Light-Seeds Almanac 2011 - 2013

The hub of the 2011-2013 Light-Seeds Almanac, outlining a vision into the future. Ahead of us lie a number of probable futures, spread out like the fingers of a hand. Only one of those futures will become our physical reality; but that does not mean to say that the other futures do not exist in parallel realities - it simply means we do not take those other routes.

Alternative realities span out across a quantum landscape like paths, trails, roads and motorways .. the directions many people take on multiple journeys across the illusions of separation of time and space .. with some of us going in the same direction on different parallel realities.

It is often the case that psychics and seers view alternate reality pathways very similar to our own and mistake these visions as 'our future', when they are not. One of the first things the Guidance taught us was the ability to sense the difference between those worlds and ours.

There is a difference - it is a vibrational difference.

In some ways our future unfolds around us in a natural organic way. The least understood aspect of the future is the undercurrent or hidden inner psyche of a planetary culture. The organic human species are one planetary culture regardless of race, gender or social status.


*May 20 2012 - True Value of Gold

Value - worth, that which renders anything useful. from O.Fr. valoir, to be worth

Worth - that quality which renders a thing valuable - from L. valere to be strong, to be of value [Valiant - from Anglo-Fr. / O.Fr. brave, to be worthy, to be strong]. Celt. Valos ruler.

Ruler? At first you may think of a leader, someone who rules...

In ancient times a rule was a measuring rod, a system of measurement. In ancient Egypt cubit rods were found in the tombs of officials. In Europe oak, hazel and bone measuring rods have been found preserved at ancient sites.

True Value of Gold
This is not really about gold; but is about "true value". We use gold as a reflection of value because of gold's powerful and ancient alchemical and transformative associations and properties.

When something has value, it teaches us respect.

Let's say the harmonic frequency of gold has true value, and this harmonic affects human heart, mind and psychic principles. Understanding of true value is reflected in understanding of the world around us. So, value lives inside us. How else can one understand its principles?

We can take that inner principle (principle of true value) and apply it to anything.

True value can be plants, trees, animals, rainfall, rivers, the soil, nature, the rising and setting Sun. The principle of true value comes from an inner state or inner harmonic in relation to the world around us. Value is an inner dynamic principle that maintains its balance through relationship to the real world.

Valor - To Be Strong
The root meaning of 'value' and 'worth' are connected to strength and courage. The Earth produces gold, whose value lies in its strength never to tarnish, whose form can be a solid ring or can be as fine as paper.

To appreciate value, one has to be strong and be humble. Not have this human arrogance, where all the material manifestations of life have no meaning.

When you fish the fish out of the sea, you value the lives you have taken. This is the Inner Ruler - the unit of measurement inside the human heart that says: This is enough!

When human beings know true value for themselves, they don't have to be told what value is through the rule of an outside authority. Understanding worth is equal to understanding strength.

If you can go out in a giant ship and take all the fish from the sea - doing so does not make you strong (wealthy). If you can soak up all the wealth of the entire Planet - doing so does not make you wealthy (strong).

We can grow Hemp, harvest the stalks, dry them, crush them down and build a house. That is called green-gold... We can stop cutting down the trees and save the forests. The forests are wealth to the entire planet.

Understanding true value and showing respect for real value makes us strong.

A society is weak when it does not base its principles on true value. A society is strong when it follows the natural rule of balance. We balance our needs, following the rule (guide) of true value.

*April 5 2012 - Buddha Full Moon

Probably, after the fall of Atlantis the fall or breaking of The Connection .. the vibratory tones, the sounds, frequencies .. the art and the design of the Earth cultures became fixed-in-time. That means the whole spiritual technology - as relating to man - froze and became static.

Know yourself across the ages ...

This cosmic-technological-spirit-dimension became "religion", here on Earth. A living cosmic-spiritual application became dormant - like when you switch off a light bulb. The light bulb is still there, the electricity is still there; but the light is switched off. You can worship the light-bulb; but never know (or realise) how to switch it back on.

The only difference between a light-bulb and the return of this cosmic-technology connection, is that the light is inside of us. The connection is inside the human spirit, the human soul .. it switches itself on.

Thought (ego) is like a small caretaker inside a sacred house - the spirit-caretaker inside a sacred temple. It is the place of thought to take care of the temple (physical), to keep the temple clean and to take care of the grounds around the temple. It is not the place of thought to become spiritual or seek enlightenment.

For thousands of years mankind on Earth has become devoid of spirit. He has devoted himself to the base reality of existence, indulged himself and has become sick on excesses of self.

We Came here To Eat...
Have you ever gone without food? Have you ever felt hunger for something beyond food? Have you ever tried to survive on basics, without any form of extra-nourishment? Earth spices, flavor, salt and curry powder, Shoyu sauce and Tamari?

Have you ever eaten a dandelion leaf, flower or a blade of grass?

Sometimes "success" has no meaning .. unless it is accompanied by "starvation".

In Buddha Full Moon the "future" has no meaning or substance unless it is accompanied by inner spiritual compression. Tito Kubo (BLEACH) calls this, "spiritual pressure". In which, the Buddaha is beyond time and space .. where physical 3D is transcient and fleeting.

Humans must decide whether they are inwardly free of greed .. free to serve Universal Mankind .. regardless of status .. regardless of mind-set .. with an inner reserve drawn from a pure inner spiritual resource.

The future is now ...

*March 31 2012 - Buddha To Buddha

The Atlanteans are showing us what they mean when they say OM is a spiritual technology.

Really, it is obvious! There is Universal OM, there is Galactic OM, Interplanetary OM and Molecular OM .. and this mysterious force is a sacred spiritual technology. Rather than dig around the Earth's finite resources, we can just as well use Infinite OM energy resource to power our world.

Life does this on Cosmic levels!

OM powers the Universe, Galaxies, Solar Systems, Planets, Nature and all living things.

OM is the sacred energy that birds, trees, plants and animals use to exist, to grow, to fly, to run. OM is the life-force that allows you to digest food or to breathe. In the East this force is called Prana or Ki / Chi.

Tibetan Time Travel

Going on to higher levels .. the sound of Buddha chanting thousands of years ago connects the sacred chanting in Nepal, in Tibet, across the world. In this energy the Buddha meets Buddha. It's connected. This is one time travel form of spiritual technology.

These sounds go back to Atlantis and to the Origins of Atlantis. These sounds, paintings, the art, the design, the clothes, the instruments and music all go back even beyond the Earth. It was the same for Celtic and other Native Cultures.

In an attempt to divert this higher connection between man's past and his future now, an Empire was created in which a lot of balance was destroyed. Many people today are not really connected to their origins.

Tibet and the surrounding areas are the last stronghold of connection to an original source. At the same time the connections around the Earth maintain their unique quality of the sound and manifestation of matter. So, you will hear music of Gaul coming from the Mountains of the Pyrenees, Celtic music in the sacred sites of Ireland and mountains of Scotland.

People living in different parts of the world express the music flowing from the land and its unique harmonic connection.

It is all Harmonic Codes.

The chants in the mountains of the Himalayas connects in timeless fashion to the Buddha in the past and in the future.

These sacred sounds are often associated with mysterious UFOs (ships of light). The sacred OM interacts with the mind; but in the past and in the future OM is a sacred technology. They can create those sounds out of the Universe, draw the sounds out of the Universe and it comes through crystal pyramids like light through a prism.

There are Celtic UFOs (ships of light), that emit Celtic music harmonics.

From the Buddha come ships of light that connect timelessly past, present and future. This is a "Spiritual Technology". So, Buddha meets Buddha across the illusions of space-time.

The future can meet the past, it's all one...

In reality, we are living in a multiverse of endless possibilities and harmonic probabilities. The harmonic codes don't restrict us, they give us freedom. Desire to do anything you want is not "freedom".

Buddha meets Buddha when there is harmonic balance!

*March 27 2012 - The Body & Mind Are One

Are your movements for yourself alone? Or do your movements benefit the whole world?

"Aikido is an action of ki. It is a celestial use of the power of Kotodama, an echo of the cosmic soul, the creator of all things in the universe, the path of Musubi [merging and harmony]. I am standing on Ame no Ukihashi [in Shinto, the floating bridge between heaven and earth], wishing Yamoto (Daiwa) Dai-Ai [great harmony and great love] for all mankind, performing the Kagura-mai [sacred dance] as I will continue to perform it above." - Morihei Ueshiba [A Life In Aikido, by Kisshomaru Ueshiba]

One does not have to be a practitioner of Aikido to read the books of Founder, Morihei Ueshiba. Aikido is not a "Martial Art Sport"; but is - like Zen - a way of life. The purpose is not to fight someone or defeat an attacker. The purpose of Aikido is to defeat the SELF .. self-obsession, desires of the self, fears of the self, inherant dangers of the self, the inner divisions and inner confusion.

The Body Is Your Friend!

Here you are on Earth incanate in a physical body. Through this body you are able to interact directly with the world around you. However, the body is designed to allow you to interact with the physical world on many levels...

The body allows you to interact emotionally as well as physically. You can sense beyond the physical to see life on totally new levels, where any "restrictions" are self-imposed. You observe to the levels you are ready to accept and deal with. The body allows you to be your "own god", within your own Universe .. internally.

The physical body is your lifetime friend. It is there with you in the beginning, until the final end. The body is your loyal and true companion. However, few people realise (in a lifetime) that the body changes and responds to inner growth of the spirit and inner compassion of the heart and mind.

The bodies DNA are not "set" / "fixed" - as science claims.

The bodies DNA are designed to interact with the psychic/spiriual inhabitant. The body clothes your spirit in matter; but it is the spirit that manifests changes in the DNA. The inner being designs their own electrical and emotional states through the way they live.

The way we live, creates who we are .. lifetime after lifetime.

The bodies DNA operates on time travel frequencies. The spirit is connected to the past and the future now. All time and space exist now. The isolated self is an illusion. You can hear the birdsong of a thousand years in one moment.

Physical movment is very important to the body. Like a cat or a dog .. like an eagle or a crow .. you see all the animals (even a tiny mouse) moving within their own ki. In Spring in the woods, you can see a small mouse suddenly jump many times its own height - dancing its own little dance .. movement is very important.

All the creatures of the world have extraordinary capacity of movement, except for man.

Humans seem to have lost this oneness of body and spirit. The oneness creating an almost weightless, effortless ability of physical movement. Yet, nature is showing it to us again and again through the animals, fish and birds... The body and mind are one.

*March 13 2012 - You Are OM

We are trying to share what we are being taught - by the Guidance, by the Atlanteans - a number or other world beings are focusing on Earth to share with all beings the wisdom of THE ONE. This is not an esoteric practice, this is not a religion and this is not a science.

Older than Mankind, older than Planet Earth and probably older than the Milky Way Galaxy, is ... Spirit/The Unknown/OM ... the sound of sounds.

That which cannot be seen, that which cannot be hear .. the creation of life .. the ONE.

You Are OM

All creatures are OM .. birds, animals, plants and trees - fish, insects, microbes, sub-atomic particles, matter .. leaves, flowers, humans and those who live in the deep oceans. All creatures are OM...

*March 12 2012 - What Is True for Earth Is Not True for Saturn

Just as religion attempts to create one static "truth" which all should follow, science (astronomy) tries to create a fixed philosophy for what takes place in Cosmos. But! What is true for Saturn is not true for the Earth.

The Atlanteans have show us that not only are each of the Planets totally unique; but that the planets create their own environments. In other words, the environments are not created for the Planets - the Planets are their own supreme Master Alchemists. Each Planet creates its own unique environment in its own unique way.

Just as an individual has their own unique charater true to them, so each Planet in the universe has its own unque character/personality. Therefore, the science of putting molecules into one bucket is severely flawed. Molecules behave one way on Earth and behave another way on Jupiter or Saturn.

Originally, during Atlantis and pre-Atlantis the Tibetan like tools they used were not to create a single mass outcome in the minds of the people using those tools (chants, sounds, instruments, paintings, architecture... ). Each person is unique, with their own unique understanding - where each uniqueness is part of a greater undivided whole.

Jiddu Krishnamurti said, TRUTH IS A PATHLESS LAND!

Although Krishnamurti was scathing about "organised religions", he also hinted that there was something pure at the heart of it all. He told people to go figure it out for themselves.

Figuring it out is similar to planets inhabiting Cosmos.

Humans are similar to the variety of the Planets inhabiting the Universe. Look at Mars with its own unique features. Look at Saturn, Venus, Jupiter or Neptune. Then further out in space, there are really hard to understand Planets orbiting really hard to understand Suns.

Each of us is unique with our own unique way of being.

There is such variety just in this Galaxy alone that it may be difficult to understand how all these various systems inhabit the Universe together in harmonic balance. We are talking about energies that are just "out-there" when viewed by our small Solar System, out there on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The unique understanding of humans on Earth can co-exist in balance and harmony with each other, and that uniqueness is enhanced when fear ends. With ending-of-fear one realises the harmonic of ONE - it is quite incredible!

Concern for Mankind

The thing that concerns a number of Earth observers, is that mankind may totally destroy himself...

The dis-harmonic on Earth is so great that the sub-tonal feedback from the dis-harmony is damaging the minds of those putting out the energies of fear, aggression, dance-of-power, need-for-control. All the things Planet Earth is not about. This Planet is about freedom. Openess. Love. Compassion. Respect.

If people on Earth do not learn this respect, they are not going anywhere, other than backwards to a more primative state. By now it is clear that the Earth is teaching all-of-mankind to have compassion.

High Tibetan Spirit-Technology

Before Tibet was Atlantis! In the pre-historic cultures the technology they used was a natural spirit-technology. Today, people call this ecological or ecology. You don't have ecological technology without the dimension of "spirit". The Earth orbits the Sun in harmony with a spirit-energy resonance - the force that fuels the universe.

... Plant a seed and watch it grow!

*March 11 2012 - Zen Wars

It is our understanding that, Lama's of Atlantis fled to Tibet during the Atlantis wars. Translate "Lama" to mean tens of thousands of genetic Atlanteans.

Most of them went underground and a few remained on the Earth's surface.

It is possible Tibet was already a colony of Atlantis and that the trading and philosphical connections were already in place. But, for the Atlanteans this move was to set them back thousands of years.

Everything you see in Tibet today is a highly advanced cosmic technology.

The metal man - the Roman - the man of metal and fire .. created artificial technology based on fire, consuming depleted resources. Fire technologies deplete the vulnerable and finite resources. The man of metal-and-fire is consuming the Earth.

Metal and fire technologies are non-sustaining developments in war based societies.

Zen Wars - Ego

The Zen Wars began with ego dominance of the Earth. They are not physical wars - but are wars of the mind. The struggle of the psychic ego and its habitation of the primary human organism. Zen mind teaches: One cannot defeat the ego. All techniques and methods to overcome ego strengthen its hold on the mind.

Methods and techniques to overcome ego are like a bad marriage. The disciple is married to the spiritual-technique in order to get a divorce from the ego; but the techniques lead the student deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of self-importance, stengthening self.

Compassion and understanding of oneself ends the ego without any desire to bring about its ending. It is pure Zen. Ending without ending. Ego never existed in Zen Mind.

Zen Wars - Fear

The teachings of compassion met two enemies. One enemy was the ego personalilty in the minds of all people living in ignorance and living only for self. The other enemy was F E A R - the psychic program that created this whole mess.

The metal man used/uses fire [fear] to control events - society - land - communities and continents. The internal psychic program uses external physical fear to maintain its psychic and psychological control of the human mind.

Spirit man lives on the surface of the Earth with his/her invisible twin: ego.

The irrational fear of Tibet and the secret desire to know what they know, has created a split-personality love/hate syndrome. The rational mind attempts to find out the secrets of Tibet and so woos Tibet while fearing "the answer".

If you consider that each person is walking on Earth as a dual-personality, then the extreme switches of behaviour become clear and plain to understand. The inner Spirit is genuine and wishes to know, while the ego personality is afraid and seeks to disrupt the discovery at every step of the way.

Zen Wars - No War!

Ego will kill itself [self-destruction] to avoid death - the ending of the self, the ending of ego personality [ending of thought]. This is why ego presents a danger to the individual human .. a danger to the human who does not realise they are a primary form of dual personality: Spirit and identity / mind and ego.

Therefore, the development and ongoing use of metal and fire are (in reality) tools of the ego personality and are not tools of spirit. Man is at war with himself. Man is at war within himself. The power struggle lies within.

Metal and fire endanger the human being on all levels and yet the human being makes use of this tool despite the dangers to himself. The answer to this dilemma lies within. The strange love/hate relationship of two incompatible entities living a dual life inside the human form: Spirit and thought .. the "ME".

For the Zen Mind there is no-war.

The Earth Atlanteans became aware of the fact that thought, ego, self, fear exist and were created as a test of Initiation. They are the primary key to maintain purity of levels. Fear (ego) is a simple spirit forcefield or barrier which prevents a lower vibrational entity to pass into the higher vibration [for them, a form of "pollution" of their environment].

The temple is the human body (both male and female). Initiation is within the inner temple - the mind. Fear is the fire (I/ME). There are no words to describe the moment mankind ends fear other than compassion.

*March 05 2012 - First Know Yourself

St.Clair's Light-Seeds is a continuation of a weaving together of timeless threads. Our individual lives are a small part of something much greater. We are the microorganisms feeding the oak tree of our future. Our small lives nourish the inner tree of eternal life. There cannot be physical/material 3D eternal life. Our lives are simply the soil organisms that nourish our spirit.

In early part of our life experience the desire to be Aikido Zen Masters was very strong. But, the true energy masters said to us: "Do no focus on physical Aikido, on physical Karate Do .. but discover excellence in Aikido of the mind." This was not easy to do.

We are spirit, born into matter .. physical beings with the desire to find physical perfection. It was not easy to be denied this thousands of years of Qi body/mind training. It was not easy to be in the "western world". Because, in the ancient East our spirits were trained to balance body, mind, spirit and heart.

However, the books and writings of Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, helped us to go beyond the illusion of physical material world and like a Zen arrow to find Aikido of the mind.

Sensei Morihei Ueshiba

If you take the time to read "A Life In Aikido" by Kisshumaru Ueshiba and "The Secret Teachings of Aikido" or "The Art of Peace" by Morihei Ueshiba, then you may understand why Aikido mind or Karate Do mind is the plant that grows from the physical disciplines.

Apart from the fact that Shaolin Monks had to defend themselves from bandits, thieves, governments and rulers... The art of Karate and Aikido were designed to enhance the mind and move the human being beyond the realms of fear and violence.

The ancient Martial Arts were never designed as entertainment, as a fighting sport, a way to publically overcome your opponent by fighting them. These ancient forms of energy Chi / Qi were originally taught as the art of unification of heart and mind.

It was not easy to go beyond the limitations of this world to embody heart and mind without the disciplined physical/energy training; but we discovered that it is possible to do so. Only to come back and also discover that physical Qi movements are a way to harmonise heart and mind with spirit.

In the most ancient teachings of Aikido and Karate styles, the enemy is yourself. The lack of understanding is ones inability to have compassion for oneself. When you attack the enemy you attack yourself.

First know yourself, then know others. - Gichin Funakoshi [Karate Do]

You may wonder how does "The Art of Peace" and the strange world of extraterrestrials and UFOs come together? They come together in the human mind. When asked during Talks about UFOs, Jiddu Krishnamurti would answer that existence of UFOs was irrelevant to a mind that is fragmented and in disorder.

The human ego wants to occupy itself with outside phenomenon to escape the inner spiritual poverty and loneliness, rather than look within at the endless reactions and fears. Human beings are walking "reactors" - inwardly in turmoil - always in an atomic state of activity.

The human based reactor core is "thought" - "ego" - "wanting" - "fear" .. creating its own form of energetic contamination around the human body/mind. The fragmented mind pollutes the psychic field with those inner atomic reactions. This is partly why the UFO question enters our lives. Some of them are concerned with the Earth humans destructive state, coming from inside the human mind.

In 2012, Light-Seeds is going to bring together the story (mythology) with the reality. Attempt to show how the mystery and the unknown are teaching us to stop the atomic reactions of thought / ego, and use our minds in a totally different way.

Study how water flows in a valley stream, smoothly and freely between the rocks. Also learn from holy books and wise people. Everything - even mountains, rivers, plants and trees - should be your teacher. - Morihei Ueshiba
Ancient Sounds of Atlantis

*February 22 2012 - The Other Earth

The other Earth (the psychic Earth) is the reality our ancient ancestors connected to ... The mysterious background spirit/psyche behind of our 3D reality. Similar to the unseen inner workings of your computer - there is an unseen spirit-energy behind all forms of physical matter.

Planet Earth has a psyche, as does the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Venus etc ... Galaxies have a psyche and there is the greater Universal psyche, of which we are a very small part. Our dimension is tiny; but for us it is significant and vital.

The other Earth is all around us.

Composed of the energy we call SOUND, the other Earth is a series of vibrational strings impossible to perceive with the physical naked eye. The other Earth can only be perceived or heard through the Third Eye.

When we are born, our spirits emerge from the other Earth. This is why we are born from water. There is water out there in the Universe, in deep space - it is all around us. Water connects spirit and matter. Water bridges the physical and spirit worlds.

It is not so great that humans pollute the Earth's water, the oceans, the rivers and the underground aquafiers. That alone is a sign of our Planetary spiritual understanding.

Walking Tirelessly Towards Us ... We Hear Echoes of Their Footprints

Humans today imagine that we are all walking towards the future. In reality we are standing still, in the now. Who we are to be are walking tirelessly towards us lifetime after lifetime, never wavering, never giving up, never missing a step.

We are a part of everything and everything is part of us. That includes sound. All sounds of the Earth heard and unheard are part of our reality. Sound is like water, it flows through us. Sound interacts with us like the spirit world, like air.

You may not see your ancestors; but you may hear them or feel their presence. Sensation is another vibrational tone born of sound. Before the child sees with the physical eyes, it hears and it feels the presence of the surrounding world.

All creatures born into this world hear and sense the Planet's presence long before they emerge from the womb, from the egg. The primary interaction is through the heart, through the senses, through the spirit.
Strange Dreams of Tibetan Lama

*February 11 2012 - Ancient Sounds of Atlantis

The oldest Sanskrit texts say: In the beginning was sound.

As humans went into decline, down into the lower vibrational energy curve of the last cycle - the word of man became the ruler of the world. However, there is no word without sound (this includes mechanical thought). Observe and pay attention to where you HEAR your thoughts. Beethoven became deaf and could still hear the music he was writing. Thought is sound manifest inside the central ear - which is where we hear physical sound.

OM [AUM] manifests sound from the center of the body, just above the navel, just in front of the kidneys, below the solar plexus reaching the heart. The energy of this sound opens the heart's wings like an air current. The wings of the heart are the lungs.

Way up in the topmost tower of the head lives the Monkey King, who is born from thought. The Monkey King rules the Earth through the power of words. Because all humans (or most humans) are servants to their own thoughts (ego identity), they follow the dominant word/ideology at any given time in history.

To find out if there is anyone else in the universe, the Monkey King builds all kinds of devices to listen for "the chatter" - out there in the universe. Thought - the ego - thinks birds and animals are primitive because they use sound, and we humans have advanced higher than animals through the word.

That's primitive? Right? Using sound to communicate...

What would our planet be without bird song?

What would our planet be with only noise humans create: cars, planes, industry, chatter of the airways? The same frequency of noise and chatter that Monkey King is searching for out there in Cosmos. Let's hope he does not find it (the chatter), because they are going to be as crazy as we are now, at this point in our history.

Ancient Sounds From Atlantis

It turns out that the sound based Operating System of a bird's brain is superior to modern day man and his "word based system". You are going to see science come out and say this .. that there is a "superior" system that is based on sound, and that we are far from it. Therefore, Monkey King is going to try and reproduce this sound-based system as technology. Really smart!!

Back to Egypt, which came out of Atlantis, where bird brain gods created the pyramids .. and gave civilization to mankind - using sound. Implying that today's space listening devices would not hear or understand an advanced life form "out there", because an advanced civilization would be based on silence and use of natural harmonic sound(s).

When they say that Atlantis sank .. that was because we sank - to the lowest level of lead = heavy, dense matter, enslaved to the physical world - devoid of spirit. This is the world we have today. A world ruled by the ego Monkey King inside each one of us. The word rules this world and we are ruled by the word.

This is a kind of Zen Koan:
The ego (thought) rules the world through the word, as the word rules over ego.

The frequency of Atlantis is not really about a return-to-the-light. The cycle ahead is a return to sound. Not that we return to the sound; but that the sound of sounds comes to us. The original sound fills mankind with the same power that was used to build the ancient megalithic sites.

Learn To Listen!

Over the next three hundred years there is going to be a radical revolution in sound. Currently, we humans make a lot of noise, while birds, animals, nature make sounds. Learn to listen... a humans two ears are the wings of something in the middle - and so, what is it that hears?

Sound leads you to the source.

We have had many thousands of years attempting to teach humans that silence is the way to go. Not because silence is empty; but inner-silence is the still point through which the spirit hears all sounds.

We are going to see an era where sound is used to clean up radioactive waste. The Japanese will probably lead the field on those discoveries. Technology will be clean through a greater understanding of sound [harmonics]. Currently we attempt to make technology mechanically clean, while making a lot of noise pollution.

Wind turbines create noise. They send low frequency noise vibrations through the earth.

These coming changes go together with changes in the state of the human mind. Changes happening over the next 100 to 200 years. The Monkey King (thought) is noisy... thinking, worrying, afraid, aggressive, competitive = noisy. Thought creates a lot of noise externally through technology, because thought is afraid of silence.

Silence is the ending of thought.

Why do ancient Sanskrit texts describe the gods flying around on sacred vehicles that emit sacred sounds? Flying vehicles that sing or chant the most sacred of sounds .. the last evidence of the ancient sounds of Atlantis.

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