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St.Clair Talks 2016
St.Clair Ahead Talks Donald Trump 2016
St.Clair Ahead: Future News - St.Clair explains we are living in a big historic moment that is part of a long term change ruled by the Planets. Neptune in Pisces is like a king figure on a chessboard pointing us to a shared prosperity with a complete change in the rules of human interaction across the board in the next four years.

FORESIGHT 2020 St.Clair - Catalonia Meeting
Foresight 2020 - Planetary Federation
Astrology & Markets Experts Meet With St.Clair - In May 2015, a dozen of world renown experts in macro economics, gold, world affairs, former intelligence service professionals, technology entrepreneurs, and experts in financial astrology, met with St.Clair's Radiant Zones Network team in Catalonia, to discuss the present and future situations of our planet ahead.

A complex series of videos will be published on St.Clair's video Channels over coming weeks: StClairCrystals and St.Clair Light-Seeds. Including discussions with Financial Astrologer Ray Merriman and gold expert Egon von Greyerz.

New! February 2014: MEMES & THEMES: Karmic Reset 2020
Michael St.Clair - The Big Picture
St.Clair - Welcome To My World
St.Clair gives advanced & applied astrological outlook for the world ahead, way beyond 2020 into 2045, pinpointing Singapore as a safe gold storage haven, as well as future center for world gold trading... As well as explaining world affairs into 2020 - the coming years of the Great Re-Set.. Read: Human Mind Beyond "Disaster Syndrome"

October 2013: The Deep 2020 Game - Saturn Scorpio Capricorn 2014
St.Clair Foreseen 2014 - A Convesation With Michael Chaplin
Michael Chaplin & Michael St.Clair (Playlist)
Michael Chaplin - eldest son of Charlie Chaplin - talks openly to St.Clair about his new mystical novel "A Fallen God" - a historical thriller set in the 12th Century in the Cathar lands - published at Amazon Kindle.

St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown
    St.Clair Brief: Navigation is the key! Powerful Earth changing events play out before us .. as world economic melt-down leads the way to a 'future' physical gold (resource) economy. St.Clair outlines, in this easy to understand briefing, the options we have through 2011 (ahead of the 2012 star alignment) until 2020 to create and essentially manifest - "radiant zones".

    The St.Clair Brief summarizes the most pressing issues facing us today, giving a unique perspective on future trends and adds that the state of the human mind is the most important aspect and the key to success. Take this easy to access handbook with you wherever you go. St.Clair raises awareness to totally unique levels with this compact and hard-hitting summary as he urges people to: Think outside of the cave! St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown.

Light-Seeds - Books .. 2013 Special Discounts!

St.Clair Brief (20%) Light-Seeds (10%) Hardcover (25%) Crystal-Tor (10%) Zenofstars Part-I (10%) Zenofstars Part-II (10%) El Zen de las Estrellas (10%) Crystal Tor (10%) Orgone Dream Codex (10%) Time^Travel Coherence (10%)

Gold In Year of Chinese Water Snake

This is a time you must expect the unexpected. Surprises are in store on all fronts. Weather goes wild, ice balls from outer space hit icy lakes, Things happen. Uranus Pluto Jupiter and Mars are about to square off into a grand cross in Cardinal signs in late April 2014, when we enter a phase of a denouement lasting into 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn pass Pluto at the end of Capricorn and a new economic world deal starts... Gold's Ultimate Decade

St.Clair*s April 2013 Convergence Meeting

An Exclusive Meeting! Focus on .. Astrology 2013-2020, Macro Economy & Gold, Future Outlook 2020-2050, World Affairs, Inner Healing, Earth Energies, Ley Lines, Rune Language, Magical Techniques... Atlantis, the City of Secrets .. star gate portals, the Phoenicians, the Cathars, Knights Templars and their true hidden history. This Exclusive Meeting for up to 8 people will take place from April 4-8 2013 .. The 2013 Convergence

Towards The 2013 Vernal Equinox & 2020

February 10, 2013 is the Chinese new year, water snake, defined simply by Aquarius new moon and inaugurates a new way of doing things due mainly to what the inner planets of our solar system are doing. St.Clair's 2013 Outlook

St.Clair 2013 Year of the Water Snake

In astrology the years 2013-2015 of the Uranus-Pluto square alignment lend themselves well to pondering potential disruptive possibilities. Things will change out of recognition - as life on this planet will adapt. Earth changes (sea level rises and quakes) and solar flares are a certainty which force humans into an aware stance of preparedness. Human activity is something else. Saturn in Scorpio from 2012 to 2015 signals a redemption of debt, at best, or a return to things real in joint resources. Year of The Water Snake

St.Clair's Astro Foresight: 2012 - 2013

The human and earth climate entered a radical shift, or turning point, as predicted, in heralding deep and fundamental changes in early Summer 2012, with magnificent solar flares and "heat" waves across planet Earth, known also as "radiation" while the outer planets of transformation, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, began their tension producing alignments which last until March 2015. Astro-Foresight

Light-Seeds Almanac 2011/2013

Read Light-Seeds Almanac^2011/2013 updates ..
*May 20 2012 - True value of Gold ...

How Roswell Changed Our Lives ..

July 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico .. a disk crashed in the desert and the technology from that crash (back-engineered) send us into the Hi-Tech age of computers, micro-chips, nano-particles and fiber-optic cables much faster than we would have if the crash had not take place ..

The Roswell crash also changed my life in an indirect way. Or maybe it was not indirect, maybe it was meant to be .. The Roswell Crash

Sovereign Europe Versus Brussels - Who Will Win?

Reading the economic tea leaves has become a new sport since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008! In 2011 the situation got to a point where many now pay attention. The EU has in effect toppled two legally elected governments and replaced them by appointing EU / IMF technocrats to Athens and to Rome. The Art of Economy War

2013 MindView

RZ*Network: MindView St.Clair’s Radiant Zone Network offers a unique “MindView” of our world today and the changes now taking place! At the RZ Network St.Clair publishes exclusive Network only up-to-date information, advice and astrological timing reports. Predicting that local goods and services will sustain communities – this is why local networks are the economies of the future. The RZ Network also includes St.Clair's current analysis of future trends.

Time Travel: Crystal Tor

Crystal-Tor is the place where wisdom enters the world of the living. The real power of the mind lies in our inner connection to heart and soul intelligence. The mind is as intelligent as the heart. The heart’s intelligence lies in its connection (or lack of connection) to the soul. When heart and soul are in harmony the human mind has a totally different kind of intelligence to thought’s gathering of the resource of knowledge. The Remote Seeing Academy navigates back into our world from the future, through which we form our intent and shape our own future...
Native Prophecy Advancing The Light visions of the future 2009-2011 Outlook Media Room 2013 Almanac Designing A Sane World The Media Room Passage11 Visionary & Artist Out of The Void December 3 2013 James Interview Part II Crystal-Tor Roswell Sol Book*Store El Zen de las Estrellas Controller Agenda Crystal*Alchemy Cathar Charged@Chillon TTR St.Clair Brief Passage 11 Crystal*Light-Seeds Art of Timetravel Titor Chatlog Omega*StarGate WingMakers Transcript FutureTalk Coast To Coast AM Safe Haven Currency The Phenomenon HalfPast Human LIGHT-SEEDS NewMindTech What's New Seeing Stones James Interview Part 1 FORESEEN-Beyond Time Keltica Magnetic*Crystals Cathar Atlantis Oracle Master of The Crystals Cathar Power*Crystals Emerald Tablets December 2013 Jim Sinclair on Gold  

Omega Stargate
St.Clair's original design of his Omega StarGate, first used on Passage11.com in 2000. The Omega has nothing to do with 2012 or the end of the world. It is not a sign of destruction, and should not be used as such. This sign has nothing to do with the religious neurosis so common today. It is at its most basic a sub-atomic signature - related to life and the inner spark of higher awareness.

ETs - The Monkey & The Mushroom

It may not be so obvious that this NewMind Tech video has anything to do with Time Travel, but the two are related. Anyone who has listened to Terence McKenna may have already made the connection. However, the new 'disclosure' is that we humans do not need - and should not need - psychadelic mushrooms in order to use their higher mind.

Mysteries of Time Travel - Next Two Hundred Years, explains why the human energy fish wont be using the stream of time until he has overcome the illusion of time, which includes aggression, wars and conflict.

Steven Greer Camelot Interview

In a strange and bizarre way the Camelot Steven Greer argument over 'friendly' or 'unfriendly' ETs is related to the February 27 Chile Earthquake and the devastating February 28 'Full Moon' Hurricane that formed close to Madeira and flew across France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Holland and Denmark. NewMind*Tech Remote Viewing Report

St.Clair 2010 Part 1 & 2


St.Clair On Coast To Coast With George Noory

Cosmologist and astrologer Michael St. Clair discussed with George Noory, his visions of the future. Time travel, John Titor, gold as currency, Earth and climate changes and what merging hyper-dimensions will bring to mankind.

Monday 5th January 3 hour show can be heard at: Coast To Coast AM

Project Camelot - Kerry Cassidy


St.Clair alters reality with light-encoded words. "FutureTalk" with Project Camelot.

The Nibelungen Talks: Clif High & Michael St.Clair

September 1, 2009 - St.Clair & Clif High of Halfpasthuman.com answers questions on recent Bot predictions (and metaphysical probabilities) effecting the future in hidden and unseen ways! Listen to Audio Streaming @ the Media Room

NewMindTech- Playlist

Matrix III - Valdamar Valerian

How are the cultural states of mind organized? How do they fill the needs of the Orion group and the Brotherhood? Well, start with the prime factor of body identification. The society promotes the concept of "you are your body", which results in fear, especially fear of "death", which is tied in with the idea of physical pain. Combine this with religious doctrine and various cultural ideologies, and you have a very fertile ground for manipulation.

There is also promotion of identification with the personality and ego. The ego is culturally conditioned to a reactionary state which is encouraged by media and literature to focus on the elements of security, sensation and power. Under these circumstances, individuals are basically disempowered and blind. In terms of cultural activity, individuals are put in a position where they spend most of their time dealing with "self preservation", "self-gratification", and "self-definition". Orion Technology & Other Secrets

The Ages of Uras

Gerry Zeitlin continues the online compilation of Anton Parks publications, The Ages of Uras: The deep history of Planet Earth and its Peoples as known to the Civilizations of our Galaxy.

New Radio Talk Show Interview

Listen to St.Clair on - Journeys With Rebecca

St.Clair's Media Room
Listen To St.Clair with Don Nicoloff on Tuesday 6 January, 10 PM til Midnight, PST - a two hour blockbuster! BBS Radio Astrologer, cosmologist, futurist, author, and artist Michael St. Clair returns to “Evident Footprints” for an absolutely riveting 2-hour interview. EF Part 1 -&- EF Part 2

Talk Radio January 2 2009

St.Clair discusses Radiant Zones, Economy, ETs and Transition of the 5th World with Madeline Gerwick on "The Dr. Pat Show"

St.Clair's Media Room

Timeline Radiant Zones

Project Camelot - James Wingmakers Interview

James of the WingMakers shares a new perspective on the 2012, money situation, Planet X, Illuminati, etc in an interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. "It will be, in part, through Nature that the human family will be awakened, and Earth is preparing for this eventuality." Read The WingMakers Interview

St.Clair Gold

Scorpio New Moon - 28 Oct. 2008
St.Clair accurately predicted on his websites [2002-2008] and later in his books that gold will be the currency of the people.

Safe Haven Currency

St.Clair's ASTRO-Outlook 2009-2011

The next two years are ruled by the long-standing Uranus-Saturn opposition. Saturn represents status-quo & authority, and Uranus questions all of it, urging for Utopia. This opens a most techno-spiritual venture.
Enjoy St.Clair's 2009-2011 Outlook

31 July 2008 - St.Clair discusses Dr. Ed Mitchell's recent statements on ET contact - as well as the difficult astrological alignments ahead, with Mandala Astrologer Chris Flisher on: Contact Talk Radio
23 July 2008 - Apollo 14 commander Dr. Ed Mitchell - St.Clair's source states: "I'm not hesitant; we have been visited. We are not alone. It's been well covered up." Listen to the disclosure by the author of "The Way of The Explorer." (9 minutes)

Frankfurt, 15 July 2008 - Deep Source Deacon - talks with St.Clair. Project Camelot shares a confidential call. This report is filled with current and relevant information - recorded in Frankfurt Airport on July 15, 2008 - the deep access source of black projects, Henry Deacon, offers pertinent advice and discusses practical as well as philosophical preparation techniques for establishing economic safe zones. Most stunning: Michael St.Clair & expert physicist Henry Deacon (who enjoyed access to Q-level classified materials) converse in depth about space craft lights and the fake alien invasion planned by the controllers.

Henry Deacon: I am thinking of the rapidly growing demands for resources and the collapse or changes of the financial systems, and the various created threats of various wars - created wars, and I just see the population growth rate increasing very rapidly as another root cause in a long list of converging things. Transcript: FutureTalk III

Media Event 2008 Solstice June 21: Kerry Cassidy & Bill Ryan of Project Camelot in a highly acclaimed two part talk with visionary futurist St.Clair who covers a wide range of BIG picture subjects: Earth & climate changes, land degradation, wars and economy, and what we can do in a world under siege to prepare for what is to be expected. St.Clair explains the trends into 2020 in easy to understand terms, giving advice and hope. Based on a top secret insider source Bill Ryan's reporting is both insightful & filled with suspense. Kerry Cassidy shares her independent views as a leading metaphysicist, discussing the questions and concerns that underscore our changing world.

Project Camelot: Meeting 2008

May 21, 2008 - Montreux Switzerland. Secret location meeting with Kerry Lynn Cassidy & Bill Ryan talking with St.Clair about the manifestation of intelligent action. "Only sane people create islands of light."

The real "X-Files" team, caught on location during a briefing session. Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan discuss with Michael St.Clair the future of mankind, ET's, WingMakers, gold, 2012, Astrology, earth changes, Tesla, Reich, Krishnamurti, free energy and more...

Order Here

Light-Seeds - Futures of Planet Earth has about it the scent of surpassing wisdom: A new ET-based spiritual revelation narrated as a soul-expanding adventure in two parts, Zen of Stars & ForeSeen, reveals the discoveries awaiting humanity. It considers our true cosmic history and destiny: it answers to the most fundamental issues. Core message: By 2020 we see merging hyper-dimensions challenging us into direct action – to end thought. Our today is a disconnect from our true past. Via the new mind, this knowing is designed for you to engineer the paths of your incarnation from your own future. St.Clair – his Master of The Light, and his vision – changes your life, as he frees mankind, one soul at a time. Once a decade perhaps, a special book of profound impact appears: Light-Seeds is hailed by a sub-culture to be "it."

FORESEEN - Beyond Time

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Star Codex From The Future Book release: The Future belongs to him who knows how to wait. In "Foreseen - Beyond Time" St.Clair picks up where Kubrick’s 2001 - A Space Odyssey left off. Disclosure reveals human governments are not in control of planet earth.