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FORESEEN - Beyond Time

In Foreseen - Beyond Time St.Clair picks up where Kubrick's 2001 - A Space Odyssey left off. Disclosure reveals human governments are not in control of planet earth.

As suggested in FORESEEN (written and published in 2007) Putin would return to the Russian Presidency in 2012, which has now taken place. Putin, born in Libra is more a Martial Arts Shaolin peace maker type. He won his 3rd Presidential term squarely, as predicted by St.Clair.

St.Clair, the author of Light-Seeds - saw no conspiracy in this fact; but perceives a silver lining on the horizon creating stability in an otherwise unstable world. St.Clair sees the next step is an economic alliance between a self sustained China, Russia and Germany - as the Galactic Federation indicated.

Ahead of us lies a new reality.

Foreseen - Beyond Time, introduces a true extra-terrestrial message from the future. St.Clair goes beyond Kubrick's Space Odyssey. Looking back through the eyes of tomorrow, this compelling book delivers mind-altering, precision-guided prophetic visions of a mysterious world yet to be.

Once a decade an intriguing, paradigm shifting book emerges. Foreseen - Beyond Time, is a future classic. Extremely useful for generations to come, Foreseen destroys fear-based myths and 2012 YK2 deceptions, this visionary work frees mankind one soul at a time.

In the sequel to "Zen of Stars", St.Clair speaks directly to the soul. Foreseen - Beyond Time reveals the art of time travel to be a living technology, creating (in simple terms) the electro-magnetic climate changes popularly described as "global warming".

For St.Clair, the sane future leads to Open Source, hands on innovations, created and shared by people developing networked solutions, using local resources. It is the power of our imagination that will shift the global mind beyond the grey zone of commerce, and into an existence worth living.

St.Clair states:
"The human mind is the technology of the future."

In Foreseen, St.Clair reveals long lost secrets of the Atlantean Knights Templars. Their simplicity and adaptability made them the functional enemy of the alien hierarchy. Written in an entertaining and enlightening way, light-hearted at times, St.Clair makes even dark subjects a spell-binding experience.

Disclosure reveals human governments are not in control of planet earth.

Travelling into our future, our many incarnations create a timeless tapestry of life, in which the soul is the weaver, and our incarnations are the threads of the fabric in which we clothe our spirit.

St.Clair connects the mysteries of Atlantis with the extra-terrestrial origins of man, and predicts that it is our destiny to return to the stars. This life-changing book opening new perspectives on the role of extra-terrestrial intelligence is written by the world's leading political astrologer.
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