Project Camelot - James - Wingmakers

A written Interview With James - Part II

Introduction by Kerry Cassidy

• Additional questions sent to James by Kerry Cassidy


First of all I want to thank you for the wonderful answers you have provided to the complex set of questions we provided.

I hope you don't mind if I ask you a few clarifying questions that go directly to an issue that is currently at the 'door' of our Project Camelot and will affect the way we move forward into the future.

I understand that free of the HMS we are Sovereign Integrals, gods of our local multi-verse and First Source. And that the GSSC is what anchors us to the HMS...

Whereas, the GSSC does not lead to true recognition of this truth, you also have stated in the WingMakers material that the WingMakers are representatives of the Central Race and the Central Race were/are what is also referred to as the Elohim or creators of our galaxy and all life (the genetic caretakers of the of the Universe), is how you put it in a segment of the WingMakers material.

With this in mind, Anu, and the Anunnaki must therefore be part of the WingMakers. Yet, as you say, Anu was able to 'seduce' the interdimensional Atlanteans to take human bodies and therefore become imprisoned by HMS and into a recurring cycle from which there is no escape save, by recognizing one's true nature i.e. as a sovereign integral and therefore First Source.

Given this dilemma, one might ask:

Question 19 Project Camelot: Who was Anu, and what was his purpose, and why?

Answer 19 James: Anu ascended to kinghood of the Anunnaki as a result of his superior resourcefulness and manipulative mind, which launched him into “Savior” standing of his race, which he came to see as his natural birthright throughout the dimensions of his creation. By nearly all human definition, Anu is God.

Anu’s purpose is multi-faceted and problematic to pin down because it really depends on which timespace coordinates you make your assessments from. In one coordinate, you can say that his relative genius provided him a measure of Godhood, and yet, in a different coordinate, you could say he was Satan, and the truth is, he is both, again, by human definition.

Among the interdimensional planes of existence, where entities or beings exist as individual expressions of First Source, there are races of beings that exist in different vibrational densities. There are numerous different races and just as in Nature, there is a natural selection process that determines which species will attain a dominant position among the various races. The Anunnaki are the race of beings that rose to prominence within the interdimensional planes and it was their king, Anu, who foresaw the process that would catapult himself into Godhood. This story is told a hundred different ways in various mythologies, but Anu is worshipped as God upon this planet by those who are sincere, and yet unaware of the origin of the God concept.

Anu’s purpose, as it pertains to humanity, was to create a physically manifested race of beings that he could control. It was his creation impulse that led him to pursue Godhood and to be worshipped by his creation, but he knew that this could only transpire if he were able to enslave the true nature of humanity within a human instrument that was fitted with the Human Mind System and its various sub-systems.

The impulse to be a Creator-God was a facet of Anu’s supremely gifted mind, which was an outgrowth of his genetic encoding, as he was able to conceive of this out of the requirement to save his race and civilization. It was out of the cauldron of this necessity that he began to envision creating a race of laborers upon Earth. It was only tens of thousands of years after the Anunnaki’s initial experiments in human genetics, when the human race was well underway, that the human expression began to become one of the key obsessions of other interdimensional races.

This obsession created the various mythologies of extraterrestrials that lived on other planets just like humans and used spacecraft to visit Earth – some benevolent, some not so kindly. However, as I mentioned earlier, the human race is truly the only life form of its kind in the entire universe, in terms of its level of density and manifested physicality, and this is due to Anu’s experimentation in designing human instruments that could be enslaved by the Human Mind System.

Anu was a master of observation. He understood the essence of beings, and with this understanding, he used it to manipulate. He knew that all beings, at their core essence, were encoded to serve. There is this natural infusion within the Sovereign Integral to serve the oneness of all beings, however, as Anu realized, this inborn aspiration to serve, was also a weakness that could be exploited – exploited in the sense that beings can be manipulated into suppression without them knowing it.

The mythology of gold, being the purpose in which Anu manifested this entire system of creation, is only the surface motive. It was a much broader agenda that Anu aspired to: it was being God to all beings – interdimensional and dimensional (human) – and seizing the power to control the fate of a planet, race, group, or individual that is bestowed to the one who created the system. Anu believed, or perhaps, rationalized, that he merely provided human and interdimensional beings with a fulfillment to serve God.

In response to your question, why did Anu do this? It was simply power, but not power as we might think of it in relation to a corporate CEO or president of a country, no, this was a power that was far-reaching and included entire races and planets, but even that was not the reason. The motivation was more subtle: it was to enslave the Sovereign Integral consciousness, knowing that it was more powerful, more intelligent, and more aware than even Anu. This was the true motive of Anu – to control that which was greater than he. It is a power inconceivable in our human domain, and once this power was achieved, it created a desire for more power, and therefore, more sophisticated systems of control.

It is these systems of control, “stacked” one on top of another, that ultimately slowed down the perception of time, and, in a sense, enabled Anu to operate in an entirely different time. This difference in time enabled him to move ahead of other races and control the outflow of events like a cosmic puppet-master. Other races were then disadvantaged as they were the recipients of events and not the creators thereof. They were behind the creation-flow always struggling to keep up, to figure it out, while, in a sense, Anu was a thousand miles ahead, calculating his moves that other races would encounter in a completely different time.

Question 20 Project Camelot:

If the WingMakers are the Central Race and the Central Race are the creator gods or Elohim, then is the RA Material and subsequent channelings of, for example, Wynn Free and others who say they are channeling the Elohim, deluded as part of the GSSC or are they indeed channeling the WingMakers or First Source?

Answer 20 James: Let me answer your question with an analogue. Let’s say I brought you into a room that was completely dark – not a single photon existed in this room, but I was aware that there was a dial inside the room and I knew, from experience, where it was. As I turned the dial, it emitted photons of light from a point source into the room focused with a precision I controlled. If I turned the dial up the number of photons increased to such an extent that you would begin to see objects in the room, very dimly at first, but nevertheless, you would see that the room was not a black void, but rather, consisted of objects that were present in the room, even though you didn’t yet know what the objects were.

Now, if I focused the photon emitter to a specific object, and turned up the dial high enough, you would see that it was the human soul. If I turned the dial up even further and diffused the photons in a wider pattern, you would see the God-Spirit complex infusing the human soul like a circulatory system. If I continued to turn the dial up, releasing more photons into the room, you would see that there were objects, far in the distant background, behind the God-Spirit-Soul Complex, and yet these objects were even more dimly illuminated and mysterious in their expressions.

The objects that stand behind, so dimly lit as to remain unknown, are the Sovereign Integral and its collective expression: First Source. The God-Spirit-Soul Complex (GSSC) exists in this room, and is the first object to be illuminated by the light. In the faint light of a few thousand photons, the GSSC becomes subject to interpretation by thousands, if not millions, of spiritual explorers. No one sees it clearly enough to define it definitively, and therefore the interpretations persist from one era to the next.

If I turned the photon emitter to the objects in the distance, and turned up the dial, the viewer would now perceive that the Sovereign Integral is unconnected to the God-Spirit-Soul Complex, and that the GSSC is something that actually suppresses or obscures the view of the Sovereign Integral. It is impossible to turn the light on the Sovereign Integral without also illuminating its suppression by the GSSC, but this does not mean that those who transmit the GSSC are deluded or insincere. It only means that in the deeper reality of the Sovereign Integral, the GSSC is revealed to be a form of suppression and it is not connected in any substantive way to either the Sovereign Integral or First Source.

Bridges are being built from the GSSC to the Sovereign Integral because there are individuals that are aware of the Sovereign Integral state at an unconscious level, and they are constructing bridges from the GSSC to this deeper reality unaware as to the ultimate destination of their bridge.

Now, to your specific question. Those who are channeling are not conscious of the specific source from which their information arises. Channeling is a Human Mind System insert and its original source may be unknown, undisclosed, or falsely attributed. It is not from the Sovereign Integral state nor that of First Source, as this information would not be transmittable in words or images. Whenever you see words and images, you must know that they arise from within the HMS, and, yes, that includes these words.

Those who try to build bridges from the HMS to the Sovereign Integral state have no choice but to use words, sounds, techniques, technologies, and images to inspire human beings to embrace this new era of transparency and expansion. Because these “bridges” express with the tools of the HMS, even when they try to reveal the “deeper objects in the room,” they are only able to reveal the general shape and outline. This is all part of the transition process, but as I have always said, be prepared to jettison your beliefs – see them as disposable – for they are not appendages of the Sovereign Integral, because beliefs are from the mind and only of the mind.

Question 21 Project Camelot:

Although you say that there is no ascension in the traditionally understood sense of the term, however, you do say we are moving into an era of transparency and expansion where the forces of the Collective System are failing... and where Sovereign Integral consciousness is more accessible.

What is causing this change in the era... where we have, as you say, reached the top of the pyramid of manifested life? In a sense, if the HMS is a labyrinth or matrix of deception that extends throughout the known Universe or multiverse..., which might also be called a Game, then in essence self-realization of our true nature as a Sovereign Integral or First Source, is stepping outside the game/matrix results in game over or oneness?

Answer 21 James: Ascension is not an individual process because the individual is not separate from its core essence, nor does it require an intermediary to reacquaint it with this essence, what I’ve been referring to throughout this interview as the Sovereign Integral. What the individual truly requires is to become disentangled from the artifice of the Human Mind System, and all this requires is the evolving awareness that is born and sustained during the Quantum Pause, or its equivalent.

The cause behind the era of transparency and expansion is multi-faceted, but let me speak to its purpose before I suggest its cause, as they are always related. The purpose of this new era is the transfer of knowledge, relative to the Sovereign Integral, so that humanity can begin living – through authentic self-expression – the behaviors of the Sovereign Integral here on Earth. In other words, the deceptions that have persisted in this world, the systems of cover-up, will be gradually dissolved, and as this macro-process unfolds in parallel with the individual knowledge transfer, First Source may inhabit the dimensional worlds for the First Time.

This has been referred to in various spiritual texts as “Heaven on Earth”. In Lyricus we refer to this as the Grand Portal, but while the precise meaning may be different, the general event is the same.

Now, as to its cause, the era of transparency and expansion is an outgrowth of the Sovereign Integral’s natural presence; benevolent interdimensional Beings; the transformation of Earth/Nature in terms of timespace; and the portal into the interdimensional realms which has been opening up in the past ten years. Let me take these one at a time.

The Sovereign Integral exists here and now, an infinite Being hidden in what some would call the finite human body-mind system or human instrument. Within this presence, the Quantum Presence, there is a quantum-level connection between all life expressions, and it is through this connection that transformation – of the whole – is possible. As more individual expressions align to First Source, and dedicate their self-expression as an outflow from the Sovereign Integral, this new awareness and capability transfers to all life. In other words, the Quantum Presence transmits, and as it transmits, it transforms the whole. To be sure, this is a process and takes eons of time, but it is now reaching a critical mass within Earth, Nature and humanity.

Analogous to this is the use of the Genetic Manipulation System (GMS) by other interdimensional entities who, unlike Anu, have a benevolent purpose. Remember, I stated earlier in the interview that the GMS is an open system, and it was for this reason that other interdimensional beings were so interested in humanity. Those beings referred to as the Greys are, but one example. Within the known multiverse, the human instrument is unique, and it is for this reason that other races have such an obsession with its qualities and capabilities.

These interdimensional races use spaceships as the means through which they cross vibrational domains. In other words, it is not space they are traversing, as we think of space; rather, it is negotiating vibrational densities for which they use their spaceships. If they stay for extended periods in our vibrational domain, they will manifest and become visible to our senses, and if they are manifested for extended periods of time, they will be unable to return to their dimension. This is due to our gravitational fields and the subtle differences between the two domains of existence.

Some of these interdimensional beings, those who have become materialized, have moved into underground bases, or, in some instances, have transformed their physical bodies to allow them to integrate reasonably well into human society.

Curiosity in the human condition is the principle reason that UFOs and extraterrestrial influence and interaction exist. Humanity has been examined and investigated like no other specie, and while Anu was very clear that other races could investigate, they were not to influence. However, there were certain beings that were not beholden to Anu, and operated independently of the Anunnaki and their allies, and here I am referring directly to the WingMakers.

The GMS is connected to the unconscious region of the Human Mind System. Thus, if a modification vis-à-vis the GMS is made in a fractional percentage of humans, it is transferred to the human family through the unconscious or Genetic Mind. The story of how the WingMakers utilized the GMS to open portals between the human domain and the interdimensional domains would require more time to explain than I have in the context of this interview, but let me just say that the WingMakers attuned some of the implants within the GMS to enable certain individuals of the human family to re-conceptualize, and in some instances, experience, the human soul liberated of the GSSC imprints.

Earth/Nature is undergoing its own transformation, stimulated by its resonance with new spatial energies and its own awakening as a result of the human condition. Earth/Nature is well aware of the human influence upon its domains, and this influence has stimulated its defenses or strategies of continued existence. It is perhaps hard to comprehend that Earth/Nature is aware of the Human Mind System when we ourselves remain largely ignorant of our condition, but it is true. Earth/Nature realizes that humanity must awaken to its true essence, or Earth/Nature will be destined to live enslaved to those who are themselves enslaved.

Relative to the portals that were opened between the human dimension and that of the interdimensional realms, this occurred, for the first time, in 1998. These portals were revelatory examples of how Anu had deceived virtually all beings through the creation of intermediary domains that were designed programs, within programs, within programs, for the purpose of positioning Anu as God of all.

There are all of these accounts in the historical record of individuals traveling into the Heavens and meeting with the angels and masters. These accounts are so numerous as to make it seem as if it were almost common. It is not. Before the portals were opened in 1998, those who were traveling into the Heavens were interacting with realms of the mind and/or astral domains. The era of transparency and expansion began in 1998 and it will continue indefinitely into the vast future that awaits humanity and its interdimensional allies.

Question 22 Project Camelot:

In a sense, is not this concept nothing more than enlightenment as it is more traditionally called Direct realization of our godhead or divinity is a concept well known within Eastern philosophy... as is recognition that we are, always have been and always will be… God or First Source.

Answer 22 James: Anu encoded within the human being a desire to search for enlightenment, and at the same time, he created the God-Spirit-Soul Complex to partially satisfy the search. I say “partially” because for most people the search begins down one path, but then moves to another, and another, and another. Over the course of a lifetime, the average person has searched through dozens of religious, scientific, occult, and spiritual paths, and yet their search continues. This is because the program that is encoded into human beings and reinforced by the HMS, stimulates the search for God-Spirit-Soul outside of the individual, even when the teaching represented declares that the “Kingdom of Heaven is within.”

If you were the creator of humanity, and you wanted to keep secret the one thing that would answer all questions pertaining to the Self, making any search for truth obsolete, where would you hide this amazing secret? If you were wise, you would place it right in front of everyone, but also place within your creation the insatiable desire to search for truth in books, lectures, spiritual savants, saints, prophets, sages, spiritual techniques, shamans, witches, ancient texts, churches, synagogues, mosques, ashrams, websites, and a hundred other places. That is how to hide the answer to everything from everyone, and this is precisely what Anu did.

The Eastern concept of Direct-Realization or Self-Realization or God-Realization is part of the bridgework I mentioned earlier in question 20, but it is, with few exceptions, still connected into the realization of the God-Spirit-Soul Complex through the mind. There are some, who have glimpsed the Sovereign Integral state, but it is a very small percentage, and to some degree, this meager percentage is due to the monetization of the spiritual hierarchy of the Eastern paths and their propensity for separation via their teacher-student ordering.

Those who have access to the Sovereign Integral state, can repeat their accessibility at will. They have access to the interdimensional realms outside of the HMS and its tributary systems of suppression, they understand how to fuel this access to the Sovereign Integral state, and, conversely, how to starve the suppression framework. These are an exceedingly small number of human beings.

If you read Cosmic Consciousness by Richard Maurice Bucke, he provides an accounting of some of our greatest spiritual explorers throughout history, detailing how they were imbued with a mysterious, non-physical light and a clear sense of union with all life. In virtually every case, the experience of cosmic consciousness was a sudden, inexplicable and profound feeling of oneness with the universe, a feeling that lasted for many days and positively affected them the remainder of their life. Most of those who experienced this cosmic consciousness felt that they had become a “channel” of this energy through their writing, art, and life’s work.

But these events are not repeatable, the experiencer is not able to slip into the heavenly domain at will, nor do they have clear knowledge of what is real and what remains a deception. This is no fault of these forerunners of humanity, but I am merely making the point that it is a different experience, and from my perspective, it is an experience within the HMS.

First Source is not God, not as human beings understand what God is. God, as an entity, independent of you or me, does not exist – though there have been those (i.e., Anu) who believed themselves to be God and masqueraded as one. First Source is the collective of Sovereign Integrals throughout the multiverse, and that which binds them is Source Intelligence. The entire GSSC, as conceived by Anu, was modeled on this reality:

God = First Source
Spirit = Source Intelligence
Soul = Sovereign Integral

But these concepts are not the same. If one says, “I am self-realized and therefore enlightened,” are they enlightened of the GSSC? Or, are they an experiencer of the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness beyond the HMS? If it is the latter, you will not find them on book tours, giving lectures, establishing schools or ashrams, speaking in the lecture circuits, creating a spiritual path, healing for money, profiteering from their experience, or claiming they have special powers that others lack.

Anu wanted to ensure that spiritual and religious seekers would be caught up in the heavens of his creation. This is why the search outside oneself is so powerfully encoded, why we feel this separation of body and soul, and soul and God; why we cling so tenaciously to the diluted and disempowered versions of First Source, Source Intelligence, and Sovereign Integral found in the God-Spirit-Soul Complex; why our thoughts and prayers, so filled with hope, speak to a mask of First Source that is not one and equal with ourselves.

The fuel of our HMS is anger, greed, disappointment, irritability, blame, fear, resentment, and other so-called negative emotions, caused in large measure because of our lack of understanding that we are all one and equal, and that that truth is the basis of life. Those who have ventured into the clear waters of the Sovereign Integral have a responsibility to share the process of stripping away the masks and deceptions, living in the world, but not being of it, and this means that they do not participate in the deceptions of the HMS.

This process is as simple as practicing the Quantum Pause, the Six Heart Virtues and persisting until your last breath. There is no one to pay for this. There is no master or teacher. There is no school or rank of proficiency. There is no book to read or lecture to listen to. It is simple and easy. If you resonate with this approach, you can try it and see if it feels natural to you. There will be no one judging you if you decide not to pursue it to your last breath… other than yourself.

Question 23 Project Camelot:

In what way, is awareness of oneself as a Sovereign Integral any different from the self-realization attained through meditation and awakening of kundalini? And, considering the breathing technique you are referencing in your material, is this not the same as any other technique which stimulates the rise of kundalini, linking of the chakras and eventually, enlightenment?

Answer 23 James: As you may have already surmised from my previous answers, the Sovereign Integral is the re-conceptualized expression of the human soul during the era of transparency and expansion. This era will be anchored in the experience of the Grand Portal, which is the consciousness of First Source – Sovereign Integrals unified and self aware – living upon Earth. This is the era whose shoreline we have just touched, and those tools, techniques, mental models, and methods of the previous age, well, they are not relevant, just as the abacus is not relevant in the age of computers.

Yes, I’m aware that I’m being very direct here, but it is time to be direct and truthful without over care to consequences and how people may respond. Look at it this way, and I am not picking on Eastern spirituality, but you asked the question about kundalini and so I’ll respond accordingly, but what I am saying applies to all of the traditional methods and mental models regardless of their cultural roots.

Kundalini is a complex system of energy manipulation within the human instrument culminating in enlightenment of the mind. It is a system of ascension where a teacher who knows how to activate the kundalini helps the student orchestrate their chakra or energy system. Well, what is energy? In the dimensions of the Sovereign Integral there is no energy. There is no fluctuation of energy. There is no yin-yang of energy. Energy is a concept of the mind. So those who spend endless hours working with energy, where has it taken you?

Energy exists in the HMS. It is real in the physical world. It is indisputably a part of the human instrument, and yet, the Sovereign Integral is constant, aware, awake, observant, alive, infinite, and, as odd as it may seem, it is not energy. It is not of energy. It does not require energy. It is not existent because of energy. Before there was energy there was the Sovereign Integral. Before there was a Human Mind System, there was the Sovereign Integral.

You might say, “Okay, but doesn’t the practice of kundalini (or any other legitimate ascension practice) accelerate my ability to understand the Sovereign Integral?” And my answer would be a qualified, “yes,” but only to the degree you are willing to release what you have learned and establish a new First Point that doesn’t include separation or complexity. Once you have invested yourself in a proficiency rank, accrued your expertise, are proceeding to become a teacher, you are in danger of being attached to the irrelevant and obsolete, and these can become like vines that cling to you and constrict your flexibility of movement to the new era in which we now move and have Our Being.

Let me be clear, for those who believe that a master can pronounce special words to them, as in the case of Deeksha (related to kundalini), and by these very words, cause them to be magnetically drawn to enlightenment, they are deluded. If someone believes they are enlightened by reading any book, they are deluded. If someone believes they can repeat a mantra and they are enlightened, they are deluded.

I am not trying to be confrontational here, but the simple facts are that billions of people on this planet are deluded in their practice of spirituality, the occult, religion, and yes, even science. They practice what they believe will move them closer to truth, when they themselves are truth, and their practice only creates thicker walls between awareness and truth. The era of transparency and expansion is all about bringing walls down. It is not about the absorption of more knowledge and information.

Quantum Pause is not related to kundalini or the belief system that surrounds it. In homage to Gertrude Stein, one could say that a breath technique, is a breath technique, is a breath technique, but that has not been my experience. While Quantum Pause is indeed a breath technique at its core, it is also a method to leave the human instrument and experience the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness. This is because breath is the highway or portal out of the human instrument, if done with the appropriate First Point.

Remember that the astral and mind domains are within the human instrument, so we are not interested in journeying there since they remain inside the Human Mind System, and are thus illusory and misleading. Quantum Pause is a method or process of disentangling from the Human Mind System, realizing that your self-definitions and identifications with culture, family, religion, spirituality, material possessions, money, and purpose, have been programmed and are not really who you are.

This is a difficult path for many people to accept, but this is what Quantum Pause is designed to achieve. It is the breath, enabled through Nature, that is life-giving to the human instrument, and it is the human instrument that is life-giving to the Sovereign Integral within the manifested physical reality of Earth. Thus, breath is the link, and Quantum Pause enables this link to be nurtured, expanded, strengthened, and made stable.

It is also important to understand that everything I bring forward for an individual’s consideration should be treated as a framework, not a prescriptive technique that should be followed rigidly. Individuals need to take responsibility for establishing their own exploratory techniques, methods of expansion, and new behaviors of disentangling from the HMS. Quantum Pause is a framework, not a specific system. With the web (an analogue of the Genetic Mind), there are ways to share your adjustments, add-ons, alterations, and new techniques, and I would encourage people to do this.

One last comment on the application of Quantum Pause, the big “wow” experience is not the fish you are trying to catch. You are not trying to attract anything to you; you are not trying to learn new information or become more knowledgeable; you are not trying to move energy around in your body; you are not trying to leave your body; and you are not trying to commune with your higher self or God. Your purpose, in applying Quantum Pause, is to pull down the walls that separate you from that state of consciousness that you are, and will always be, and have always been.

Quantum Pause is designed to align you with the transparency and expansion of this era of which we are all a part.

Question 24 Project Camelot:

You say that the enlightenment of the past, embodied in experiences of Samadhi and such by great teachers such as Christ, Buddha and others did not actually take them into true contact with their true nature, outside the HMS, and therefore they did not escape the prison of the HMS, and they did not experience this state of direct knowing of ones true nature as a god or First Source...

Therefore, who was the member of the human family who did attain this realization?

Answer 24 James: The spiritual masters who have become the symbolic leaders of religious institutions like Christianity and Buddhism, to name two, are among the forerunners of humanity. They were the spiritual explorers and activists of their time and culture, and were, and are, deeply committed to the spiritual life, infusing humanity with their hard-earned wisdom. In their era, they came to the outer walls of the prison (the Human Mind System) by breaking through many of the previous fortifications and distractions that held their fellow man.

They had the conviction of their destiny, their blueprint, and they were exemplars of their time. Their motives were pure and they brought new perspective to the human condition that enabled a quickening in the direction of the Sovereign Integral. But the distance between human beings in the era of Jesus and Buddha, and the experience of the Sovereign Integral were insurmountable. The human instrument was not prepared for this interaction and experience. However, the direction could be established, the head trail could be set forth, and a crude map developed for later generations of spiritual explorers.

Remember, we are all facets of the human experience, and return lifetime after lifetime, renewing our indoctrination in the Human Mind System, but simultaneously, one or more of our kind, penetrates a deeper region of our collective prison, and returns to write or speak about it. Their observations and experiences become part of our Genetic Mind or unconscious, and these can have profound meaning to our specie overall because the human family – every one of us – has access to this field of consciousness.

But the steps we take, in the direction of the Sovereign Integral, are small, sometimes indistinguishable, in the context of a single lifetime. The eras in which we live determine our self-expressions, our definitions, and our beliefs. We are always in the process of the next evolution, as determined by the Genetic Mind, the Earth/Nature element, and the interdimensional beings that interact with humanity. Behind all of this, is First Source, who masterfully draws humanity to itself, one individual at a time.

With that context, I hope it is clear that Jesus or Buddha or Lao Tzu or Mohammed or Saint Germaine or any other master of their era, was on the spiritual frontier, deep in the territory of the higher Mind, which unto itself is so vast as to make the physical universe seem like a grain of sand. The entrance to the non-polarity realms was not nearly as accessible as it is in this era. There were no bridges to cross over, no portals open and operating; it was literally a wilderness without trails or paths.

And so, these spiritual explorers, as great as they were, as deep as they journeyed into the Heavenly realms, few of them touched the true essence of our highest nature – in that lifetime in which they became identified with a religion or spiritual path. The parallel for this exists in science as well. Look at Newton, the greatest scientific explorer of his era, and yet today, we know that his framework was deeply flawed. Was he deluded? No, he was operating in his era at the highest level based on the Genetic Mind. Even now, in our era, Einstein’s contributions are being called into question by 21st century physicists and cosmologists.

Just as science is constantly redefining the Universe, spiritual explorers are constantly redefining the God-Spirit-Soul Complex. The layers of knowledge are near infinite in both cases, and, at their core, have mathematical counterparts at an octave that humanity has yet to even imagine, let alone discover. Thus, any suggestion that I perceive the achievements and contributions of humanity’s spiritual or scientific explorers as lacking or deceptive is only a result of not understanding the larger context of time and the depth of the “onion” we are collectively “peeling” – in both the scientific and spiritual dimensions.

Question 25 Project Camelot:

And how is this realization different from that attained by Buddha, Jesus or other 'masters' commonly recognized within the human family? Is not saying one is a Sovereign Integral and therefore First Source identical to saying one is God and enlightened or 'at one'?

Answer 25 James: While I have answered this question from a more traditional geometry in previous responses, I will, this time, take a new angle to your question.

In the stillness, purposelessness, and emptiness of you, everything exists. And yet, isn’t this precisely what human beings fear most? In the absolute center of who you are, where the void is, do you not fear this? Perhaps it would be accurate to say that this is the origin of fear itself. An irony wouldn’t you say, that the Sovereign Integral, that which most clearly defines you, is feared by you. Why do you suppose this is? Why would you fear the void and emptiness that is you? Why would you refuse to look through the portal of your human instrument and perceive without the mind in attendance?

This is precisely why human beings are addicted to spiritual propaganda. They fear the still-point in which they exist because they have been programmed by their HMS, and accepted it as truth: what is the void – is but death and non-existence. Thus, they search for the beautiful, the harmonious, the spiritual vistas of higher worlds, the descriptions of peace and love, angelic presences, the experience of oneness and beauty, but they do not want to go through the gateway of emptiness to get there because emptiness is death and non-existence of the mind. And the mind is what they have come to believe is them.

I am not suggesting that Jesus or Buddha did not possess this insight. They most certainly did and do. In a way, each of us possess this insight through the Genetic Mind, but very few who have walked this planet in a human form have achieved this insight based upon experience and not simply abstractions of words or symbols from the Genetic Mind. Jesus manifested on Earth to teach humans of his era that death was not real. That God was not out there, but within the individual – every individual was equal in their standing; that the human race was a victim of enslavement to the Money Power Grid, and until humanity would rise up in the self-expression of its spiritual nature, it would remain a puppet of the powerful. And so it has.

From the very beginning, the insight of the Sovereign Integral is a reflection of the era in which we live. As First Beings, the Sovereigns created a mind – a vessel in which separation could occur – and from that moment, individuality was born. Over billions upon billions of years, the Sovereigns of the Mind, created the universe as we know it. They created the dimensions of the higher mind, and this mind creation gradually manifested creations of a lower mind. It was within the vibratory field of the lower mind that the Sovereigns began to lose their memory of their existence as First Beings.

They would look at the worlds of creation and wonder, “Who created this universe? Who was behind this magnificent and magical world?” And yet it never occurred to the Sovereigns that it was they who created the universe, and whose very reflection is Nature itself. And so the Sovereigns began to create a God – or the concept of a Supreme Being – as the one behind creation. God was the creator of all in Nature throughout the multiverse, and Sovereigns became diminished of power, and their sense of responsibility to Nature was also reduced.

This concept of God, separate from us, was thus born. As Sovereigns divided into races of interdimensional beings, they developed a near-infinite diversity of creations, only the tiniest fraction of which is known to humanity through symbols and fragments of stories, and most of these, if they are even remembered, are not believed anymore, as the rational mind has emptied these stories into the wastebasket of mythology. Then, Anu’s forefathers appeared, and with them, the creation of the human instrument began. Though it was crude, when compared to modern-day humans, the human instrument of this era was nonetheless brilliantly conceived.

When Anu began to create the next evolution of the human instrument, he realized how Sovereigns were forgetful of their origins and had consigned creation to a Supreme Being. The Sovereigns that had become the interdimensional beings known as the Atlanteans, were perfect choices to power the human instruments that Anu was creating, for the Atlanteans, despite their spiritual prowess, were inexperienced with deception. And this, I might add, is a theme worth noting: the spiritually focused are often the most easily manipulated because of their innate sense of trust.

The Atlanteans, through the trickery of Anu, were seduced into inhabiting the human instrument, and the Sovereigns became humans. However, not every Atlantean was captured and subjected to the process of human enslavement, there were some, who predicted the outcome of the human project that Anu was executing and they fled within a dimensional “pocket” upon Earth, deep within what is now called the Atlantic ocean.

It was these Atlanteans that became known in mythological terms as the Elohim or Shining Ones, and these are the same as we know today as the WingMakers. These beings have been watching the human family since its initial footsteps on a densifying planet called Earth, millions of years ago. They have been the benevolent resource to humanity because they are human in every sense except they do not have the HMS programs and systems or the human instrument that distract and divert the Sovereigns within the human instrument from realizing they are present.

And how are the Sovereigns present? In every breath that brings life to the human instrument. It is the breath in which the Sovereign’s presence dwells. There is a saying within Lyricus that If you’re not in your breath, you’re in your mind. It’s well understood that this is an abstract concept to the Human Mind System, but the Sovereigns live in the intersection of life and Nature, which is the breath.

The WingMakers are not the guides, angels, ascended masters, or gods that exist within the dimensions of the Human Mind System. They live within the interdimensional fields of the higher mind, and like wise elders to the human family they provide the paradigms of the Sovereign Integral and Grand Portal. They focus exclusively on these two paradigms because from these come the First Point that enables the individual to dissolve the programs that conceal the one, the equal, and the truthful from itself.

The WingMakers coined the term Sovereign Integral to encode the meaning that what exists within the pathways of one’s breath is more than a physical body composed of a circuitry of feelings and thoughts. The greatest of the spiritual explorers realized this and have understood that the human soul would be redefined in every era, and while it would appear to change, it always remains the constant awareness of both the infinite and the finite, and the real and the unreal.

One can read this interview and walk away feeling that an existential aura has been placed around them. That their concepts of God, Spirit, Soul, and everything affiliated, which they have been taught or elected to believe, has been challenged. Even those who have followed the WingMakers materials with dedication will find that I have changed the footing of those materials somewhat in this disclosure.

If you have ever ventured to an exotic destination, one that is culturally unlike your own, you’re well aware that when you are in the airplane, flying over your destination, you really have not experienced the culture yet, no matter how much you have studied it in advance. When you arrive at your hotel, you remain outside of the culture, though you can see the differences in the plants and animals, the architecture and buildings, and the people on the streets, but still, you remain outside of the culture as an observer, and not a participant.

Only when you learn the language of the people, when you meet the people in their own dwellings – homes, shops, cafes, sports arenas, schools, churches – do you really begin to understand the culture. This is analogous to the bridgework between the GSSC and the Sovereign Integral. There is nothing more exotic or out of the ordinary than the language and dwellings of the Sovereign Integral, and the deeper you travel into this land, the stranger it will seem.

If I disclosed all of what is there in 1998, or even today, ten years later, the bridge would only carry a handful of people. It would seem a rickety and dangerous bridge to cross over, and many who would be curious or tempted would be talked out of crossing because it was just too strange. And so the bridge was constructed to meet certain people where they lived and how they believed. Those who resonated with the key terms and definitions, or an element of poetry, or music, or art, they found a texture, or structure that gave them a sense of connection, a sense of curiosity, and it was enough to bring them onto the bridge.

To use my previous metaphor, they are now landing at the “airport.” They are seeing the exotic land of the Sovereign Integral from their airplane seat, looking out of a small, glass window into a vast, new world. Remember, the First Point, as you step from the plane, is your breath, your heart and the virtues of its wisdom, as this is not a destination where the language is anything more than breath and virtuous self-expression. It is this simple.

I realize there will be those who will read this interview and a hundred more questions will flutter about them, perhaps only two or three will really matter in the moment, but the desire for more information and knowledge is a powerful addiction of the HMS. I would advise that you turn your attention from the acquisition of information and knowledge, and apportion it to the application of the heart virtues to yourself and all others within your local multiverse, and then simply listen to your breath, and each time you turn your attention to your breath, lean a little closer to the Being inside you, in the centermost point of your existence. Feel this bond strengthening and have the conviction that any walls that have been placed between you, or will be placed between you, will be torn down.

If your focus is there, you will find access to everything, including the language of the Sovereign Integral and how to reawaken its culture within you, and live among its dwelling places.
It is the era of transparency and expansion.


From my heart to yours,

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James Interview Part 1