St.Clair's 2014 Outlook: Karmic Reset 2020

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MEMES & THEMES 2014 - 2021
by Michael St.Clair

copyright 2014 by Michael St.Clair

"Curiosity is not the way of understanding. Understanding comes with self-knowledge. He who suffers is not curious; and mere curiosity, with its speculative overtones, is a hindrance to selfknowledge. Speculation, like curiosity, is an indication of restlessness; and a restless mind, however gifted, destroys understanding and happiness." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Asked to explain what I see in store for the next few years, I am summing it up as the recap of recaps. Much of what follows was elaborated in deep extent at my Radiant Zones Network RZN.

Summation and conclusions

The reason I am not saying much in public except once a year in my own videos, is because actually I know that folks dont really understand me, except maybe those who really had studied my life work LIGHT-SEEDS. With those readers I like to stay in touch. But if you want you can use this summary now that comes, in FULL, and credit me please as the author, and you can share this with friends.

All other questions are personal and mostly safety related, need even legal advice, as well as deep research and resources, and I can only answer them face to face. Many issues are being addressed here in short paragraphs - as an overview.

As to the precious metals; primarily gold, physical gold that is. The center of gravity for gold will be EAST since the physical has past tense left the West. Gold goes to where wealth is being created. Singapore, HongKong, Moscow, etc. will be the places where gold is traded / exchanged physically. Even the Europeans, Germans, Swiss who work professionally in gold are moving some of their operations to HK and to Singapore.

Gold will continue to rise to unthinkable levels (multiple factors of where it is at now) in the longer term, 2020 and beyond, and there are two possible scenario types to look into. This is the high ticket issue that bothers most, because we advocated a decade ago or more that people get physical gold to protect themselves in and from uncertain times. People are however losing trust in gold.

So I feel the responsibility I took on morally. Speaking of morality briefly I advise that everyone must at their own level unlock their imagination potential and create their own micro-economy. I did for instance invent crystal resonators as Art and created web sites with resources. Getting physical gold was only one part of my equation. Getting a new micro-economy going was the other part.

As to the markets, ALL markets -- currencies, stock exchanges, interest rates, commodities, even basic food, energy, real estate, and all of it, and of course gold -- we are still inside of the world wide manipulation, which has really lasted about four decades already and became more obvious since 2008, and we are also still in an astrological phase where it is too early to tell what is actually going on or what will transpire, at least until say July 2014. After that point we ought to be able to measure reality for what it is.

Simply put: Everything we need and will need in life will become more and more expensive.

We have also to factor in and contend with Neptune in Pisces for another decade, with Pluto in Capricorn for this same additional decade, and so what is transpiring now globally, and is applicable not only to gold, is the theme of the decade, i.e. deceit and debt. Or put more mildly, delusion and denial, as well as default. Those are the grand themes.

All this has generally to do with lack of confidence, erosion of trust, etc. In the coming year now in 2014, I do see gold going to around 1900-2100 in this coming Summer, with Mars in Scorpio, and later higher with Jupiter in Leo. Notwithstanding the manipulators whom we should never underestimate, those are the smartest minds in the world and it is hard to counter them, except at a psychic level.

We have ascertained the Mars in Scorpio rule of thumb every other year, when gold rises during the Mars in Scorpio trek. Yes and that one has worked even during the manipulations. Jupiter in Leo we see only once every 12 years, and so that one is a more of a macro-economic marker. Into 2015-2016, after a sort of correction, gold will then move on as JS states and I agree, probably towards 3500. Not sure yet how much higher.

After that, in 2017, there is a potential bifurcation coming. Either we still have paper gold, or some global currency rearrangement of the deck chairs, and then gold might go to some place between 5,000 and 7,000. Possibly 9,000 even.

This is also a James Rickards scenario which makes sense. Or something else happens, much more fundamental, and probably towards 2020, where we see only physical gold, un-docked from the paper circus act. According to JS we would be able to witness then (in that scenario of physical gold emancipated from paper gold) the physical gold at some figure like 50,000 dollars per physical ounce.

What I like about JS is that he actually applies his esoteric teachings coming from Sai Baba and he is at work to make things happen, in his case in Singapore. I work with what I can apply from my Krishnamurti studies, which is to observe reality as objectively as possible.

Before we get there in 2020, we need to understand the phases ahead. First we still deal with Saturn in Scorpio -- deep sea diving into our own shadow worlds -- and global debt redemption etc. as well as with the general Uranus-Pluto square - all lasting into 2015 still. Which goes to the idea of exposing the secrets.

So what we will see until end of 2015 is more revelations of the secret government world, with all this entails, about market manipulations and of course about the Big Brother activities, such as spying, and much more. Cover ups uncovered in short.

We will witness, among other things, according to central planners intent, more controls of all kinds as is ongoing now already: Capital & currency controls, border controls, people controls, internet control, all control, at all levels.

Simultaneously in this phase leading into 2015-2017, we might see larger economic trouble at street level if the support networks of "social security" break, and then potentially some nasty revolts, possibly even general chaos, but that last point is not yet so sure. Not only because I prefer no chaos, but because I know the controller / planners also prefer not.

There is also (in brackets) always the potential possibility of a solar flare series or weather events which could perhaps debilitate (or partly destroy) the super-infrastructure. Personally I feel that thing is remote, but it is certainly outside the control of even the best controllers. If that happens, our preparations would have been very adequate.

A thing like volcanic eruptions can be good enough to blow everything out of the water, literally.

This event stream or trend line leading to chaos would necessitate a crisis however which totally slips out of the control of the central planners. Beyond that and moving towards 2017, still with Saturn in Sagittarius, we get a new sub theme.

That is of a very dogmatic phase (beliefs and fake science) where people will want to believe in whatever fanatic statements they want. Get ready not to believe what you read. During that phase we see what JS calls the great leveling which has already started really soon after the great flushing of Lehman. Meaning the abolition of the middle classes, is what he means.

Then, comes Saturn in Capricorn.

Starting at Winter Solstice 2017, into end of 2020, a long 3 years trek. It does not ever get more serious, and Saturn goes through its own sign every 29 years. So here I am sort of shadowing the astrology which I explained in long private memos to JS, so he can see the "esoteric" rationale of his correct worldly 3D outlook - and if you look at what GEAB / LEAP 2020 at - - talks about, and if you study Raymond Merriman, or Carl Boudreau, you will see these two advanced senior astrologers kind of agree with JS and me, even if each one takes on a different coloring of the same main themes.

The great leveling leading to the great reset again goes to the idea of wanting to simply destroy what we call "middle class" or normal people, who will pretty much lose all they ever worked for if they saved resources in the first place. This theme is echoed sadly also by Egon von Greyerz who speaks in words I prefer not to repeat, when he mentions social unrest and empty stomachs worldwide. This could however also come about due to climate changes.

2020 - 2048 Karmic Test

Then we move through 2018-2019 leading into the "great reset" of 2020-2021. That one is very clearly mirrored by Saturn in Capricorn, the sign it rules, and at its finale, by Saturn AND Jupiter who will have joined the show by then, both in line of Pluto. That phase is the make or break moment. By then the police state will be as total as it can get.

Astrologer Carl Boudreau does not even want to mention that one, since possibly it may have a smell so dark for his astrological taste, that he prefers to postpone an assessment during his brilliant monthly outlooks. But I am asked to make the outlook wider.

So here we go:

2020 is a sort of Karmic test for this planet, and based on what I see going on now I think it will end badly, otherwise I would NOT spend so much time preparing you a decade ahead already since I know people need time to adjust. 2020 is the "ring-pass-not" thing, all or nothing, make or break phase. There is a slight possibility that for some of us it will work okay depending on how well prepared we are internally. For the world at large, if things move down the slope we are on now, it cannot be of good augur.

Personally I have assessed this planet and the time frames ahead (as possibly the only Western mundane astrologer) well into 2100. Like a century ahead I can see this somewhat. For sure I have commented already in writing and on video a bit about 2045-47 when Uranus opposes Pluto, which will make this current astro square between these two outer planets look rather tame.

A waxing square is a growing phase, an opposition is where it is OUT in the open. Uranus opposing Pluto means the revolt, and the new deal. Since Uranus is then in Virgo it could mean system break downs, or new better systems come about. Everything gets blurred past that point, possibly also because I won't be around past that point anyway in this incarnation.

As 2020 becomes 2021 both Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius and we will address what it means closer to that time. It looks sure much more upbeat around the 21st of January 2021 - when things line up in a new and more hopeful outlook.

When Pluto moves through Aquarius (about every 250 years) we see usually the resulting force of what Pluto did in Capricorn - erosion of systems. It is when Pluto moves through Aquarius that societies start to morph or fall apart. Keep in mind Uranus and Saturn co-rule the show of Capricorn and Aquarius.

To return for a moment into 2017 to 2020, this is the phase JS calls the great reset, because primarily he is looking at how the USA will have to align itself, unwillingly probably, with what the rest of the world will be doing with its currencies. In my view all currencies will go down the tubes, some earlier than others. The race to the bottom is on anyway.

But the Euro and Yuan / Renminbi look a little better now - or largely it is the 4 R currencies (with initial R), i.e. those of the five BRICS -- China, Russia, India, Brazil, and South Africa, and only if backed in some way by gold. Things may well be planned ahead already now, albeit planned badly... and I am unfortunately not in the know, but even planners run into trouble, like we all do.

Now bear in mind that in my view the theme of 2020 and "Great Reset" is valid in other areas too. This can pertain to society, energy, medicine, technology, and more. After 2020 the world will look very differently from the way it still looks now, though we are vastly already in its energy field - see Neptune and Pluto. The more perceptive and aware ones among us can already decipher to some degree what is in store.

The solution, as I have written for ten years now, is to be as self-sufficient as possible, self-sustained, independent, outside of the system, and all the rest of it, plus healthy. Health is going to be possibly the most important high ticket item past 2020. As to world economy etc.

Over time, by 2020, I see the Atlanticists leaving their Middle Eastern and North African theaters of operations, while leaving destruction and chaos behind, as per their plans. This to say the conflicts will continue for a while, even if Saudi Arabia has witnessed itself being iced out by Obama to some degree, and also warned to an other degree by Putin who is one of the lonely forces working for balance in this world.

The Anglos will also have to relinquish their "Asian pivot" plans, because simply not enough resources. Eventually they will be forced to create some kind of isolated hub, a thing akin to what Prof. Andrei Fursov in Moscow calls "Fortress America" which could involve USA only, or also Canada.

Mexico and some parts of South America will attempt to take the spot China had so far with low production costs and not so great products. Africa is being developed by China now and will do far better. China itself will become "professional" and it attack the global markets much more efficiently than it has done so far.

Products made in China will later be seen as the best there is. For instance it will produce high quality cars. China encourages its entrepreneurs to go out there and conquer the markets, while it encourages its citizens to purchase physical gold. This will leave China as the most powerful gold house. Japan in all this will have the choice of aligning with China and BRICS or get itself into more trouble than it already is now, Fukushima notwithstanding.

Germany as the EU powerhouse will have no choice really other than to align itself with Russia as well as with China, and my level of knowing is that Germany is doing this alignment and re-alignment already, albeit mainly outside of public view. Germany knows that if it misses the BRICS train, it will be as toast as the rest of Europe is already now.

As to whether or not the EU construct as such and as it is will survive, I am unsure. Some nations of Europe will not join the Euro currency, and some might even leave it. Other nations might even leave the EU construct altogether.

Even those nations who pretend to be part of EU and / Euro zone are in fact already doing more or less what they want now. The EU construct itself is mainly a legalistic one, and the economic / currency Union, although being fortified, was (is still) largely only benefiting Germany, and was designed by the Atlanticists who took over Germany, and mainly as a land grab. Other than that, Europe is what Fursov correctly terms a "museum" with a very unclear future.

Germany is dealing Club Med very bad cards, unfairly, which in the longer run (2045 etc.) will come back to bite it. In a way one can say that at some level Germany seems not to learn its lessons, which is very sad, but still, it will align with BRICS. What this means for EU is not so certain just yet.

As to off-planet life and "contact" my stance has been easy to understand. We ARE the resultant effect here on Earth of a long ongoing outer space conflict, as was beautifully explained by Doris Lessing in her "Argos in Canopus" work, which involves the books Shikasta and Sirian Experiments. To quote Gerry Zeitlin of openseti dot org, "we are the signal" - and there is no point in looking much further.

We are it.

Yes there are other forces who have taken and still are taking influence on this planet. Some of these forces work to simply control mankind, nations and technologies, while others work to educate some of mankind, at the levels they can interact. Some interact with governments, and others interact with ordinary humans to advance new solutions.

We live in an age of disinformation or put more mildly "misdirection" with all this entails. The war is on the human mind. So you have to choose extremely cautiously now where you put your focus, what sources you use, what kind of circus acts you follow, on the internet and otherwise, and generally you need to decide how you expend your energy, and how you use your time nowadays.

Gandalf always said it right: It is about what you do with the time allotted to you.

You UNLOCK your own imagination - and then you put energy & effort into what you will imagine you CAN DO.

A process, to be sure. Thats it in a very short line.

The priority should be, to sum up, to become self-sufficient economically, like in do your own thing, and also not to be in need of this constant gathering of streams of outside knowing, knowledge, information, warnings, and advice. Etc. All this is only words, just like this summation consists only of words. But then I was asked to sum up my own words in a meaningful and timely statement.

To be self sufficient and autonomous, independent and all the rest of it, and outside of the system, off the grid and so on, in a Radiant Zone of your own making, is a very serious business. It is not for the fainthearted. You will find out that you are on your own, without the security blanket of a social security type support network, except for the friends you can trust who are on the same frequency as you are.

This to say there will be hard and smart work ahead of the advanced kind, should you choose this road.

At some point, like soon, we have to see clear on our own and thus know what has to be done at our own level -- without checking in on what others have to say. We all have to work to this goal. All we have to achieve is be safe and sound, and healthy. I cannot stress the issue of healthy living and proper eating enough.

Again I am not concerned about the snoopers, I really could not care less about these fear based folks --- actually I hope they learn something if they snoop around here. I am really concerned however about how we will make it in one piece - while surrounded by a mindless mass which is using the snooper toys handed to them. I was among the first many years ago warning client about using certain hard and software, not wanting to mention any names.

If I were a chief snooper, and I can imagine how this would feel like, I would be extremely concerned about things happening around me, more so than what they concern themselves with. I would be very concerned about chasing my own tail and about leaks in my own shop.

Time has come to concern ourselves with our own immediate present and future, and not to waste our energy in following the circus acts of the so-called information networks. Mainstream or alternative matters not. It is all the same.

Curiosity killed the cat, as they say. Curiosity is not the way of understanding, as Krishnamurti said.

Repeat: The time for gathering so-called data and information, knowledge, or gossip, or warnings, call it advice if you will, and so on, all of this activity is long a thing of the past.

Why are you on this page anyway? Reflect on this before you re-post the above statement - consider this a free consultation - of perennial value.

Ask me anything anytime, and be sure to read my book Light-Seeds first. It is all in there!
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Stay tuned ...
Be well! Greetings!
- Michael St.Clair