Spirit Walking

We are spirit-walking-on-earth. Inside us, hidden, are the ancient unspoken stories. These stories are unspoken so that the people of earth can find them for themselves, and can understand the mind of the creator through their own discovery. The answers lie within. Shamanism is not an ancient world story that tells people how to think. Shamanism is an original story, a sacred passage to the unified-self. All people can interact with and see the reflection of their own personality in the mirror of Shamanism. There is no ultimate answer, as life has no end - no conclusion. There is only the eternal Tao, through which life is the journey and the individual is a transitory illusion of time and space. Therefore, spirit walking is a window into the suppressed teaching of the native people, those who were closer to the earth, keepers of a wisdom lost to modern man - and soon to be rediscovered. To reunite physical consciousness with the body of dreams.

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