St.Clair's Astro Foresight: 2012 - 2013

We have to create the future, not just survive it.

The human and earth climate entered a radical shift, or turning point, as predicted, in heralding deep and fundamental changes in early Summer 2012, with magnificent solar flares and "heat" waves across planet Earth, known also as "radiation" while the outer planets of transformation, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, began their tension producing alignments which last until March 2015.

Radiation of the new kind is best dealt with by engineering new solutions, in alignment with the findings by Wilhelm Reich. Growing one's own food is now not only a necessity, but a challenge, as the astrological void of Summer 2012 falls always into Cancer.

This is a moment of extreme dynamism while in what appears as total stagnation or blockage of activities, so as to seek change actively, to adapt to the new times approaching -- and it means essentially that we must find new ways to live intelligently.

In world affairs it mirrors what we see, corruption running very deep in all segments of societies, in both East and West, with secretly engineered coup d'Etat attempts in Asia, so-called "revolutions" in the Arab and North African world- mirroring the map of the Ottoman Empire of the 16th Century - and a certain increasing amount of uncertainty, and even "managed" chaos.

In Japan, they are finding out now how extensive and pervasive the damage in Fukushima is in actuality. This is Pluto Capricorn, as all is being kept secret. However, it all comes out in the wash now - as 2012 becomes 2013 - and as bloggers world-wide use the Jupiter influence in Gemini and take to the world wide web.

There is no need for fear, but a need for smart preparations.

The very worst has been avoided, as the astrological aspects were at their most dangerous potential around Spring 2012. The end of 2012 will in fact be rather inspiring and peaceful, and of course the "forecasters" who wrote about the end of the world will have egg on their face. There is a Guidance at work in galactic terms, and a transformation of profound things is at work, unseen for many years, and yet, it is in play.

After spending two and a half years in Libra, teaching lessons of relating in useful alliances, Saturn moves into Scorpio in September 2012, to spend three years in the tenacious sign of transformation until Autumn of 2015, teaching lessons in how to use managed and joint resources.

Thus, it can be said that the situation which began in Summer 2012 stays essentially in effect - almost unchanged - for three years. Saturn in Scorpio is the redemption of debt, or when the "bill" for past behavior gets presented to the world.

2012 was a gate way year. 2013 moves into an action-orientated time, however mirroring 2012 to some degree. Time itself has taken on a completely new meaning. It has become a "flat line" - where the now extends to infinity.

Way showing breakthroughs in medicine, mathematics, science and time travel can be seen. New particles are discovered in physics, and mankind begins to ask itself where it came from.

Neptune as sole planet in its own sign for a decade, in Pisces, until 2026, heralds many most confusing signals for the unprepared minds. This sets the back ground for a decade of innovation, dreaming, envisioning, and complete change in perception of everything.

It also mirrors potential food scarcity, issues at sea, oil leaks, water poisoning, and things of a dangerous nature. On the other hand, the signature can bring about a radical transformation of the minds, of medicine, and for those who can apply themselves to the tasks ahead it can bring about what normal people call "miracles" and such. Cinematic events of a new nature are in the stars.

In economics, we will see very unusual secrets revealed very soon, and then for a long while, beyond any conspiracy, which is simply about the criminal minds who ran the Casino of gold and money globally so far. The hole dug by banking thugs is much deeper than anyone wants to admit, or actually knows. The surprises to come out by end of 2012 are mind bending.

Nations in the Western world and in Asia will see their budgets and life styles change drastically as their economies and markets shrink. This means we will have to become self-sufficient and rely only on our own abilities, to look for ways to live a life worth living, and to be independent of what is going on in the world.

In world affairs we enter a time when China is seen to be awakening, securing all the resources it can grab, in Australia, in Africa and South America, etc. This will put the dragon in a position of Zen power for the next hundred years. 2112. China uses Aikido of the mind - a power beyond time.

Those nations, Germany and Russia among them, who can align intelligently with the emerging mega market, will ride the wave of global transformation unharmed. Those unwilling to change their antiquated ways will be presented the bill, by 2020, when Saturn and Pluto align in late Capricorn.

Focus: August & September 2012

Jupiter in Gemini brings about an information overload, potential new information technology announcements, and at the same time it all points to new ways of thinking, new teachings and new methods of managing the dissemination of information. The tendency here is to ingest too many irrelevant "news" and become an information junkie. The way to use the one year long signature intelligently is to focus on one subject at a time, and master it from a point of view of wisdom, applied knowing.

Mars in Libra, as of July, is interested in beauty, art, alliances and association. However, Mars takes on a very dynamic if not challenging position, by opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto, and the Cancer moon. A momentary grand square cross appears, heralding the climate and foretelling the story we will see unfold in late April 2014.

Mars in Scorpio in October (in rulership) - in good alignment to Neptune - is an intense time of greater focus ability, of shared dreams, with some good news for those able to apply themselves with tenacity in their projects, with new laws in taxation, and a breakthrough potential in precious metals, and secret activities not shown yet, when gold experts sense a potential break-out of the precious metal from around $1,600 to above $1,900 - exact same spike we saw in August / September 2011.

As 2012 becomes 2013, chances are that the yellow metal symbolic of higher alchemy may break through $2,000 an ounce - with a view to 3,500 by Summer 2015. Recall that gold has a tendency to knock on the higher door three times before establishing a new support level.

Summer & Autumn of 2012 mirrors to a great degree the first part of 2012, where progress comes about only very slowly, but surely. Once the autumnal equinox is behind us, the climate turns to a more far seeing, more optimistic, and more pro-active stance. Actions started in late September will bear fruit by Spring 2013.

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*July 2012 - Harmonious Background Music - Neptune In Early Pisces

LHC have now claimed, timely for the Independence Day full moon in Capricorn, sign of time travel, that they have discovered the "God" particle. This as moon passed line of sight of Pluto. Amazing timing!

With this, a new stage is set to explore inner and outer space. World-wide, the debate goes on about "growth or austerity" and soon enough the participants of this Uranus-Pluto debate will see that Mars-Jupiter can do something better, i.e. find a third way of economy, by mimicking nature.

The astral alignments for Summer 2012 are of a rare intensity, furthering both potential conflict and possible creativity, up to us to choose which avenue we wish to travel. Mars in Libra works with elegance and is best applied in intelligent associations or alliances. Venus in Gemini - in perfect alignment to Mars during July 2012 - seeks diversity and multiple solutions.

In addition, expansive Jupiter and Venus align perfectly in line of Aldebaran, fixed star of the seers, and this bodes extremely well, as rare as such an alignment is. There are those who know some of us had traveled here from areas close to Aldebaran. A predawn look in the Eastern sky in early-mid July will show you the stellar action of the morning star. When you look at the alignment, envision something Big!

All these alignments are indeed fortuitous for July, although July is still in many ways a mirror copy of June. Uranus begins a retrograde phase in mid July, within 24 hours of Mercury beginning its backward travel, from mid July to 8.8.2012 - and so the usual caveats apply. Backing up all electronic devices is smart.

There could be serious techno glitches as well as retrospectives in the IT world. However, Mercury has a creative travel route, in Leo, and mostly in very favorable alignments to the other planetary players, particularly to Uranus in Aries - which means mental breakthroughs and surprise announcements in high tech areas are possible. This Mercury retro phase of Summer 2012 is thus a very benign one, unusually so.

The unseen world talked about in LIGHT-SEEDS is highly activated in Summer 2012. It is possible that some of us get in contact with the invisible helpers and ride the wave ahead of most. Many signs are activated during the alignments made between all the planets, most of them in fact are of a harmonious nature, despite the background music of the revolutionary square between Pluto and Uranus. Nevertheless, the "back drop" is always there, until mid 2015.

During these coming three years there will at times be some productive phases. Summer & Autumn 2012 is such a phase, at least it is a potential all new beginning, however faintly perceived by many. The astrological sea map is rough, but manageable. Some of us are able in these astro climates to show their skills, others are still in preparation, experimental or review modes.

The other background music - harmonious in nature - is Neptune in early Pisces, for many years. It stands there on its own, near Chiron, and sets the tone for the next thirteen years - sailing like the lone explorer into uncharted seas. Last time we had Neptune in Pisces was in the 19th Century.

This is all-important for all of mankind. In fact Neptune hovers now on what is the Cosmic point where the Age of Pisces will give way to the Age of Aquarius, sometime around 2050-2080, difficult to pin an exact date on an Age change. This is where the new future is being created. Be aware though that many futures exist and so it is not impossible that we will witness simultaneously developing alternate realities.

*July 30, 2012 - Saturn Scorpio 2012-2015

Two kinds of changes: Forceful versus gentle.

You cannot understand astrology in a useful manner if you do not see far into the future. By far I mean say one hundred years - to be sure - and you can look also one hundred years back, or two hundred, to understand astrology at work better. For now we take a snap shot in astrology, not a movie, but just a still picture of a few moments - 2013-2015.

As 2012 becomes 2013, Saturn in Scorpio is in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn, positive, which means restructuring of world economy and global debts. At the same time Mars in Aquarius is in mutual reception to Uranus in Aries, also positive, which can mirror breakthroughs in technologies useful to mankind. This means taken together that these planets are in each others signs, forming almost a giant configuration, and over a very important span of time, and hence a greater and more fruitful dynamic develops in world affairs.

In 2013 we enter a time suited for new bold personal action. These would be the moments of gentler change. While 2012 will have proven to have been a year of transition, inner changes, and preparations for our next steps, when not much traction could be expected due to a never-ending series of retrogrades, 2013 announces itself as a collectivist year. Neptune in Pisces continues to rule the astrological picture for many years to come. The moments of forceful change are represented by the challenging alignments made between Uranus and Pluto.

We expect new perspectives from this alignment in the realm of energy, science and economy. Neptune at all times rules all the astrological charts, and it brings about a global "spiritual" flooding of positive thinking as well as some misguided ideas about what is true or false. It shows idealism gone out of control, with a lack of more discipline in thoughts and concepts. While in some way life becomes more fluid and miraculous, in other ways we will see we live in a very irrational landscape.

There are forces in play astrologically in 2013 which point to forceful changes, whereas other astrological forces over longer periods of time into 2022 show a potential for more gentle changes. There will be turning points. For instance the European Union will face the reality of accounting to its member states, the nations comprising Europe - and a debased currency cannot be a recipe for success.

The transition of Winter of 2012-2013 to Summer 2013 reflects later also the transition of the "Winter of the 21st Century" until 2025 into the Summer of the 21st Century in 2050. Microscopic phases of astrology of a few years see themselves expanded in the bigger picture of Centuries. If you like to take a far or clearer view - then look at 2137, discussed in depth in LIGHT-SEEDS, when Neptune and Pluto come to a totally new mind technology conclusion.

Now in 2013 Neptune is in the Pisces position - the same which Pluto will reach in 2047 - when Uranus will oppose Pluto. That alignment is the single most important one yet to come towards, which this mankind builds up to very slowly. Right now and until 2015 we are only in a waxing square between Uranus and Pluto while Saturn explores Scorpio. Uranus races away from Aries in 2013 to Virgo in 2047. Pluto "only" makes it from Capricorn to Pisces in that same time frame, thus from square to opposition. By 2137 Pluto is opposing Neptune.

End of December 2012 (see chart) shows a spectacular Yod (also known as "Finger of God") Alignment, and it is well-suited for making life changing improvements into our own lives. The important position in the yod is taken by Jupiter in line of Aldebaran, now in Gemini (sidereal Taurus). This means a lot of potentially new information comes to us - and we will see how relevant it is - if at all. Aldebaran is known in ancient star gazer lore as the star of the seers. We expect from this position far sight and clear sight in world affairs.

January and February 2013 benefit from a concentrated planetary activity in Aquarius and Pisces. Thus the time before the 2013 Vernal Equinox is suited to come into a dialogue with a new technology of and for the masses. Chiron still is in close contact to Neptune for years and this points to inner healing potential world-wide. Jupiter moves into Cancer in 2013, where it will high light, if not exaggerate, all issues of security, safety, and building new earth change resistant abodes. Food scarcity issues show up already in 2012 as a precursor of things to come.

The economic situation world-wide, bank mergers, mass regulations, with a game as to who can debase their currencies faster, will proceed to create more debt for almost all nations, until a time approaches when gold becomes again the anchor of a future real-time and reality based economy in which things of true value will be appreciated again.

Fact is that if you wish to understand the fundamentals of economy, all you need to see is this: One planet, with a limited amount of space, resources, water, food, oil, energies, land, etc. in fact with shrinking land due to rising sea levels, and a rather explosive population, 6 billions, 7 billions, ten billions. Easy to see the future form.

In other words, 2013, 2014 and 2015, as the Scorpio Saturn phase, will see a fundamental change in the world economy and also in who has a say in what goes. This is clearly shown in the "end date" chart of 2012. One has to see that chart not as some Mayan hoax, but as the way shower chart to 2020, when Saturn and Jupiter catch up with Pluto in Capricorn. It will take in reality many years, possibly up to 10-20 years, 2025 at least, with Saturn conjunct Neptune in Aries, for a new economy to take effect.

Earth Changes are an ongoing theme, prognosticated, and cannot actually be read / divined via classical or traditional astrological charts, but we must assume instead that Coastal changes and other effects can take anywhere between 50 and 100 years to manifest in their consequences, over which time, into 2137 when Neptune opposes Pluto, a large part of humanity will not be able to live on this planet in a self-sustained manner. This leaves us, those who look at 2013, or at 2020, with the task to seek self-functional lives in Radiant Zones and self sufficient sanctuaries.

A moment of interest in 2013-14 is when Jupiter and Saturn, and Neptune, align benevolently to one another in triangular manner, another one of these gentle change phases to catch with optimism, while all the while, Uranus and Pluto are squaring off in their back ground music, grinding out forceful changes. We will learn to live with both kinds of changes.
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