Sovereign Europe Versus Brussels - Who Will Win?

"China will not save anyone" - it's mutual benefit or no deal.

- St.Clair, November 2011

The Art of Economy War
Reading the economic tea leaves has become a new sport since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008! In 2011 the situation got to a point where many now pay attention. The EU has in effect toppled two legally elected governments and replaced them by appointing EU / IMF technocrats to Athens and to Rome.

Europe is a funny state when you think about this: They have a German Pope and an Italian Central Banker. This situation wont work out too well. Many issues are not reported because they are dealt with in secret, with no outside leaks even to the "paid for" insider columnists (who work for either the London finance faction / hedge funds, or for the EuroCrats in Brussels).

The EU has so-far successfully toppled two legally elected governments and replaced them with Goldman Sachs banker technocrats, in order to try to fix a global derivatives bombshell no one can manage. The actual figures of total debt are higher than reported by a factor of maybe ten. We are looking at about 900 Trillion Euros debt that no one can service. The EU run by Brussels will eventually will break up and new treaties will be signed.

Germany will find its own way!

The new young boss of the German Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann (means in German game preserver huntsman), has said "NO!" to all endeavors of London and Brussels to get roped into the elite crimes. He points to the Grund Gesetz, the "Ground Rules" of the German constitution. Germany would have to change its constitution to comply with the demands of the EU and give the ECB the right to buy up all bad debts of all of the current EuroZone.

Obviously Greece and Italy are soon to be finished economically - in a matter of time. As are then later Spain, Portugal, Belgium, as France teeters on the edge - choosing to go with Germany or with UK/Cub Med countries.

Deals have been made with China - that no one knows about, while Brussels may NOT have the means and resources needed to bail out anyone in the future! Not even tiny Greece, let alone Italy! While China will not bail out anyone, France may have promised some of their gold to China in return for some things it needs to survive? Germany also will eventually have side deals with China!

The outlook ahead is certainly interesting!

France could begin to play a bridge builder role if Sarkozy gets a new term. France is ideally poised as both Northern Gaul and Southern Occitanian culture. At the moment, leading into 2012, there is no actual real Europe or EU. It is already broken. Many nations work now for themselves again.

You cannot in any way realistically rule Greece, Portugal, and Spain from Brussels... The incoptetant and ugly move to even attmpt to run European Sovereign countries from EU Brussels is the one thing that is about to destroy the European Union as it exists now.

The Germans are probably now secretly trying to find an exit strategy from the EU, as they know at higher levels that Greece and Italy and others are completely finished financially, and they will need to exit the Euro. Italy will go the Greek way, more or less, when the appointed (non elected) Goldman Sachs / TriLat-Commissioner Mario Monti takes over. And then on to the next domino... Portugal, Spain, Belgium, etc. These are just facts in a very near future leading into 2014-2016.

A Nordic Euro Alliance?

Most likely, a future Nordic/Euro alliance is coming, with a Hanseatic League type school of economy, and the intelligence to use gold as its base of currency and economy. Germany said NO to backing the delusional Euro rescue fund with their gold (currently held in NY). Probably, this was a demand from China. Sarkozy made an attempt to talk to China in the midst of the "crisis". They reply, like: "Okay! We'll help if you take a loan in our currency", that was also leaked.

The other thing that was not leaked (I think) is the gold demand. And not only as a collateral for Yuan denominated credit lines, but I think the whole EU may have to sell some of its gold to China in order to get a bailout - if it gets help in some form / at some point. London is very unclear to pin down in all this; but seems to be on its way out. The Anglo sphere of influence shrank long ago after Putin cleaned the Russia House.

This is Art of War.

As Jim Sinclair said: "China will not save anyone" - so it's mutual benefit or no deal. That is something very crucial, which the EU and London do not seem to understand. Old World Imperialistic arrogance versus this Ancient World Respect of the Oriental Way.

China will win through in the end... probably with Russia and Africa as their allies, while the US of A and the brussels based EU will break up eventually, economically and later also politically, perhaps as early as 2020 or 2021 or sooner.

Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Austria, Holland etc. will do whatever Germany does - and so will most probably also the old Eastern Euro nations making the belt of countries between Germany and Russia. All this transforms to a German / Nordic led self sustained economy, independent from London and Brussels. Again this is a longer shot view into 2025-2040. It remains to be seen how the next ten to twenty years, the famous "lost generation", will develop - in more detail.

Gold will do extremely well. 2,500 dollars an ounce in 2012 is probably a certainty now, and could go as high as 4,500 possibly by 2015-2016 - this is also highly probable, with retracements and corrections on the way to those lofty heights.

Eventually you will see two kinds of worlds in economy and finance. The London UK Goldman Sachs ruled world in the West is going down, with Club Med in its wake and with France having to work it with Germany / China and Russia - who will join a Nordic Euro, and / or a new system based on gold. There is actually no other choice, once Club Med is declared insolvent.

There will not have to be a new German DM if things continue as they are now (end of 2011), although there are also more elegant new solutions on the Horizon, like simply there will be an expanded Nordic Zone. Germany also has strong SDR "special drawing rights" positions. The Scandinavian and East European nations, whether now in the EU or not, will go with German leadership and with Russian help. So clearly over the Calleman time frame (Oct / Nov 2011) we have seen a new direction emerging for 2012-2020.

It may of course in reality take ten more years for new markets to establish themselves and for the treaties inside the EU to be renegotiated or changed, where any nation is allowed to leave the EU. By 2021 we will see a completely new trading world with alliances no one thinks possible today.

It may take nine more years for everything to unravel, while gold potentially goes to 3,500-4,500 in three to six years. At some point there will be a gold based economy. Germany needs to get its gold back from New York physically, but not clear if that will work out. Experts say it cannot be done. We will see what can be done in reality.

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