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St.Clair Brief - Navigating The Unknown

Keywords: Ancient ancestors - mystery & reality - inner guidance - where ufo's & reality mix - towards a new world - adjusting your flight-path - applying creativity - learning to think in new way - practical problems need practical solutions - a new mind finds new solutions - be your own navigator - 3D chaos & other strange influences - finding your way through confusion & deception - new approach - radiant zones - basic resources - herbs & plants - natural healing - the ufo connection - a new economy - program of the MEs.

What Is St.Clair Brief...

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Light-Seeds: Futures of Planet Earth

Keywords: Extraterrestrials - time travel - ancient star people - The Master of The Light - soul is a time traveler - astrology through St.Clair's eyes - historical planetary alignments - finding ways to be true to yourself - don't be deceived - nature is mankind - reptilian agenda - interdimensional travel - a new world on the horizon - imagination is creation - time travelers from the 'future' - navigating time-lines - past & future are now - creating a future worth living - our extraterrestrial past - star ancestors - time-line conflicts - beyond 2012.

What Is Light-Seeds...

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Light-Seeds is the complete volume of Zen of Stars I, Zen of Stars II & Foreseen - Beyond Time

Zen of Stars: Advancing The Light

    Keywords: Eyes of Knowing - Naming A Star - Mirror of Seeing - Zen of Being - Designer of Star Magic - Star Knowledge Guards Itself - Closer To The Stars - Trends, Forecasts & Nostradamus - Transitions of Beings - Extraterrestrial Guidance - Celtic Cetacean Delphinus - The Special Ones - Flight of The Blue Heron - Light Sound of The Rainbows - Awakening Vortex Energy - Children of The Future - Tales of Space-Time Vectors - Gateless Gate - Transmigrating Emanations.

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Zen of Stars: Designing A Sane World

    Keywords: Activation Key: I-Magi-Nation - We Came Frome The Stars - Interdimensional Schools of Light - Strategy of Saturn - Future Earth Security - Ending The Age of Fear - Psychic Defense Shield - Gate of Destiny - Orgone Energy - Peace Technology - Horoscope Event Mandala - When Neptune Is In Piscese - Cosmic Star Navigators - The Way of The Magician - The Future Is Now - The Empty Hour Glass - Entering Enlightenment.

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FORESEEN - Beyond Time

    As suggested in FORESEEN (written and published in 2007) Putin would return to the Russian Presidency in 2012, which has now taken place. Putin, born in Libra is more a Martial Arts Shaolin peace maker type. He won his 3rd Presidential term squarely, as predicted by St.Clair.

    Keywords: Obsidian Mirror - Surfing The Impossible - Distant Compassion - Safe Place Earth - Art of Seeing - Leaving The Maze - Seers Prophets & Visionaries - NewMind Technologies - The Unseen Conflict - First Soul Contact - Invisible Worlds - Codex From The Future - The 13th Consciousness - Guidance Revealed - The Way Home.

    What Is FORESEEN - Beyond Time...

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    Orgone Dream Codex

    Orgone Dream Codex Our ancestors saw physical existence as shadows cast by the world of spirit, creating the universe. For the ancestors, spirit was enduring while the material world was transient.

    We perceive Spirit World as a dream experience and the material world as reality, when the opposite is true. We are born from the world of spirit to inhabit physical reality.

    The material world is a persistent dream that follows a growth and decay process, while the Spirit World is the ground of reality.

    The human mind is 3D application of 'dream technology'. In other future(s) humans use the mind to heal the Earth. Conscious, applied dream-time interactions are not only a sign of highly advanced technological civilizations. "Orgone Mind technologies" can be created anywhere, in anytime-zone. What signals to the spirit world that we are different is how we use our mind.