earth's history.

Most of the phenomenon, lights and craft people are seeing come from Earth TERRESTRIAL time-space. This level of contact has been taking place for millions of years on this planet. They are Interdimensional, they are time-shifting, they are coming from the Earth's future, and they are coming from the Earth's past .. and not all of them are 'friendly'. Steven Greer is wrong, and Kerry is right to question this ..

The time-space dimension on Earth is vulnerable to exploitation. There are different Time-Line intrusions accessing this current space-local, and they are extracting DNA, and messing around with the spirit energies .. and this is a program which uses so-called 'Black Operations' as a front .. these humans don't know what they are doing, because if they did know they would not co-operate. On this current world most of us are stupid, oppertunistic and dumb. This unfortunate state of mind is being exploited by intrusive ETs. Just go and read the James Interviews to understand a small part of the current situation here on Earth at this present time.

Is it not up to you to figure out the truth for yourself?
No one else is going to do it for you ..
Xynthia - A Moon Goddess
The heavy storm that covered most of Europe on Full Moon of February 28 2010, extended from Portugal to Denmark in one sweep. Atlantic storm Xynthia formed off the Island of Madeira - which had been devastated by an earlier catastrophic torrential downpour eight days earlier.

How does this relate to so-called ETs, and the claims that .. all ETs are good and only humans are bad? The mostly paranormal forces appearing in isolated regions of our planet, and seen flying over towns and villages are presented to us as Extra-terrestrials - but they are not 'physical' and they are not from other planets .. most of the phenomenon people encounter originate from dimensions close to the Earth.

The reason paranormal more closely describes their activity, is because they are phenomenon outside of our normal everyday physical-material experience. When you interact with these forces your perception is altered, your magnetic frequency changes, you use or experience senses that are related to the psychic and spirit world fields, and you often enter the wierd world of Quantum Particle Fields - that normally seperate material and spirit particles into their own world(s) frequencies.

The Gods and Goddesses of the ancient world were [and still are] a living archetypal force[field], that can be experienced as human, or as animals, or otherworldy type forms - dragons, serpents .. basic living magnetic fields that form what we experience as weather patterns, climate, crystals, coal, oil [resources]. Everything that takes material form is rooted and grows from a spirit template that is governed by a unifying archetype which designs the nature of the elements, its colour, density, location and adaptability.

Our human ancestors were not worshipping these lifeforms, they were directly interacting with those energies. This is why you see basic quantum patterns reproduced as cultural Art[ifacts] .. These forces keep humans in order. Man hunts the animals, fish and birds for their resources, and higher frequency elements hunt physical mankind in a similar way. Humans are also a 'resource'.

The farmer is friendly to his farm animals, to keep them in a good state because he uses them as a resource. The hidden realms - farming humans - have developed Earth human relationships as a resource .. and they can be friendly on that basis, because they make use of us. Just because they can fly around on magnetically altered frequencies, does not make them advanced, and telling us that we have to take care of the Earth, is often like a farmer moving his animals around so that the pastures do not get used up.

Over thousands of years humans have formed a symbiotic relationship with their inter-dimensional counterparts. Earth humans benefit from the encounters and the paranormal forces make use of their resource. Until now this has been mutually beneficial to all concerned [if you are a farm animal] .. as long as you stay in your paddock the other forces will be friendly.

In the ancient past up until today there were 'intermediary humans' who help direct the flock and keep the human resource in place. Those were the ancient priests, who adapted into the modern priests .. and some of them can detect their lineage back over tens of thousands of years. As systems developed they also became politicians. Many of them interact back and forth between the two worlds, and much of the new technology created enhances those interactions.

Cynthia, the Moon Goddess - Artemis - the twin sister of Apollo .. you see it is all an advanced form of Quantum Mechanics .. Selenium (Se), the so-called Moon Goddess element, was discovered in 1817 and was named after Selene the Greek Goddess of the Moon .. The Moon Goddess' Role In Human Health ..

Our failure of perception is translated in the question: Are they friendly or not? Human beings have been interacting with these forces since they began inhabiting the Earth, and the whole interaction is out of balance. This is probably because a lot of the imbalance was created by inter-dimensional oppertunism. Mankind went along with this, because of his own oppertunism. You see the imbalance all around you.

There are 'companion-forces' on the Earth who are part of the spiritual and emotional growth of the human species. Those are the energies we need to get in touch with first - not what is coming from outside. The question is not, are so-called ETs friendly? The question is what do they want? The only way to answer that question is for you to get strong, find your own inner navigation, connect with your own inner knowing and be able to read and understand the information that exists as a defining signature when you interact with other life forms.

Many of the 'friendly' contacts do not want mankind to have magnetic-field technology, because those systems - when misused - can do a lot more harm than Hydrogen bombs and Atomic bombs .. and that is the main reason this technology is being suppressed on Earth at this time. If you would advance to a higher spiritual (emotional) state and transform your inner world? An inner rebellion against Self[interest] .. a transformation of the inner unifying principle, a journey into your own unique alchemical field. That is why we are here.