Light-Seeds Almanac 2011/2013

The hub of the 2011-2013 Light-Seeds Almanac, outlining a vision into the future. Ahead of us lie a number of probable futures, spread out like the fingers of a hand. Only one of those futures will become our physical reality; but that does not mean to say that the other futures do not exist in parallel realities - it simply means we do not take those other routes.

Alternative realities span out across a quantum landscape like paths, trails, roads and motorways .. the directions many people take on multiple journeys across the illusions of separation of time and space .. with some of us going in the same direction on different parallel realities.

It is often the case that psychics and seers view alternate reality pathways very similar to our own and mistake these visions as 'our future', when they are not. One of the first things the Guidance taught us was the ability to sense the difference between those worlds and ours.

There is a difference - it is a vibrational difference.

In some ways our future unfolds around us in a natural organic way. The least understood aspect of the future is the undercurrent or hidden inner psyche of a planetary culture. The organic human species are one planetary culture regardless of race, gender or social status.

Light-Seeds Almanac 2011

*November 1 2011 - Strange Illumination of the Ancestors

Although Light-Seeds introduces what is known in the future as "the guidance" .. this mysterious force is not acting in any form greater than the magnetic energy of humans within the mysterious relationship between man and the unknown.

All creatures have an instinctive "guidance" they use to inhabit the Earth. Animals, birds and plants have a highly developed sense of magnetic co-existence that extends beyond the physical. Humans inherited the ability to observe nature and understand this undivided phenomenon: The spirit that runs through all things.

This force of intelligence extends into crystals, rocks, soil, bacteria, fungi and elemental particals. Everything is communicating with everything - even the stars and the planets.

However, humans developed a selective focus on what they want to hear and on what they don't want to hear. Out of that core focus came a desire to maintain a root ego that would continue after death. The root ego (created by thought) does not continue after death in a spirit sense. It is disgarded like the Autumn leaves from a tree [from the tree of life].

Often the disgarded "ghosts" of the ego persist in fragmented form. The fragmentary ghosts of the ego later inhabit the netherworld frequency between matter and spirit. These astral fragments charge themselves up on the energy frequencies most in tune to their "habits". Behind ego fragments are static electrical charges that translate into: attachments, fear, sorrow, guilt, regret, anger, desire, self-pity...

The astral fragments of the ego often float around those areas where they can pick up static charge from humans feeding out those energies through mental and emotional activity. The bigger the emotion, the greater the fear, the more exited the astral fragments become.

Strange Illumination of the Ancestors

The "guidance" is not thought - it is not external - it is a mirror. On the base level of interaction, whatever we put in appears staring back at us in the mirror. There is our guidance.

In ancient Egypt, in Atlantis, with the Celts and the Gauls, in Tibet and all over the ancient world there was a "teaching" to understand the "guidance". Initiation was the act of facing oneself, of guiding oneself, of passing through the mirror.

The strange illumination of the ancestors was understanding the limitation of self reflected in the mirror and going beyond .. called the death of ego or the little death.

Awareness is the ending of thought.

To the ancients, the guidance was not an extraordinary phenomenon outside of one's daily life. The guidance was not outside of nature. It was not a force greater than one's moment by moment interactions with "what is". Zen was taught as: Beyond knowing... it cannot be known!

Man separated himself saying: I am greater than the animals, I am greater than all of life = I can do what I want. At which point humans fell from a great height to a very small level, where they were left for thousands of years until now.

Children are being born into an increasingly fragmented and divided world. The face in the mirror (the ego) is the fragmentation. The strange illumination of the ancestors is the ending of that inner division. A shift in energy from thought to the heart.

*October 1 2011 - The Dark Caverns of Thought

Many people do not altogether understand the connection between economic troubles, social and national troubles, UFO's and the state of the human mind (human consciousness).

We may physically live on the surface of a planet; but we come from the stars... The modern hu(man) did not have "sex" with Neandathal's and other earlier humanoids. The genetic codes relating to earlier humanoids inside modern human DNA are the result of ET "manufacture". Those who came from the stars genetically assembled modern humans from a mixture of their own DNA and Earth humanoid DNA (among other things).

Modern humans did not originate here - we were "brought here": created from a mixture of genetic compositions to form the human being who walks on Earth today. One of the major problems no one took time to foresee, was the breakdown of those genetic codes over time. Therefore, we see family genetic structures returning (in some cases) to a form closer to the more primitive humanoid/animal genetics.

In his Talks, Jiddu Krishnamurti warned scientists they cannot correct the human problem from the outside - using genetics, breeding programs and manipulating DNA. The issues facing mankind are related to where humans place their inner guidance and cannot be imposed through outer influence.

The implications are: You can give the spirit a "new-house" to live in - but the redesigned house will soon deteriorate to resemble the old, because the occupant is the same as before. Outwardly changing the structure of the house and giving it a few more rooms will not change the inner state or the inner focus of the occupying spirit.

In some way this is where the UFO phenomenon comes into the bigger picture. No one really knows what the UFO phenomenon really is. So-called "contact" is the smallest part of this phenomenon. Lights in the skies have been documented by the most ancient people. Evidence of contact with the unknown appears on cavern walls and inscribed on stones all around the planet.

The human problem is man's obsession with "thought" - the king of the petty little ego, serving itself in its own image. The dark caverns of thought are divided from nature, from the planet, dividing human beings, isolating man from the animals, birds and trees. Thought, whose greatest fear is the unknown.

The living spirit activates the life force of the physical human body, only to abdicate to the mechanisms of linear thought and in return of service the person gets an "ego" personality as a reward. The strange thing is that the incarnating spirit has to worship thought and follow thought's ragged path - even when it leads to self-destruction.

These are the dark caverns in which every human being lives, unless they overcome fear and step out into the light of their own awareness beyond thought, their own silent inner-guidance. Awareness does not chatter, it does not have an ego, it is not immersed in fear and it does not have a "master".

Awareness does not divide economy from society, nor human from the mystery, lights-in-the-skies, UFOs, ancient forces, man's origins, nature, living responsibly on the Earth, exploring the unknown. In the Tao each thing you experience is part of the web-of-life, in which the observer listens to themselves and does not focus outside to each event. Everything is connected inside when thought ceases.

*September 13 2011 - Beyond Knowledge Lies Truth

"...but they reduced that immensity to this shoddy little affair." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

In Japan there were/are original Chi/Qi energy Masters and Teachings. In the West many of those Qi energy teachings were altered and distorted for various reasons. It is the same with the lights in the sky and human connections to the Star People and to the Ancestors. The original truth is often distorted.

As a result one sees a circus of entertainment surrounding the rather dangerous truth of what this is - in reality. Actual contact is dangerous because it changes ones life completely - for good or for bad. If the individual is not up to it then contact can send them into a downward spiral of failure and fear.

That does not mean to say that the ability to deal with the unknown is not dangerous, because what we do with that contact and with that truth also has the potential to send an individual into a downward spiral of self-deception.

Truth Is Dangerous

As Jiddu Krishnamurti once joked, thought wants to organise truth [in its own image]. We see this whole circus of something that is very serious being presented as something pathetic - a human entertainment. That approach can also be dangerous for the people caught in the illusion.

The most concise summary of this dilemma was made by Socrates: The Cave Dwellers. Just as there are the true Martial Arts and the Martial Art circus, there is the true UFO phenomenon / contact and there is the UFO circus.

The Galactic Federation and the Atlanteans exist - they are not a circus entertainment for the masses. A lot of what is written here on Light-Seeds gets taken and used by people who do not know what they are talking about. Thought is always looking for new ideas with which it can decorate its cave.

This is why the basic foundation of Light-Seeds is that an individual can only see the truth direct for themselves, and not as something handed to them by an intermediary or ascended master. The true Masters do not hand you anything - they make life very hard for you - their path is arduous; but ultimately it is your journey alone.

The cave is thought and the light or truth is awareness [seeing beyond thought].

You can only see the truth direct, never second-hand. Thought cannot interpret the truth. The truth cannot be measured. One sees truth with the heart and not with the eyes. The heart conveys truth to the mind and not the other way round.

Since before the beginning of man on Earth the forces of contact already existed on and around the planet. They are very ancient and have been interacting with mankind since the beginning. What has changed is our 'perception'.

The origin has not changed - it is beyond time.

Light-Seeds Almanac:2013

*September 6 2011 - Contact Begins Within Oneself

"To search for the old is to understand the new. The old, the new, this is a matter of time. In all things man must have a clear mind. The Way: Who will pass it on straight and well?" - Gichin Funakoshi

The WAY we go into the future is much more important than arriving in the future. The WAY we approach man's relationship with the unknown, with man's hidden past and the extraterrestrial experience is the key. The way we do things is more important than what we do.

For two thousand years humans have been programmed not to care how they walk on the Earth and not to care how they behave. The way humans build the future is no longer important. People on Earth have been programmed by the metalic-man to bulldoze their way through everything. Yet, will come a day soon when the metal bulldozers no longer drives and mankind has to rediscover how to use their feet.

Light-Seeds was an attempt to convey a way of looking at issues that is a higher grade energy from the point of view of the person searching for or experiencing the unknown. The mystery of the unknown is with us all the time; but most people are not aware of it. Most people do not know half of what is taking place around them at any given moment in time.

Light-Seeds was showing that you cannot approach the unknown with a chaotic mind. The way you approach the unknown is more important that what you are approaching, because the way you approach something creates the future. Such a simple truth has been forgotten by people.

Light-Seeds was trying to show that our state of mind creates the way we approach the unknown... and the unknown mirrors back phenomenon reflecting our state of mind. In the same way, the future also reflects back to us our state of mind and that is also part of the unknown.

Our state of mind forms the way we walk on the Earth into the future - creating the future as we walk. You see this in the economy, in architecture, in food production, in politics etc. A much greater force surrounds all human actions, interacts with us and affects human lives in unseen ways.

If we make an important move in the wrong way, it would be better not to make that move. If the move comes to us out of the Infinite Unknown (which it often does), then it would be a good idea to know that the way we meet the unknown is the most important factor.

Movement is time - or put another way time is thoughts measurement of movement. You have the movement of the Galaxy, the movement of the Sun and Planets, the movement of day to night and of night to day. Thought is movement.

There is also another way reflected in the teachings of Lao Tzu:

Without the tao,
Kindness and compassion are replaced by law and justice;
Faith and trust are supplanted by ritual and ceremony.

*August 20 2011 - To See Through Their Eyes

The sort of "never to be discussed..." part of extraterrestrial contact and disclosure is that:
1. Most of it is not extraterrestrial - but is interdimensional.
2. Are humans up to it?

There are many levels to so-called Contact .. and all of them are 'dangerous'.

This is not like normal every-day human contact. Even the more normal looking humanoids, those called the Nordics, Andromedans or the Pleiadians are dangerous. These are life-altering events that completely challenge the every-day status quo of the fallen frequency of the human mind.

If human beings shifted to a higher state of awareness, then contact would not be as 'dangerous'. The problem is the frequency humans inhabit is so weak and restricted that it can be a shock to come face to face with a higher or more powerful energy frequency. The real issue of 'Contact' is a challenge to the inner focus .. it becomes a question of where we position our ATTENTION.

When that door opens people can often perceive the frequency zones just outside of the frequency of material 3D reality. There one sees ghosts, entities, strange beings, astral parasites and spirits. So, contact becomes a training ground for inner stability, integrity, balanced state of mind and inner strength. The human being is challenged to become a Tibetan Master or a Zen Master.

There is no medium or middle ground between their world and our current level of existence. Either one shifts to a higher level or one is haunted by the ghostly floating mirage [the netherworlds] that seperate the lower vibration from the higher vibration. This is where a lot of mis-information arises. Those who cannot shift to a higher energy level report back the ghostly mirage on the borders of our 3D world.

For those who have the energy to shift beyond the netherworlds to perfectly view the energies of a higher dimension .. life does not get any easier. Those people become a bridge between the worlds. They are people who walk in both worlds with the same step. This is why the rainbow that crosses the sky represents their nature and their purpose on Earth.

- August 18 2011 -
The Atlanteans showed us behind all their teachings. We saw the world through their eyes - and it looks totally different. We really had to hold ourselves together to see what they see .. because there is the beauty and there are all these impoverished human beings walking around (rich included) with all their sorrows. It is really hard to hold back the tears = you have to shift not to get overwhelmed.

One ends up in a state between illumination and sorrow and this is why they have a hard time finding humans to communicate with !!

They said: Gold is the key. It represents 'enlightenment' and the higher aspirations of the species. It also represents balance - compassion and higher awareness = art and creativity. THAT is the inner emotional and psychological standard humans will have to come to in order to re-build their world and re-create their future.

*August 17 2011 - Return of Atlantis

St.Clair has a totally unique view to the mind-altering Cosmic Astro Psychology influencing the affairs of man - through the interplanetary operating system interacting with life on Earth. As will be gradually revealed - most of human knowledge comes from Atlantis and that humans do not totally understand what Atlantis actually is / was...

Talking to the Atlanteans, they revealed that the struggle for "Disclosure" has another aspect to it that is as old as the history of mankind. This is the problem of "secrecy" and why one small fragment of mankind uses this seedy approach and also why it is a bad idea to go down that road no matter what advanteges it seems to offer the wayward wanderer.

The best is to take a non-judgemental approach to this dark side of human behaviour. However, it does not do any harm to be aware that this kind of self-appointed secrecy is causing problems on the Earth for everyone. This also takes us back to Astro Psychology of the human species...

The reason secrecy and denial are a bad option for mankind is partly related to the origins of this behaviour. The origins lead back to the fall of Atlantis and to the subsequent 'wars of Atlantis'. This dark cabal working with off-world races were able to destroy the work of many extraterrestrial races colonizing the Earth at that time.

When the underground dark manipulations did not work .. it was all out war .. such is the nature of greed. If they could not get what they wanted out of secrecy, influence and manipulation these weaken minds go to war. The real problem is the psychological instability created by a mind that requires "secrecy" to carry out its objectives. This is really what the story is and this is really what the problem is .. that of an unstable-mind.

*August 13 2011 - Deeper Truth Behind UFO Contact

It is not always a good idea to take people out into the middle of a field and put them in the firing line of UFO or strange phenomenon contact. This is akin to putting an untrained person in the middle of an advanced ancient Egyptian Initiation. Simply because - the phenomenon interacts with the human psyche in powerful ways. This is not an area for the weak-hearted.

The first - and most important thing - is that the so-called UFO phenomenon (and seeing lights in the sky) seems to be part of a much larger background mystery currently beyond human comprehension. A person may see some strange lights in the night sky; but do not totally understand that in seeing those lights the mind comes in contact with a powerful universal phenomenon.

Those calling for 'disclosure' focus on the official denial of the UFO phenomenon. The problem is that behind the official denial is an awareness that they cannot control whatever this is and they are afraid of the overall effect this would have on the human mind. Effects can range from fear to a higher shift in consciousness.

The real problem facing mankind goes back a few thousand years where there was a major disconnect between ordinary people and the natural background phenomenon we call "The Unknown". Modern religion intersected itself between human populations and that mysterious field out-there. People known to interact with the unknown were essentially killed. The rest of the Gnostic groups went underground. Their knowledge became secret.

The strangenes of the phenomenon does not reduce its force just because there are people who are totally out of touch. If someone comes in contact with that force - it does not pull any punches. No one throws you a life-jacket. It's a big ocean out there.

The deeper truth that people just cannot seem to currently comprehend is that the phenomenon is built in to the human psyche, it is a part of the planet and it is an important part of life on this planet. You don't have to go out into space .. it is all happening down here on levels most people today would find hard to deal with.

More important than official disclosure is the inner human disclosure to oneself .. not only a realisation that we live on a planet whose main energy system is a quantum interface with COSMOS and the UNIVERSE (of which we are a part) .. but finding an inner strength of heart that is essential to being part of 'The Unknown'.

The unknown is all around us. We came from the unknown and we return to the unknown. Human denial that this exists is a big part of our day to day problems on this planet. Humans are totally out of touch with the living psyche of the planet they live on. People are relying on a small internal battery pack rather than trusting their connection with the energy field of the universe.

Documentation of this connection between mankind and the unknown exists in very ancient wall paintings of the Buddha, in ancient Chinese art as well as in the art of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece .. was portrayed in aspects of early Celtic and Gnostic Christian art.

People don't seem to have the energy for this. You don't get a day off .. one has to keep working at this contact or connection .. this is not something that goes away and leaves you alone once that door has been opened. We assume that 'denial' is big symptom of fear, attempting to keep that door closed.

*August 11 2011 - UFO Insiders Do Not Understand UFOs

In 2010 the official extra-terrestrial/UFO issue suggested that revealing the existence of extra-terrestrial contact could be a trauma for people not-in-the-know .. those shocked by the existence of UFOs are simply too dense to perceive a very-ancient-phenomenon. There is nothing new about UFOs in the skies above Earth.

Lights in the sky .. other world beings .. extra-terrestrials and UFOs .. Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis .. are all part of the Earth human species. People have nothing to fear - and those who fear are not synchronsising with the rapidly transforming energies.

We do not have to search far for "Atlantis" .. simply look inside! The explorers of the future will discover that they are Atlantis - Lemuria - Mu .. and from older civilisations not yet recognised. It could be called 'Social Archeology' - the past and the future are within us...

Light-Seeds took the focus that the most ordinarly people are the 'gold' of the future. Not concerned with high level sophisticated systems attemtpting to connect with the UFO phenomenon (in secret) .. Light-Seeds seeks to convey to people THEY are the key to the UFO phenomenon. The ordinary human (without fear) is the 'bio-technology' who naturally connects to the extra-terrestrials.

What is the connecting field between Earth humans and visiting extra-terrestrials?

The connecting field is the mind and energy .. our energy vibrations either synchronise with the UFO extra-terrestrial phenomenon or can shut out and deny this strange and powerful phenomenon. Humans came from the stars and will return to the stars .. the Earth is simply an incubation egg for interplanetary Earth humans.

You are the future and the future is you...

So-called UFO insiders cannot understand the UFO phenomenon (in isolation), because the phenomenon is sociological and not political = military/power. The phenomenon does not interact with institutions .. it interacts with mind .. with energy = psyche .. with soul-force .. with origins .. with who we are across the fields of time-and-space. Individual humans are the source of the phenomenon - and not Governments or Institutions.

The energy interactions of this other-world phenomenon is not about 'disclosure' .. but is evolution of the human mind .. of your mind. We have to move away from the idea that Governments and Institutions secretly control this phenomenon .. they do not. The key is the mind-of-man .. the energy-of-man .. the psyche-of-man .. the heart-of-man .. now and in the future.

*August 1 2011 - Beyond Disclosure

We live on a very strange mysterious world - and that world is even more strange than we can imagine. However, there is a 'paradigm struggle' taking place on this planet between the metal-fire 3D power base and the planet itself. This has nothing to do with ETs or UFOs .. this is between man and the planet.

The Earth is also a crossroads for Interdimensional Travel and Time Travel, life forms come and go across all the planes merging with each other and that are connected to the light-fibers of the planet. To most of these highly developed travellers humans on Earth are like an 'ant hill'.

The more mundane area calling for the 'disclosure' of secret alien interactions, is nothing new. There always have been these kinds of interactions as long as there were humans on the planet. At every level of human civilisation so-called Extra-terrestrials have interfered in human affairs and have given key humans access to various forms of technology.

Ancient Greece had secret access to forbidden technologies, so too did the Trojans, so too did the Hindu civilisations. They giveth and they taketh away... the technology interference is hidden and new interactions are formed as civilisations rise and fall. This game has been going on for thousands of years.

Earth humans have the capacity to create and develop their own planetary technology .. create new power sources and develop their own unique energy technologies. The real issue is that humans are about to evolve and to move beyond the metal-fire 3D power structure.

The immense changes taking place throughout this Galaxy are not going to come to Earth and influence man to change his or her ways. Changing planets from the outside is how "The Empire" works - control and influence.

In a way, what is happening on Earth now is much more difficult - because people are going to have to figure it out for themselves. The relationship with the rest of the Galaxy is organic .. it is from us to them. They wont come here and impose a stucture or give us 'technology'. We don't need to be given technology from outside (another form of control and influence).

The beauty of this change is that it moves through all layers of society leaving no one behind. It is natural and organic.

The idea of 'disclosure' is part of the problem of today's world. Human beings - in the future - wont be using that 'dark' technology .. based on obtaining power .. based on extending 3D limitations into spheres it should not go. Based on control and maintaining a superior position over one's fellow man. People wont be using that to create their future.

If humans were to develop certain types of technology without inner spiritual balance and awareness - they would completely destroy themselves in a very short period. Of course, the moment a planetary society forms on spiritual basis and develops its own form of spiritual base technologies, how they connect to the rest of the universe changes.

If we use this other dark-projects technology .. that is what we will connect to.

Beyond 'disclosure' requires a shift of human awareness from within - not looking outside - not focusing outside... A shift in awareness that connects with the power-base of the planet, out of which men and women form their own planet based technology.

Each planetary species is like a unique contribution to the cosmos and they bring with them a unique manifestation of their flowering as a species. If someone comes from outside and gives you that seed, then you are never going to germinate your own seed or bring about your own flowering.

There is no way advanced off-world civilisations are going to come down here and give humans 'technology'. That would be like giving an oak tree it's seeds - where the oak tree does not flower into seed on its own.

When creating a powerful Empire .. that is what you do .. you go into a society and you reform it in your image. There is nothing new about that and it requires destroying the original skills of the people you want to control. The Empire reforms society in its own image. The Empire model is based on limiting original expression of any unique species.

A planetary species learns to advance itself through its inner co-operaton with the planet it inhabits. That is the only way you are going to have peace among the inhabitants. Where there is intelligent co-operation. Where spirit and science are one.

*July 18 2011 - The Galactic Federation

The strange connection with the Galactic Federation has nothing to do with "Disclosure", the disclosure of UFO technology or the disclosure of ETs. We humans live on a planet with multi layers of reality all sharing the same space. The Earth is 'home' to many life forms - it is just we don't all inhabit the same frequency and some life forms are advanced enough to hide their frequency signature. It is not all about UFOs. In a way, there is nothing to 'disclose'.

Within these multi-layers of reality are 'harmonisers' of the spheres or of the realms. They are not exactly 'councils' as this would imply management. It really is more about harmonics. From what we can gather, the Galactic Federation represent many time zones, other worlds as well as other realities acting as 'harmonisers' - as we all share what could be called an Extended Quantum Reality. For example, extreme disturbance on another reality level could affect life on Earth and vica versa.

It could be said that the Galactic Federation have always existed in some form - that they were here in the beginning and that they transcend all ending(s). This is difficult for us to understand in our 3D reality, because we have a physical beginning and a physical end.

The non-human lights and flying craft have been passing back and forth on this Earth for millions of years. All levels of humanoid form on Earth have known this, have been aware of this and have interacted with this 'phenomenon'. It is not like this is something anyone can control or have exclusive rights to. This coming and going of the flying craft is older than the creation of the Earth's atmosphere. To talk about disclosure is like saying: We have to get the Government to stop hiding the existence of Mount Fuji from the population's of Earth. It's there .. you can't miss it!

It may seem or sound strange - but most humans who live under a mountain don't see the mountain. People go about their daily lives and pay little attention to the world around them. Most people's visual world is within the horizontal eye range controlled by thought. So, an abundant natural world is left outside the boundaries and restrictions of people's daily lives. The daily life is what people generally focus on. The whole strangeness of other worlds is there; but people tune it out.

If you shift from living under a mountain to living under a dynamic sky that exists above the heads of all humans on the planet. Most people living in towns and cities do not really observe the sky, the many varieties of clouds, changes in the atmosphere or pay attention to the changing colour of the sky on a cloudless day. Why should they pay attention? These people are not climatologists! It wont bring them what they want out of life and so there is little or no interest. Well, it is the same with UFOs or other life forms. Most people are not interested...

People on Earth live under the mountain of other realities and they tune it out, they do not see it .. many of them don't want to see it. There is no advantage to having this kind of awareness (they think) .. and so why waste energy on it? The dilemma of 'no contact' lies with humans, living in isolation, at odds with their own world and at odds with all the 3D creatures sharing this planet with 'modern man'.

Well, some mountains are really volcanoes .. every now and then active volcanoes erupt sending out ash, vapor, particles, lava flows and lightning. When that happens the inner 'secrets' - the inner 'alchemy' - of the volcano is released out to the atmosphere affecting the world we live in. The consciousness altering medium is not so much 'disclosure' but inter-reality 'eruptions' and in some cases 'earthquakes'.

On this world there are also 'opportunists' who take advantage of the general lack of awareness of the people on the planet. These groups are self-advantage-seeking opportunists; but they are not the mechanism by which the mass of people are totally unaware of 'the mountain' = the UFO phenomenon. The groups simply take advantage of the general non-interest.

Let's say people are living under a mountain they barely notice, which they 'tune out' and pay little or no attention to... and the people don't even know the mountain is a long dormant (extinct) volcano. When it erupts they are going to find out for sure - and that is the current state of the world. Humankind is living under the mother of all 'extinct volcanoes' and it is about to erupt.

The 'disclosure' people say, someone should really warn people that this reality-volcano is about to erupt - and the 'harmonisers' say: No! The reason for this is simple... Each human being on this Earth is responsible for their own 'awareness'. They can tune-out or they can tune-in; but it is entirely up to them what they do with this life after they are born. For example, who stopped you finding out the truth?

The part most Ufologists find difficlut to understand is the simplicity of this multi-world phenomenon. Awareness of a blade of grass is equal to awareness of a UFO, Crop Circles, Orbs, Other Worlds, Borderlands, Quantum Life Forms, Time Travel .. it is simply 'awareness'. You pay attention to the clouds, to grass, weather, plants, trees, birds, animals and the stars at night. That is why 'religious' paintings include UFOs. It is all the same phenomenon, it is all mysterious, it is all awareness uplifting, it is all relevant and 'unknown'.

The most ancient texts guiding the consciousness of the human race mostly tell people to pay attention to their world and behold its beauty. Perhaps you are sitting in a field watching UFOs, or sitting on sand in the desert watching UFOs .. but if you are not aware of the grass and if you are not aware of the sand... it's back to the basics - and that is where we are now!

*July 11 2011 - Design Tectonics: Volcanoes - The Earth's Great Alchemists

Since the Eyjafjallajokull eruption in March 2010 we have been observing many things not accepted by science until now. That emissions from a large volcanic eruption affects the lower atmosphere as much as it affects the upper atmosphere. That unseen particles from volcanic eruptions also spread at ground level for thousands of kilometers.

Across Europe people were breathing microscopic or aerosol particles issuing from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull in 2010 and later from Grimsvötn in May, 2011. Over a number of days this eruption caused dryness in the throat and mouth, also less so in the lungs. A few days after the eruption of the Nabro volcano on the Eritrean border, Eritrea's Nabro Caldera Plate Boundary Eruption, there were a sulphur yellow-orange clouds floating across the skies of Europe and at ground level there was a fine dust and a strange smell of 'sulphur', which lasted for days.

Observing the effects of different eruptions over sixteen months, it is clear that volcanoes are the 'life givers' of the planet. Volcanic eruptions can endanger life in the short term, seeding and enriching life on the planet over a much longer time span - over hundreds if not thousands of years due to the complexity and their effects on the atmsophere and soil.

In Europe we observed ongoing changes to the weather as a result of multiple eruptions from Indonesia and Russia to Iceland and recently Africa. Cloudcover returned to cloudless skies. The eruptions ended the drought in Europe. Temperatures cooled significantly and rainfall increased dramatically. It was clear that the various chemically different eruptions were mixing together in the atmosphere in an ongoing living alchemy we can barely understand.

Much of what was written in studying and observing the effects of these eruptions on Europe's weather is now being confirmed by scientists as they begin to change their understanding of the effects volcanos can have. Scientists have confirmed:
1. Low altitude ash effect.
2. Weather altering particles.
3. Sulphur seeding clouds altering amount and type of precipitation.
4. Release more ash particles than previously thought by scientists.

Volcanic Cloud Alchemy - Extraordinary Beauty of Colour - Volcanic Dragons

Without any measuring instruments and without any knowledge about the process of eruptions, we were able to observe and understand complex processes happening around us, in the skies, on the ground and from afar simply by observing and applying: Active Imagination.

Light-Seeds - Active Imagination

Michael St.Clair wrote Light-Seeds Futures of Planet Earth to fire the imagination of people rather than the old paradigm where a 'teacher' or a 'guru', who is an expert, will tell people what truth is or what reality is. In the past the 'teachers' had to fill a gap of growing ignorance as people on Earth lost sight of who they are and why they are here. All this is coming to an end. We are leaving the era of the teachers and we are moving into active imagination.

Active imagination is not thought floating around without a context. Active imagination is the on-the-ground applied connection between reality on Earth and the human mind. The mind does not make things up on its own .. but see what is .. where the actual mystery perceived is beyond extraordinary.

In relation to volcanic eruptions 'active imagination' reveals that the ash and the particles issuing from an eruption are only ten percent of the total picture. Human science can measure ten percent and of that ten percent scientists understand barely a fraction of what is happening to the ash and aerosols in the upper atmosphere.

Something else comes of of a volcano [not only during eruptions] that humans do not perceive, are not aware of and that totally eludes all forms of detection and measurment. This is because human activity and human science is caught in measurement. It has not yet occured to them that there are things which cannot be measured. Our methods of understanding are flawed.

Active imagination (observing without measurement) reveals that living organisms are emitted with more force during an active eruption and live around the volcanoes when the activity subsides. This new imformation is being brought together by St.Clair in a new thought provoking challenge to our current way of life.

*May 11 2011 - Forgotten Secret of The Cherry Blossoms

For the last 2000 years the 'metal man' - using fire - has ruled conditions on Earth. The metal man is a 'warrior', a go-out-and-get-it type. But he is out of balance and out of his rightful place, subduing all other aspects of human nature so that he can rule.

The metal man has forgotten the way of his ancestors. He no longer understands or sees the meaning behind his old relationship with the tree blossoms. He has become so obsessed with his metal world that he no longer sees nor appreciates what is around him. If it is not metal and fire it is worthless. Therefore, metal and fire destroy the value of his ancient teachers .. the same teachers who originally taught him his craft.

The Forgotten Cycle
To the Samurai it was the cherry blossom, peach and the plum blossoms. In Europe it was the rose or tree blossoms. To the Celts and the Gauls is was the tree blossoms. It is more than the flower of life, it is the observation of the cycles

The principle of 'balance' for the metal man was the flower of life, the blossoms, the petal of a flower, a leaf blade. Hence the sword or knife takes the form of a petal or a leaf.

The stone people also used fire to alter the chemistry of flint and flint blades. Obsidian is born of fire, emerging from the great forge of the volcano. However, the metal man soon subdued all those attempting to remain in harmony with the Earth as he built his Empire only for himself. He forgot all about the flower of life...

Climate change or climate Cycles
Today, a great battle is taking place in the skies above our heads; but people are so concerned only with their metal world that they do not see the battle and they do not care.

The very last Earth-domain the metal man has to battle into submission are the clouds in the skies, the winds and the currents which feed the Earth's weather systems. The metal man has finally found an opponent who can beat him .. but that is not the point.

2011 - Spring of Tree Blossoms
Northern Europe has experienced an unusually dry, rainless end of winter and early Spring. February, March and April did not bring the usual rainfall associated with these Northern and central climates. I may be wrong to think this is unusual. It is simply a natural longer cycle we view as 'abnormal'. It may be a normal and essential part of the Earth's behaviour.

It could be that every ten or eleven years there are unusual heat waves. However, this is probably a longer cycle alteration within the ten year cycles. A great event every ?? 33 years or more moving within the shorter weather anomaly cycles, that include rain, storms and volcanic cycles moving like wheels within wheels.

The 2011 Spring is the European Tree Blossom cycle. Warm Springs in Northern latitudes with endlessly blue skies and and eternity of tree blossoms took place in the 1960's. Here it is again...

May is the time of the acacia tree blossoms and is also the time of lightning, thunder storms and torrential rainstorms. Each year the blossoms appear together with deep grey skies and sudden downpours. Not this year... 2011 is the year of the eternal blossoms. Unusually, for the early part of May, there are no rains, no thunder storms. The air is warm and still, with a light breeze and the trees are filled with blossoms that do not fall, but remain and intensify.

Earth's Tree Blossom Ceremony
Why would the Earth have a tree blossom ceremony? After the long cycle of the blossoms comes the rain. There was a timing to the point of many blossoms on the trees as the rain comes before they fall and they fall with the rain. Our early ancestors observed this - probably understood it - and their ceremonies were a reflection of the Earth's ceremonies.

Blossoms have a very special power. Flower petals have a very unique power. When he was still in balance the metal man knew this, as he was taught this a long time ago. Trees do not only grow in the earth and take nutrients from the soil .. trees also give micro-nutrients back to the soil and harmonic resonance to the Earth.

The blossoms are like an elixir. Something is formed and in the time of the extended blossoms it benefits the trees and it benefits the earth. The reason it does not rain is because the intensity of the blossom elixir it its own form of Alchemy. As the Planet creates the alchemical atmosphere to which the tree blossoms respond, they produce this rare power. This elixir is shared with the Planet, it goes into the air and it goes down through the roots and into the earth.

There are many seasons of rain and in specific cycles there is the time of the expanding blossoms. The metal man has forgotten this, he has forgotten the origins of what he was taught - he imagines he is the ruler of the Earth and will now command the atmospheric processes also.

Be careful what you play with when you don't understand your origins ...

Observe What Is
The way of the Samurai was to observe what is. Through observation the Samurai honed his skills and honed his powers. His wisdom of observation extracted secrets from nature .. secret - to secrete - to release .. The power flows from nature releasing something hidden; but the hidden never reveals itself fully because as soon as you have the essence the blossom fades and your observation becomes the seed filled with life's mysterious essence. We are the vehicle through which the mysterious power of nature moves and not the other way round.

The gland that secretes 'knowledge' is the blossoming of the third-eye.

This was the secret knowledge known by all the sword and knife masters and in a way it is captured in the photograph, which actually happened by 'chance'.

*March 20 2011 - Nuclear Technology: The Coming Crisis

The full summary of the unfolding nuclear crisis at the Fukishima Daiichi plant and its implications for the future is @ Earth Changes 11: Nuclear Deception.

This is a dangerous part of the 'coming crisis', in terms of the catastrophic potential these atomic radiation plants have, endangering locations all over the world. The reasons for this are dealt with in: Organur: Reich's Orgone Radiation Experiments. This article also addresses why the 'Galactic Federation' will not step in and help us, nor give us clean up technology [which they have].

There are working alternatives to atomic energy, fossil fuels and petrochemicals. Clean and sustainable energy units do exist, they have been built and they sit around underground collecting dust...

What the 'Invisible Guides' are saying is that as Earth is orbiting on its axis going around the sun the 'future' is a nuclear game of chance as to who gets a direct hit from a massive solar flare during the coming solar maximum. Solar radiation has the potential to take out power lines, transformers and all backup generators of nuclear power stations, and then what about the batteries? Will the nuclear plants 'batteries' - with eight hours of life in them - still work after a direct hit from a 'solar tsunami'?

The Japanese Sendai 'Nature-Samurai' has just shown the world what happens when a tsunami or 'solar tsunami' hits directly onto one of these atomic radiation plants. Add to that the fact that no one knows what a direct hit from a solar flare will do to a nuclear reactor core, fuel rods, Plutonium MOX fuel and spent fuel rods - it has never been 'tested'.

Is this why the elite have invested so heavily in underground facilities?

The good news is that the 'Invisible Guides' say the underground facilities wont help them survive... Apparently there are alternative timelines in the future who put profit before life and as the worst 'future' happened - they all ran into their shelters...

It seems those are the timelines sending the Greys into our current timeline because they were not safe in their underground shelters! They have abnormal genetic mutations, their dna is dying (falling apart) and their genetic material is mutating out of control - probably a bit like a slow motion nuclear meltdown inside their bodies.

Why has the development of clean and sustainable energy been suppressed and the technology hidden over the last 50 to 60 years? Because the technology is so simple and efficient that these non-dangerous 'magnetic-fields' [or orgone-fields] would allow companies, farms and local communities to generate electro-magnetic power for free. These technologies are so efficient they would put and end to centralized power generating companies.

The key to controlling energy production is 'danger' and the fact that the technologies are non-sustainable. Petrolium, gas, uranium, plutonium, coal and rare earth minerals are all hard to extract, require processing, demand excess financial resources to transport and transform into electrical energy supply. This is why 'power companies' who control the extraction and processing of fuel to energy can charge you for that supply of electricity to your home or fuel to your car.

Effecient solar generators, cold fusion and Tesla free energy generators all sit outside the parameters of centralized control and production of energy. When a compact unit can supply a community with renewable and sustainable clean energy, then there is no need for 'monolithic centralization' of the supply of energy to society.

Energy supplies from fossil fuels, petroleum, atomic radiation and gas do not rule this world because there are no other alternatives. They are the cash cows of a power elite who use this archaic technology to enrich themselves at the expense of mankind, nature and the planet... This is why the compact free energy units are hidden from sight, well out of reach, in the underground facilities of those who fear the 'power' of free-energy.

*May 11 2011 - Tai Chi of Behaviour

Observing the apparent chaos in the world how can you balance your energy to meet the current changes challenging our 3D world? A world in chaos.

Jiddu Krishnamurti implied in his Talks that the state of your mind can affect the whole world... What did he mean by this? He simply said: "You are the world and the world is you." He also said - apply it!

In our 2013 Alchemical studies, we have discovered that our 'future' is guiding us.

Light-Seeds: Futures of Planet Earth, Time Travel Coherence and Crystal Tor are an attempt to convey to people in this 3D reality that we are the "Past - the Present & the Future".

For the world today, it is an advanced concept that the soul is a time-traveller... However, in the near future this truth is a vital part of evolution and development. In the future [as with out ancestors] the mysterious 'spirit' is travelling through physical 3D as part of teaching, power and learning - in which matter is secondary to soul/spirit.

The 'Tai Chi of Behaviour' is not related to physical movement; but is an inner art of knowing. When learned, through paying attention, the individual can alter events through an awareness that is one with behaviour. Listening, awareness and action are one and the same when the mysterious spirit (within the 3D form) is expansive.

In the future: words, intellect and language will become secondary to a higher awareness that is central to the natural function of the brain. The Tai Chi of Behaviour is, in part, the guided action [the art of doing] in which the individual knows from an inner harmonic how to behave in any situation.

This 'Zen like' knowing cannot be learned - but can only be applied...

Through paying attention you simply know how to act, how to deal with a situation, how to step back or to step forward. But! This knowing is not divided from the totality of ones soul experience across the bridge-of-time. When applied in its fullnesss, the spirit is expressing the intent of the soul across the illusion of space and time.

The Tai Chi of behaviour is not merely physical action; but is primarily inner knowing / seeing / understanding / direct action.

*February 13 2011 - Connected To Our Past

We are connected to our 'past' and we are also connected to our 'future'. Not in a 3D physical linear way; but in a more dynamic, creative spirit/soul consciousness way. We are the future and we are the past. Light-Seeds: Futures of Planet Earth and Crystal Tor are open artisic ways to convey this information in a Open Source type presentation - through which the individual is the only one who can understand the dynamics of their own incarnation(s) [power] across time and space.

Why have Earth Humans forgotten the basics of their spirit incaration designs? At the present time Earth humans have powerful (mentally-ill) 'enemies', who conspired to dull down the mind/brain and spirit connection of the spirit-beings incarnating onto the planet at this time. However, we do not have to go down that "who-are-we?" dead-end cul de sac...

Enemies can lower you to their level or they can be the springboard through which you decide you do not want to fall into the 'grey hole' carved out for you .. and you spring out of their reach. You wish them well as you pass beyond their limitations. An 'enemy' is one who you agree to bond with in a cycle of conflict. They against you and you against them.

We are the past and we are the future in the most intricate way.

Physical humans are destroying physical 3D reality, because they only see the material world and are blind to the spirit. Let's say humans are blind to the 3D-spirit. That means people see only the desires of the flesh and are unaware of the subtle 3D habitation of the invisible spirit within the flesh.

We are 'spirit' walking in 'flesh', where the spirit has to join 3D physical-material reality to experience the material world; but where the timeless mind of spirit does not have to forget its source in order to experience physical reality. We are our ancestors in the 'past' and we are connected to who we are in the 'future' .. all it takes is for you to look across the bridge of time and space and see it for yourselves.

*January 1 2011 - 2011: The Year of The Paranormal
Where the years cross let yea be quiet and still, make no movement of the thoughts and see what lies ahead ...

January 1st of any year is not such a great time to begin a 'New Year' - but it is a good magnetic orbital point for 'seeing'. This point in orbital time seems to creat a dark mirror in the early hours of the New Year. Within the following 24 to 48 hours the year will be defined by froces we cannot begin to imagine. To understand this one has to be aware that the Earth, trees, rocks, animals and humans are not simply 3D physical forms.

The early indicators of 2011 were not revealed as a form of 'seeing'. They appeared on camera in the form of a strange rod of light, while photographing Crystal-Wand Resonators early on January 1st, 2011. There was no snow falling and there was nothing on the lens of the digital camera. The strange rod-like background object did not appear on photographs taken seconds before and seconds after this shot.

This is a time period where nature and man, physical and non-physical realms collide and interact at new levels. You don't create tools-of-magic without that other realm. We humans are too dense. The particles of the human body are not in tune with the psyche of the planet and cosmos. The human mind has become as dense as clay over the last two thousand years. We lost touch with the ancestors as people stopped seeing the mysterious realms.

For two thousand years we entered a cold dark mechanical age without a heart, where the Earth was simply a landing platform for resource extraction and allocation. Where the 'mechanical man' has all but trashed the planet he inhabits.

The return of the 'light-rods' inside this time-line means:
"The future belongs to those who see."

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